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  1. Went to the league game at Bonnyrigg funnily enough. Mind that 12 point gap eh and a double season - but yes it should have been a treble.
  2. Surely Robbie wouldnt be interested in a big step down to Penicuik? Has the Bonnyrigg position been advertised yet? Benji Boy has been getting his CV updated for both Bonnyrigg and Penicuik!
  3. I really hope Mr Harvey is not in consideration for the Bonnyrigg job.
  4. Bill, You critisiced the club in your post 2 back regarding players sponsorship lol club is being run great ! Better financially than it ever has been dare I suggest, Bank balance down a little but vast improvements in the ground. If you did make a financial contribution to the club then it goes against all you have been talking about since March. BTW I dont like Swimming - I prefer fishing, night fishing with a few tins
  5. Bill, You didnt say what game you were going to tomorrow? Surprised you made your way to the EOS forum
  6. Hi Bill, Are you going tomorrow? or are you going to see Penicuik in the juni....Eos?
  7. Lol Pressure was always gonny be on you and you just werent up to it. All the bestest in moving forward.
  8. what a rubbish league. How could anyone except Benji Boy get excited by this?
  9. Competing with other clubs to signing players and offering them £20 more than other clubs but the players never receiving a penny so I would say that the club have gained an unfair sporting advantage over their rivals. Shand not been paid - Previous manager McLeish the same. Not paying their debts and C MC has no itention of paying the debts. Be interesting to see if the club has even set up for PAYE. Nothing against the players and former management but C MC has nothing to sell !!
  10. They were rank rotten and the big rose should have hammered them by a lot more. At least Bonnyriggs and Nittens final junior result will be marked in history Bonnyrigg should be invited back to defend the trophy next season !
  11. Just tell him to GTF - End of conversation. Then he can write a book on all the people he has shafted over the years and that can be his pension ! Like someone else said - he doesnt own the club !! and the club will flouirsh without him.
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