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  1. I support all Scottish clubs in European competition except Sevco cos I hate fuckin hate them
  2. Lennon did sign Van Dyke and Wanyama...didn't do their careers any harm
  3. How much do you earn then? ..( waits for bullshit answer from his his 6 bedroom mansion) [emoji848]
  4. I t would've been great to be on £600 a week at 19[emoji4]
  5. I read a report in yesterday's Daily Mail he was offered 12k a week ...hes on £600 a week at Motherwell...and agent asking for 20k a week. Cant be arsed looking for link
  6. Yes I did..now what do you consider success for Celtic in Europe?
  7. And that's what I originally said...what would constitute success in Europe for Celtic?
  8. In 134 years Dunfermline have won 2 major honours . To win a third would be a major achievement...yes?
  9. Fair enough...for what its worth Dunfermline getting to cup final is relative success...winning it a major success. What do you consider relative success in Europe for Celtic?
  10. For a Scottish side to reach last 16 of champions league..yes I think that has been a major success . What do you think ?
  11. In today's climate...reaching group stage of champions league ..last 16 is tough . That's major success. Staying in Europa after xmas is relative success.
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