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  1. f**k convention, one nil down in a cup final with twenty to go and the opposition dropping like flies every couple of minutes, I’d be raging if Saints gave the ball back.
  2. Don’t think the fight being boring and Joshua boxing well are mutually exclusive. Great technically, got the job done easily, but extremely boring.
  3. Making a decent side look like a league 1 side. Class. Tommy Wright king of Perth.
  4. It’s staggering how you can’t see how a 0-0 draw is a positive for a side that got beat 4-0 by some other above average team from a west coast shitehole on Saturday is a positive. I don’t think many Saints fans will care how we didn’t look second best against a decent side.
  5. He probably wants first team football, something he shouldn’t be getting in Perth anymore. The fact he would be playing every week currently doesn’t hide the fact he’s finished at this level.
  6. The most one sided derby in Scottish football these days.
  7. This is incredible from you yet again. Fair play on your consistency.
  8. ali_91


    It might be an idea to let us know what your referring to bud. Not really Nigel’s fault if you are incapable of basic comprehension bud.
  9. You’re annoyed at women fighting back at the unrealistic expectations they’ve had placed on them for decades. The fact that you are saying it’s seen as acceptable for women to be plus size now suggests you’ve not been paying attention to how society reacts when any platform attempts to showcase different body forms. Any social media platform showing a non size 10 or under woman is riddled with comments from morons like yourself saying the sort of comments you are throwing out.
  10. See below for a venn diagram of those who think it was a false flag and those with a two digit IQ.
  11. No, and if I air an opinion that is a bit cunty then feel free to call me a c**t. Hope the police have let the people that have died families know that it’s all a hoax btw.
  12. Play the ball, not the man. Merely defending the right to call someone a c**t if they act like a c**t.
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