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  1. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    I’ll take Jimmy Boo and Munoz in the warm up bout. Two terrible posters and no doubt even worse human beings.
  2. Be grateful for any chance you have to get out of the West Coast hovel you’re from.
  3. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    The song was a total minter to be fair. No place for shite like that at McDiarmid.
  4. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    So that’s Dj Chapsticks and yer man codfish with St Johnstone as their big team. Any other St Mirren fans going to admit to it?
  5. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    St Johnstone have qualified for Europe more times this decade than St Mirren have in their history. Good night.
  6. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    I’ve been a big fan of Kennedy through the middle this season, but would be quite frustrated to see a change of shape meaning he can’t play off the left after his performance this weekend.
  7. Premier League 2018-19

    Hate Chelsea and their horrible, racist, right wing fans, but was hoping they’d score from that corner after the total shitebaggery by Burnley of heading to the corner with a free kick in a dangerous position in the last minute when they’re already all but safe. Pathetic and a brexit club to boot.
  8. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    Dundonians >>> Glaswegians. And for that reason, away win. Thought we played fairly decently on Saturday but very hard to get a gauge of it with how bad Dundee are/were. Would bring Kerr in for Shaughnessy, and possibly Swanson in for Kane to get him some proper minutes. Midfield two need to stay the same after a rare victory in the midfield battle on Saturday. Clark Foster Kerr Gordon Tanser Callaghan Craig MOH Swanson Kennedy Hendry On paper an exciting side.
  9. Terrible shout wanting anyone from Falkirk, but greenied for relegating them.
  10. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Dundee fans sat in the corner, sobbing and gently muttering ‘it’s not a derby,’ over and over is my jam.
  11. Broadfoot is as clear a red as you will see. Findlay as well, two clear yellows. The last one is a joke but it doesn’t change the outcome. Clarke has embarrassed himself.
  12. Journalist killed in Derry riots

    The IRA could get the public back on side by aiming at police cars near some of the posters in this thread tbh. Brutal stuff.