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  1. CSAFL

    At this level lol it's first division mate
  2. Leafa

    A 3 way fight for the title who will have the bottle to win it
  3. East of Scotland cup

    Possibly but they still ate in it the now
  4. East of Scotland cup

    They had a great result in 1/4 final against a central premier league side
  5. East of Scotland cup

    Doune have had some really good results on the way to the semi final and a would think they will quietly fancy there chances of reaching the final aswel
  6. East of Scotland cup

    Think they have more important things 2 worry about
  7. Leafa

    That will explain why they look young lol
  8. Leafa

    Wasn't that long ago they were in premier and won a few cups don't know what happened to all there player's they look a very young team
  9. Leafa

    Yes they are they won't win it that's for sure though
  10. Leafa

    There struggling in championship not even the top league but good luck to them they must have big plans with players coming in as already stated that squad isn't good enuff to step up if thts what it's ment to be
  11. Leafa

    Tollcross win the Mora sandys season is all but over
  12. East of Scotland cup

    Based on the sandys game this season what do you think of pennies ?
  13. East of Scotland cup

    Am sure there will be Doune castle player's reading this and it will be giving them just that wee bit more motivation to beat pennies now as use all think pennies have already won the cup !!
  14. East of Scotland cup

    Will always tip Edinburgh teams m8 if there wasn't any Edinburgh teams left in it a mite have tipped yous lol
  15. East of Scotland cup

    A think the trophy will be staying in Edinburgh lol