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  1. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Siege man tells police: 'I want a bag of cans, a job and Brendan Rodgers back at Celtic' Armed police raced to a siege where a man was allegedly demanding that former manager Brendan Rodgers return to Celtic. A 31-year-old, armed with a weapon, barricaded himself inside a flat in Paisley, Scotland, before police and a negotiator arrived at 11.15pm on Monday evening. During a stand-off he allegedly shouted a list of demands at police, the Daily Record reported. The demands were said to be: "I want a bag of cans, I want Brendan Rodgers back, I want a job." https://www.irishmirror.ie/sport/soccer/soccer-news/siege-man-tells-police-i-14163130.amp I'd say his chances of a job are about the same as Brendan Rodgers returning.. Wonder if Gazza turned up?
  2. Fuckin hell I'd have walked about naked instead
  3. Some good punning in there too "Bizarrely that’s two games in a row people have been lifted over pies . Fight broke out in club deck v sheep for same reason . You’ve got to laugh or you’ll cry " I know what I'll do.. We Ate The Pies...
  4. Dundee v Celtic

    Someone of below average Intelligence I reckon.
  5. Dundee v Celtic

    What is a soft spot for a club? How many soft spots do you have? How many soft spots are we allowed have? Are you a soft spot?
  6. Dundee v Celtic

    On the plus side, Bennett is raging
  7. Dundee v Celtic

    It's Paddys day, couldn't not have them win..
  8. Dundee v Celtic

    Kris Boyd can't get that smile of his coupon?
  9. Dundee v Celtic

    For f**k sake
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    This is not a very good game of football
  11. Dundee v Celtic

    That's the one
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Just saw on Facebook a video of a Dundee steward pulling down a tri colour and a Celtic fan jumps from the stand after him
  13. Rangers bottlers v Killie battlers

    In fairness to slippy he played in the greatest bestest superist league ever on the planet where it's just proper pure football, he'd never seen such foul play till he played Kilmarnock... Pray for Stevie....