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  1. Think was wee frees who thought earth was created about 4,000 years ago ...they dont believe dinosaurs existed [emoji50]...rest of your post was magnificent...solid 8.7 out of 8.8 [emoji106]
  2. So..on the same day your clubs players and staff have taken a stand against racism via not using social media , their employers release a statement expressing sympathy in the passing of a racist . Class indeed . Did Philip ever apologise to the "ragheads" ?
  3. Is there social distancing at a lizards funeral ?
  4. Eddie Howes bhoys to give the new gaffer a flying start to his tenure . Easy 3-0 win ..normal service resumed .
  5. Dear Motherwell Can we have Declan Gallagher back and we will give you Shane Duffy in return . Kind regards Celtic x
  6. I think this fixture should cancelled until ra bears get back from Dubai in new year [emoji3166]
  7. You know nothing about the poster except he posts on this forum . Yet you tell him he has to self reflect because of the football side he supports . Thats insulting . Stop making sweeping generalisations ...seems your a chip off the old block .
  8. "Self reflection" because of the football team he supports! ..you really are a pompous fud.
  9. Sevco would get relegated and eventually fall into league 2 ..Slippy G will blame his players and the fat striker will have been on the radar of 1690 clubs and counting
  10. What you doing the night we win 10 in a row?
  11. Queens Park beat Aberdeen 5-3 on penalties after goalless draw in CIS Cup 2006 ...they were an awful team around then
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