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  1. Clarke is the man just now, he ticks almost every box for me. Agree with the concerns around him potentially falling out with players but I think he would get the backing of the TA by taking the strongest possible stance on the Tierneys etc who pull out with a fractured eyelash then play with their clubs on the Saturday, fack the lot of them. I remember being quite excited about the Levein appointment and it didn't turn out well, it seems similar as he did a similar job with Dundee United as CLarke has done with Killie however you are hoping Clarke's experiences with Chelsea and Liverpool will prepare him for this jpb.
  2. I think Tierney would probably hold a place down at a Leicester, West Ham, Wolves. There is nothing to suggest that he would could play for a top 6 side. Remember Wanyama and VVD went to Southampton first, did well and then made the step up, Tierney would have to follow the same path.
  3. Genuinely thought Williamson would sign for East Fife or Kelty, very surprised at this.
  4. The most negative, doom and gloom statement I have ever read, the timing is all wrong also. There isn't anything positive or uplifting to get supporters to buy a season ticket.
  5. Not sure why you would be amazed, I don't think the EOS and LL care about a counter proposal, they are happy with the situation as it is.
  6. Yeah it meant promotion, which 9 teams can still achieve.
  7. Still think QOTS and Falkirk will be the bottom two, not sure in what order
  8. What has McLeish ever said or done to be described as a bellend?
  9. What an utterly absurd way of looking at things, clubs have spent thousands of pounds on and off the pitch to get their licences. As inept as the SFA are I don't think they would share this stupid attitude just because the EOS member clubs rejected a silly proposal.
  10. Don't get me started on Burke, what a pathetic footballer, really really bad
  11. To think Gordon Strachan was hounded out
  12. The pair of them have been shocking against Kazakflippinstan. Enough said,
  13. McKenna and Shinnie have been woefully exposed, Aberdeen fans been bleating on for years about their players getting a chance. Nowhere near good enough
  14. Lets face it, we are only really 3 short of our full team, Robertson, Fraser and S Fletcher. Cant think of anyone else who I would have in, maybe Mulgrew
  15. Hes been playing regularly in a decent Sheffield Wednesday team who have been on a good run, big game for the lad. The rest is as expected, not sure he could've done anything else, personally I would've had Russell in ahead of McBurnie.
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