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  1. BBC news finally put a story up and as you’d expect it’s absolutely on the pulse.
  2. Kinross has had lightning constantly for the last hour (every five seconds currently) and sporadically for the hour before that. Some seriously loud thunder and torrential rain alongside it although the rain is subsiding somewhat. Absolutely class stuff.
  3. Think the biggest thing with McCann was the lack of hype. Maybe due to the role he plays, but before he broke through there wasn’t much to suggest he was going to be an absolute baller.
  4. Celtic game likely to be off tomorrow and at the weekend. Fantasy football is an absolute chore already.
  5. Seems a fairly uncontroversial post Throbbs, what part do you disagree with?
  6. The idea that white people’s opinions hold the same level of importance on what is and what isn’t offensive to black people as black people’s opinions is some next level white narcissism. 1 - Can a white person disagree with a black person over what is and isn’t racism? To a certain extent, and on an individual level, yes. 2 - Should a white person tell black people what they should and shouldn’t be offended by, and what battles they should and shouldn’t pick? Obviously not. This post: is the latter, not the former. Very simple stuff.
  7. You’re such a bore, the questions were answered in the context of the discussion we were having. Grow up.
  8. Dunfermline Falkirk stands out if there’s fans allowed in.
  9. That’s cultural appropriation, cancellation stands.
  10. Don’t think anyone thought it was, it’s a word that is used commonly and a lot of people don’t know/ don’t think about the origins of it. Being made aware of the origins and still defending your right to use it = w****r. Being made aware of the origins and going back to edit the original post (like you did) = good guy.
  11. White people cannot decide what is offensive to black people, no. I didn’t know if it was acceptable for the BBC to use the word in their reporting, although I thought it was a strange thing to broadcast and had the potential to cause backlash. The response from those who the word effects, culminating in a prominent black employee feeling he had no option other than to quite his job, shows me that it was unacceptable for the BBC to broadcast this, and the fact that they have now issued an apology speaks volumes. This post is a white man telling the black community what battles they can and cannot fight.
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