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  1. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    What position does Noble play in?
  2. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Lochwinnoch, Stewarton or Dunlop are nearby but have no junior teams, although Luchinyeoch have a good a amateur side. I mean...who in their right mind, as a junior fan, would pick to watch two Iberian national teams live in another foreign country over watching Beith v Petershill in Tinto park?
  3. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    You are right. Still disappointing!
  4. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Peasy23. To be honest...there were less Beith fans than Hurlford at Wednesdays game with no world cup! Money is an issue...I accept that! But this year could have been or is or most successful!
  5. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    People of Beith and surrounding area, need to get out there and support you're local team...like Talbot fans! It's seems that half our support come from out of the town, and there seems to be an lethergy for going to Beith games. Where's the 3000 fans now from the 2016 cup final? There's hardly 10% of that total even attend BIG games!! Don't think the world cup made a big impact last night!
  6. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Nicotina; you're second sight is fantastic. But is you're point? This season there were several games too much for many teams! Beith have a small support, generally, but were certainly in the majority last night and also trying to create some atmosphere against the constant din of the motorway traffic! All teams follow the money and thanks to the Evening Times for sponsoring the cup. But it was a game too far for fans! As for the weather....it was dry last night, and there was more fans at Wedensday's Hurlford game in dredful weather conditions. However, how a park in Scotland can have no cover...??
  7. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Big CONGRATULATIONS to The Mighty for winning their second trophy of the season last night. We'll done lads... even better things next season!
  8. Kenny Mclean

    Wit a guy!
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    I think the future is for all the team to start playing cricket...it's where the future lies! Seriously, I lament this current situation but can understand why the East teams left...I think? ...To open up competion, secure their future and possibly hit the bit time in the Lowland league? Or...is it because East teams can no longer cope with the domineering game of West junior teams?
  10. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    This score flatters Petershill...should have been 8 for Beith with a consolation goal for a poor Petershill team. OK I understand they had some younger players in, but Beith were missing top-goalscorer Thomas Collins and defender Kev Macdonald missing. Beith were too strong, too technically advanced and too quick. Good to get a second trophy.
  11. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    It's a shame that after winning the west league and getting into two finals this week, that there is not more comments on this thread!
  12. West of Scotland Cup

    At Meadow Park. Semi tonight, final on Wednesday and then another final for Friday ...it's asking a lot for teams like Beith after a long season
  13. Standards Dropping

    Went as a netrual to that final with my brother in law, who rarely takes in a junior game. Both of us enjoyed the game, with Hurlford being best for the first 90 minutes and playing good football. Other finals, even 30 years ago, we're drab and an endurance to watch. So would say, football is now quicker and more technical than previous, but the pressure to win pulling cup games back in both accounts. Where's the money coming from in the LL? Saw BSC Glasgow last year in the senor scottish...they had all of 20-30 fans!
  14. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    The Mighty are in for a busy next few days...
  15. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    In my opinion; Milky has been playing great in that position the last few games and has steadied the defence as well as driving the game forward as Killipiyo says!