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  1. Brilliant Victory against Scotland's Shame!

  2. I don't see rangers being sold for any amout of profit to Mr Murray, if indeed he did sell! Cutting the losses I think they call it!
  3. How much of his own money has he put into the club? He's not made 1 profit and even with a bug sale it wont recouparate the loses!
  4. I don't think either of the Old Firm have a financial attraction to anyone due to the league they play in, it's ridiculous to think that anyone would buy a club nowadays to make any kind of profit, because it's very near impossible to do so. Maybe david murray should give mike ashley a phone regarding a club swap be a good TV show!
  5. Hahahaha we beat Barry's team 3-0, Fucking quality!!!

    I see yer Dee's ar'ny daen that bad :P

  6. HILLLAY!!!!

    Yah fucker, am steaming lol!

    FT dees, Away the Loons lol!

    3rd Div. champs!

  7. Wheeey, telling yih, P&B is the place to be!

  8. You've got a smart photo of Gayfield from the air their!

    Looks Smart!

  9. what a character!!

    good guy here

    my chihuahua likes him

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