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  1. Got a lot of injuries so won’t be too bothered if off
  2. Any names or ideas of who we could bring in to lead the line
  3. Who are playing centre backs nee lad can play left back also
  4. What will be Ayr line up this week? does Kerr have a full squad to pick from? will there be any new players added to squad before the end of the window?
  5. Could the referee not asked the local referee who inspected the park to call him this morning He should have sent a video of the pitch and both could have made a joint decision which would have avoided Ayr players travelling for no game.
  6. Who is going to compete and win the ball back across that midfield to me Muirhead does a job at right back but team would get so much more from him at centre half what has happened with Houstie hasn’t got his season going walsh needs to be played wide in my opinion still need a big centre to bring the smaller footballers in our squad into game share your thoughts
  7. I hope Kerr sets up 3 5 2 and plays his best available players in their best positions let’s start having a go and compete for 90 minutes
  8. Not a great forecast for games this weekend?
  9. Your management team deserve some credit for turning around your last 3 results following the critical postings on previous weeks.?
  10. Probably the Manager looking to go to a back 3 with a 3 5 2 formation
  11. Too many players letting the manager and club down we do not have enough competitive players ion the park Too many not playing with heart on sleeve and need changed in January option could be to bring in an experienced competitive player coach
  12. I hear that 2 or 3 Ayr players require fitness tests before the game tomorrow
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