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  1. Don’t think Caixinha has been caught on camera throwing punches at a guy who had just been punched by his friend though, so it balances out.
  2. Absolute scenes, what a game.
  3. First decision the ref has got right all night.
  4. It was in Vilnius mate, wasn’t my favourite trip but still a great time. If I had to rank my European trips with Saints I’d go; 1 - Luzern 2 - Rosenborg 3 - Vilnius. Three incredible trips, still regret missing Turkey. What’s your order of favourite Dundee European trips??
  5. That is of course on top of a Scottish Cup (and 5 (five) European trips). Which every single one of us witnessed. Fucking magic watching your team win a trophy.
  6. Not really to be honest, Dundee are gubbins.
  7. Both will finish 20+ points above Dundee. This will be the 11th (eleventh) year in a row St Johnstone have finished ahead of Dundee.
  8. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Three games in a row those horrible *** b*****ds have been given a gift by the officials, and they’ve managed to take advantage to the tune of 4 points. Some boys. #gerrardmuststay
  9. I was crying tbf. #bringhimhome
  10. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    So to clarify, you don’t think a two footed lunge on a goalkeepers head is a red but that was? Big team found.