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  1. As someone undoubtedly a lot older than myself, you'll have a different viewpoint of the rivalry. Since I grew up with the first division, I've hardly seen us play them so they don't both bother me.
  2. That's a shout. I like the ones at Soccerworld, but you can never have enough five a side pitches.
  3. False. I just don’t believe it should be a hatred-based rivalry like the OF. Hope you’re feeling better
  4. Only played a handful of games for Preston, scored a couple of goals.
  5. Thank you for your continued support. I feel your anger can melt away now.
  6. If you did indeed stop supporting the club because we lost a few games then you are in fact not a real supporter.
  7. Oh dear. I think you'll find you drag our club down with your tear-stained rants. Why do you let fans of St Johnstone, Hamilton and United wind you up so much? You seem to have serious anger issues. Seek help.
  8. Delete your account. You and the red-dot creep give our club a bad name on the forum.
  9. Every club has its P&B roasters, just ours are the loudest
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