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  1. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    I love that programme cover ... it's weird in all the best ways
  2. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    What's the ticket situation for the final? Have they gone on sale at Ross County yet? Not heard a peep from Connah's Quay Nomads ...
  3. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Ha, hold it in Inverness to maximise attendance? Imagine some Scottish side - Hibs or someone - played West Ham in the UEFA Cup, and I (an Englishman) told you that both legs should take place in London to maximise attendance .... I’d be called out as a condescending English p***k in no time. Rightly so. Now look at it this way for you it’s a diddy cup final where the Scottish side are firm favourites. For Connah’s Quay it’s probably the biggest day in the club’s history and is likely to remain that way for a very long time, regardless of the result. Who cares they’re not that big by Scottish Championship standards? Let folks have their day in the sun. One of the best moments I’ve had at any football game was seeing the Dumbarton fans at last years semi final. I’ve been to a few semi finals supporting my club, Aston Villa, and you could tell they were having the same sort of day as I did then, it was magic. Great fans, that Dumbarton lot were. Anyroad, just saying that maybe football would be better if we considered all clubs big and small , not just chased £££
  4. Edinburgh City in Wales

    Not been to Burnley for a while, but from memory - similar vibes, but Connah's Quay doesn't have that 'bustling metropolis' feel as it's about 1/5th of the size. Don't go up to CQ very often, but the Wetherspoons by Shotton railway station is alright. Nothing spectacular, but I'll happily go for a drink there. Bit of a pre-warning ... there's no bar at the ground. Best of luck & good journey down from the Burgh
  5. QP vs Connahs Quay

    Well, you saw no doubt... but for me, top of the Welsh League is probably on a par with a good League 1 (third tier) side in Scotland, thanks largely to Champions League & UEFA Cup money. Connahs quay are a pretty well run club and will most likely go professional in the next year or two. At the other end of the WPL, teams are probably around lowland League standard.
  6. QP vs Connahs Quay

    At least for me, it's pretty much impossible with it being on a Friday. Would've likely come up for a Saturday/Sunday fixture, but Friday evening's a wee bit too tricky to get up for. Best of luck tomorrow, by the way - QP are a great football club in every sense of the word.
  7. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Well, it's a combination of things. Football isn't as popular as rugby, particularly outside the big towns. The big clubs (Cardiff City, Wrexham, Swansea City, Newport County, and to a lesser extent Merthyr Town & Colwyn Bay) play in the English league structure. Travel is difficult and expensive, so some larger teams deliberately avoid getting promoted (by not applying for promotion) to avoid the associated travel costs. My dad's local club get attendances around about the same size as TNS, maybe slightly higher, but can usually be found around the 4th tier (give or take a level) because of that exact reason. For Premier League clubs, the need to be UEFA-licensed is a massive financial burden - UEFA require a level of infrastructure that's completely unrealistic for many clubs. Both of those add up to being that the teams in the WPL are the ones who've got a local sugar daddy who's willing to pay the bills. It isn't necessarily going to be the teams with the biggest support.
  8. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Yeah, S4C will be showing it. Going to try to make it up, tbh was hoping for either yous or Edinburgh City away cos I fancy a night out ...
  9. You'd hope that a third tournament would be for the perennial out-of-Europe-by-August teams, like the Welsh/Icelandic/Maltese sides (and Rangers ;)). Maybe something like teams knocked out in 1st/2nd Champions League qualifying rounds, or 1st-3rd qualifying rounds of the UEFA Cup - plus reduce the number of Europa League places for those countries, and swap them for places in the "3rd cup". (So, in Wales' case, maybe 1 Champions League + 2 Europa League + 1 "Third Cup" places). Arguably somewhere like Scotland might keep the current CL/EL places but have an extra 'Third Cup' place. Hopefully it won't be some kind of cynical way to give mid-table sides from the English + Spanish leagues the "opportunity" of fighting it out to play sides not-quite-good-enough to get past the Europa League group stage. I imagine that'd be more profitable, though ...
  10. Brilliant 2nd half from Queens Park, in the end fully deserved the win. You'd have assumed it'd be the amateurs fading as the game went on. Best of luck in the rest of the competition - will be following yous intently if you outlast Connah's Quay To be fair, Oswestry probably has more Welsh speakers than most of South-East Wales. The English-Welsh border, particularly in rural areas, isn't quite as 'hard' as the line on the map suggests.
  11. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    I agree with you, hope it is expanded - but that might be a step too far IMO. Maybe 4 Welsh/Northern Irish sides would work at a push, but you'd perhaps have limited interest once a side's making their third trip down to Wales that season to play some amateur/university side. Glad of the Welsh sides being in it, though - it's really good for the game here, can see it allowing the game to improve substantially in the long term. Just on that basis, it's a really superb gesture from the Scottish league to invite the Welsh clubs. Imagine the same can be said from our Irish cousins.
  12. Well, I'll be supporting TNS since I'd like a 'European' away trip north of the border this year. But best of luck to Queens Park. I've a (very) soft spot for the club, and can regularly be seen sporting a QP home shirt around the streets of North Wales . Very split loyalties for the game
  13. Alcohol and Football

    From what I can make out, I think the old bill thought he was taking the piss when he said the reason he was unaware of the law was because he'd been living in a tin hut in Swaziland for the past 40 years.
  14. Alcohol and Football

    My dad and his mate went up to Dingwall a few years [maybes 2009ish?] back to support Clyde. His mate had been living in rural Africa since the 70s, the last game in Scotland he went to was Kilmarnock vs Motherwell, in the early part of that decade. So, he reckoned, everyone back then was drinking whisky out of hipflasks, so it's no bother to take a hipflask with him now. Got kicked out of the ground after ~5minutes (after travelling up from Brum to see it), ended up spending the rest of the game in the pub on the station
  15. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    They must know that's a pipe dream at best, surely? Can't see many clubs voting to drop out of the league just so the OF can bring a load of policing problems, given the recent track record. The premier league is a global 'brand' now, and for better or worse (aka worse) they don't bring that much to the table - the fans they'd bring are of naught compared to the £80m+ West Bromwich received for finishing bottom. It might be a model for allowing Scottish teams to enter the FA Cup again. That could work really well, as one off matches against exotic opponents.