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  1. Absolutely fantastic resource set up by @Jamie_Beatson https://www.weareperth.co.uk/season-by-season/ Sure we can all put our difference aside and agree on this being much appreciated.
  2. Totally correct to award the title to them 100%
  3. The notion that Scottish football clubs need to be playing dead rubbers in front of two men and a dog for the last few months of the season in order to improve is a bit of a stretch tbh. The argument that less chance of relegation = less money spent is all well and good until a mid table championship club get promoted and then chuck a load of money at trying to stay in the top flight. A club like Morton for instance would be in much greater danger of being relegated from a 16 team top tier than a 10 team second tier.
  4. Modern Love is fantastic stuff. Thirty minute bundles of pure delight.
  5. Maybe I’ve been having them at the wrong places (mainly football in fairness,) but every one I have had has been far too heavy on the pastry. Like two different parts of the same food, the pastry and the filling. Will try proper pie and mash next time I’m in London.
  6. Don’t want to stereotype, but the English can’t do pies.
  7. That’s a shite turn of phrase, better yourself.
  8. This absolute bop was Initially written as a song about Somalian refugee’s, but it got the full length of the Coca-Cola corporate boabie and turned in to indisputably one of the finest songs ever produced. The 2010 World Cup was, on the whole, pretty shite, with the vuvuzuelas being a particular lowlight, but this anthem being played in nightclubs around the country whilst younger ali_91 was regularly swedgered out his nut, and England getting hilariously dispatched by a German linesman mean that this song will forever remind me of the good times. What a summer.
  9. Respect from an Aberdeen fan, it’s only a game, puts things in perspective type post. Just because there’s a global pandemic doesn’t mean we have to stop being c***s to each other.
  10. I had just woken up & had a 'mare with that post. Not a fan of his when he deliberately plays to the gallery but not a fan of the fuckwits who respond inbetween coughing in Chinese peoples faces thinking they are #ladsladslads, by shouting nosurrender whilst having no idea what that actually means. Taking all things into account, I would rather have James McClean here, with all his obvious faults, than those utter cockwombles who think that cash = immunity. I have no idea what any of this means, or the relevance of anything you have posted here, but green dot for admitting you were wrong.
  11. Anybody trying to say that someone from Derry who identifies as Irish is a plastic paddy is either a) a moron b) big team’d out their nut
  12. That fact, along with a few others, is on our unofficial fans page here. So you’re too late to the party unfortunately.
  13. Terrible name for a lesson, imagine the kids would skip that one.
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