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  1. That was the word a couple of weeks back that Brownlie wanted to go to Thistle in January it was up to QoS to decide
  2. Brownlie trying to get his move to Thistle in January and not wait till end of season will the QoS board accept a minimal fee and let him leave now?
  3. Is that brownlie away to Thistle in January? missing today would point to that happening queens will take nominal fee in January I would imagine
  4. Mc call more than likely will be after another couple of Ayr players
  5. Certainly teams don’t want relegated to lowland league you may never return
  6. Yes and the support decided to sack Houston o believed Falkirk were only a couple of players away from going up that squad had some great games and results
  7. What is Doolan injury striker clearly giving the ball away too often when midfield have possession roll on January as squad needs freshened up Kerr needs supporting
  8. The supporters chased Houston who wasn’t far away they then chased Hartley who brought in players not as good as Houston’s squad now McKinnon who has assembled a squad who are paid well for the job of getting out this league so it must be down to the players letting him down cant always be the manager
  9. Ayr struggling to fill bench a fair number of injuries in the squad
  10. You could well be correct due to the injuries the defence need a help out currently
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