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  1. Where can I hear the managers speech lol ??
  2. Leafa

    Being honest ave heard that aswel they will be a massive loss
  3. A hope not as that would mean we wouldn't be in the final lol
  4. Well you can't please everybody as I say I have judged them on there football and they do all the things good teams need to do work hard for each other just hope we don't meet them in east again next season haha
  5. I would be shocked if that team was getting paid as a don't think there is any super stars in it they work hard as a team on the occasions I have saw them super stars don't do that saying they pay player's is the easy way out rather than give them credit for there achievements
  6. Funmac why do you hate pennies so much am guessing you haven't been asked to play for them cause your pish me personally would like to see them in our association would be a fantastic addition to leafa I have tipped all the leafa teams to beat them in the east this season and they proved me wrong and I have to admit there a good side winning the east by beating some right good teams on the way ... and don't come back with that's what .money gets you !!!
  7. Am talking about sandys v fallin after you gave me a bit of stick for steins pumping us in Scottish
  8. Aye a wouldn't mind a wee game between the sides next season
  9. I can feel the love between yous haha
  10. I ment do use have history with each other was that how there was a bit of bad blood between the clubs
  11. Haha what is the big issue with both clubs have use got history ?
  12. Oh right thanks for that is that you now having a go at me cause the pennies guys have annoyed you today
  13. Listen mate go away will you that's not why a started this thread
  14. Thanks for your apologise Redondo
  15. I posted on the csafl and you commented on it going on about how steins pumped us i replyd to yourself but you didn't have the decency to reply now I would call that classless or just ignorant I will let you decide laddie