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  1. Not at all. Ive already mentioned the better team won Neil. Merely asking if the player in question is eligible or not as we were advised last season they would not be. You checked he was fine to play, yeah?
  2. Referee was excellent at Creetown yesterday - albeit we took a bit of a beating.
  3. Hearing from a pal on facebook there may be an oversight from a team in the South playing a boy that has already featured for two other teams this season. I know we were warned off signing someone last season for this reason. The SFA rules mention you can sign for 3 but play for 2 - pro terms? Anyone care to advise?
  4. I was visiting an ill relative in Minnigaff today so took in Newton vs Lochar WOW. Its as if Sean has been on a 'how to be worse at being a referee' course. The result was never in doubt, but what was an entertaining and hard fought game was spoiled by his showmanship. Both sides baffled at the decisions, and i cant blame NSFC for their reactions. Dont look forward to him at Meadow any time soon.
  5. We offered £500 to re sign and he told us Saints already tabled £2500 I know they gave their new keeper £1000. Weve always given win bonuses or signing on fees but its from money generated as we do well with the club. But saints are truly going to f**k up. Even we know getting to the lowland is out of the question for at least 5 year due to the east influx.
  6. Was it a testimonial? Cant imagine many of them boys will be playing this season.
  7. That'll be if they have a team. Rumours around Stewartry are Wigtown and Creetown are struggling for teams with Newton Stewart not far behind.
  8. Heard via our Secretary that Wigtown have notifed Osbourne that they are unlikely to return this season.
  9. Rumours afoot that Wigtown, Creetown and Lochmaben will not be involved next season.
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