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  1. I see there is a separate thread open for games off...
  2. It’s going to be a long winter if this is what’s happening in summer! Any news about Hurlford vs Beith game being on?
  3. Sunny and warm here in North Ayrshire. Pwoo what a scorcher! NOT!!
  4. I mean what else are Sunday’s for? Next you’ll be telling me sundays are for relaxing or praying!
  5. Beith vs The Medda At Bellsdale at 2pm tomorrow. What do you think folks about Sunday (league) games?
  6. Are the forthcoming games this season now being played at Pennyburn?
  7. Why, all of a sudden, did we start talking about The Talbot and Hurlford on the West of Scotland cup final thread?
  8. Maybe it’s part of a bigger issue with the possible demise of Scottish football in general and the public’s interest in it? When Beith won the West in 2009 it felt like we won the European cup! That said it had been 30 odd years we last won it; so it was a exciting and significant event for us!! Yesterday still felt very significant and exciting but well below winning the Scottish! What was positive, apart from the result, was the number of youngsters in the crowd; possibly a good omen for the future of Beith juniors!
  9. Crowd: official probably 493, unofficial about 900+ lots of neutrals Beith around 350 to the game and a good support down from Kirky!
  10. Well done tae the Mighty; 10 years after we last won it against the Talbot at Newlandsfield.
  11. Credit tae the Medda committee for their work. Hope they have laid oot some Terracing covers cos I don’t want to scratch ma knuckles walking tae other side of the park!
  12. Surprised that there has been very few comments, from both sets of fans, about this impending cup final. But... Good luck to the Beith players, management and committee for their hard work over the season; let’s get some silverware.
  13. All the best to The Mighty Beith this Saturday v KRR at Meadow Park. Let’s hope there’s a good turnout from the town for this cup final; to cheer on the boys ! COTM
  14. Unfortunately, there were loads of spaces in both sides. So 4629 probably correct + 400 sponsor freebees!
  15. Surprised that the crowd was as big as that: was at a Ham vs Killie game there last year with the crowd about the same but the stadium looked much fuller at that game! Anyway a small gripe!
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