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  1. Just write his name properly ffs..its not difficult .
  2. Pish[emoji3595][emoji3595][emoji3595]
  3. Think that was 3-0 versus St.Mirren to win league 1982. From memory I'm sure we played them a week earlier and could only draw 0-0. Think attendance for 3-0 game was given as 42,000!!!.in a ground with a capacity of 67,000...aye right!!
  4. Loads of english folk involved in our club ...not got an issue..Celtic is Rod Stewart's pet club. All this pish with him crying when we beat Barca etc...false shite. He can f**k off
  5. Rod Stewart is a condescending english arsehole ...we dont need his sort .
  6. Good performance and result . Also great for co-efficient. Scottish football should be proud of their champions.
  7. Good luck to Tierney...deserves a crack at a higher level. One of the few Scots in recent years who will , imo, flourish in a more challenging league. Club got decent money for him...let's hope its reinvested on the squad .
  8. I support all Scottish clubs in European competition except Sevco cos I hate fuckin hate them
  9. Lennon did sign Van Dyke and Wanyama...didn't do their careers any harm
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