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  1. That's sad if true.. Never nice to see someones career ended so soon..
  2. He can do everything Brown does better and more. Against us this season he was an absolute standout, controlled the game.. Brown was nothing like the player he was at Hibs till he moved to Celtic, they might do the same with Turnball..
  3. Very impressed with Turnball when he came on. Second half we offered nothing but. I'd imagine the fasing out of Brown isnt too far away and this lad will be a ready made replacement...
  4. Didnt see this coming.. thought wed give them a game..
  5. Yeah, Even one down I thought we were well in it
  6. We are nearly 10/1 on betfair.. f**k me that's a serious price.. Celtic with another shite display in the far reaches of Europe during the week wont of helped their already sluggish start to the season...
  7. Great Crimbo stocking filler that..🤣 "get anything nice for crimbo?" "Yeah, deodorant for me bawsack" "Grumpy c**t"
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