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  1. It was truly awful. I had to turn the TV off after about 30 seconds. I appreciate them trying different stuff but c'mon...surely somebody has to check it out before it goes out on air. Them not doing so is the only reason I can assume it made it to broadcast.
  2. You were at a Gerry Cinnamon gig. You deserve everything you get. Which is nothing.
  3. Bryson was a great idea of a signing but has been a miserable failure. Doubt many were disappointed when it was announced but just plain hasn't worked. I have a horrible feeling I might be saying the same of McGeough in May buy I hope not...
  4. Yup. They beat Hearts 2-1. Fun times on 24th April...
  5. Best quote I saw on it was in Twitter where someone said on TV it looked like "(Hearts keeper) took the goal kick in 2019 and the block was made in 1976"
  6. Cosgrove a doubt for Thursday...if so, we're Donald Ducked already...
  7. Either a very token fee or the BBC have missed a few digits out on the second story...
  8. I for one think we could do with the extra 2 days off Aberdeen would get if they enter the Betfred on the Saturday rather than the Europa 1st round on the Thursday night.
  9. First ever post...been a fan of the podcast for a few seasons now. Really enjoyed the first show and nice to put some faces to the voices. As has been mentioned, maybe a wee bit too long, but streets ahead of anything else we've been offered. Good to see someone actually bother to speak about the lower leagues, never mind even acknowledge they exist. Promising start and looking forward to the remaining 9.
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