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  1. Exactly info due diligence was done before the event so try not to worry about it
  2. I was virtually in line as well and he was definitely favourite to win the ball I thought he was descent apart from that ,,,, and yes everybody looking for a 15-20 goal striker good luck for rest of season . Regards Eric houston chairman of Creetown Fc
  3. Took in your game yesterday Newcastle brown could have went either way thought you played some descent stuff at times your no 9 shit it against vinnie one on one looked fav to get there first
  4. I am not a keyboard gangster beardy I am me and I don't think I said anything about you it's the way you perceived what I said related to you so I will say it again Kenny is a gentleman
  5. Beardyman is definitely not Kenny shanks old striker Kenny is a gentleman
  6. Euan drysdale for me lads should be at senior club
  7. Here here aml67 what a shocking post keyboard gangster with nothing better to do
  8. Easy remedy kick off at 2same as clubs without lights
  9. Only my opinion ,like bum fluff every arsehole has some and nothing wrong with my eyes
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