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  1. No rival is doing a guard of honour. Get it Into your thick skull you weird fuckers
  2. I stand by my words. Get it up ye. Jimmy boo outing himself as a homophobic right wing clown was worth the meltdown
  3. Finchy....away back under your rock for the next ten years with your old queen virgin ton....theres a good roaster x National Front bigot c**t
  4. I'd fancy Frampton being honest. I reckon he'd win a close fight
  5. Jelly and ice cream ready for the inevitable liquidation. Gavin Gunning fucking hates you and so do I
  6. Anytime sweetpea Not a single personal thing posted. Banned for calling out the junkies full of the drink Doubtful, although when baldy owns the site you never know. Just sign up again
  7. I'd say I'm older and wiser than you, son Loving the junkie degenerates on here looking for a reaction after being handed the trophy. Pathetic sub human scum. Will bask in your relegation and JR leaving. p***k
  8. I'll post the video's if you like. And it's a perfectly legitimate action. If you'd befriend the family of a beast shame on you. See you season after next
  9. Relegation to league 2 beckons. A genuine joke outfit from top to bottom. The Greenock juniors would see you off.
  10. Few to many bottles of merrydown ya tramp junkie c**t. A night of celebration and on here. Gormless feegie clown
  11. Deposit yourself, and your record breaking diddy outfit (hedge included) into the north sea. Shite team Shite fans Shite stewards Down you go
  12. Have you seen the interview with him and Gary Fraser? Look like they are just away to hang about with methadone mick
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