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  1. Another abject display and, as I posted earlier, McInally devoid of tactics and reliant on the old guard to somehow pull them through. Well, found out again. JM is out of his depth and this is only League 1. Lyle gets injured. Armour is suited & booted and ready to take his place but no, JM let’s play continue for 7 minutes while Rory gets out of his lounge suit, finds a shirt and a pair of boots and wanders on to do the sun total of nothing. How unprofessional is that? I said expect the unexpected. I was right. Scunnered!
  2. http://m.clydefc.co.uk/news/2019/03/09/6040/#.XIOP16SnzDt
  3. Oh, I seem to have hooked school bully on my line! What exactly is it that you had against Mclean? Was it, just like every bully, you pick on the youngest & weakest? Was it that he had the audacity to respond to one of your taunts from the sideline? At every opportunity you’ve made some bizarre comment on here about the boy. That enmity you accuse me of is most certainly all yours. So, let’s focus on yourself, Andrew Cochrane, father-in-law of Willie Gibson. We at Peterhead FC would liked to have welcomed you into our family but you made that rather difficult owing to your unacceptable conduct at matches. You stand at the corner of the pitch nearest the pie stall, wearing your QoS jacket, shouting derogatory comments at players. Not much wrong many would think, but when it’s Peterhead players and filled with antagonism then it’s rather unacceptable. How many more Peterhead players shouting back at you to shut up will it take until you cease with your abhorrent behaviour? I wonder if Willie’s continual drop in performance is attributed to his embarrassment at you shouting at his teammates at every match? I read with astonishment your recent comment about an Albion Rovers supporter haranguing the officials and you having to explain to your 6 year old grandson “that was not the way fans should behave and that that fan showed his club in a very poor light”. It was rather ironic, as throughout that match, you perpetually harangued the Peterhead players while you sat in your Glasgow Rangers top. Your conduct was more akin to that of some young, low-life at an Old Firm match, not that of a mature man related (loosely) to a Peterhead player. Furthermore, that post is so hypocritical it beggars belief. Let me ask you this question. Have any of your grandchildren ever asked you “why are you shouting BEAST at that player”? You even seemed proud of doing so in your posts on the Clyde and Edinburgh City threads. How hypocritical can you be? But, more importantly, how dare you conduct yourself in a manner likely to bring the good name of our club and supporters into disrepute? Your conduct is that of a repugnant, odious and embarrassing individual who should have no place around Peterhead FC. My season ticket and match day ticket purchasing fellow supporters have another issue. On here your weekly posts include your travelogue. Who cares? Well, strangely we do. When a non-supporter is receiving a players travel expenses and gets into all matches by a complimentary ticket, we feel aggrieved. Why should us that have followed the club through thick & thin pay the price to allow a Queen of the South supporter free access and travel to matches. Oh, and let’s not forget free accommodation on a Friday night at the Aberdeen Altens Hotel, paid for by Peterhead FC. It is grossly unfair, especially when it is a players relative, one who disrespects our club as you do. I’ll conclude by advising you that I’ll be at Balmoor next week for the Edinburgh City match. The big question though is, will you?
  4. A definite loss with Big Rusty moving on. As someone said, he split opinion but I felt he had bags of potential so will be interesting to see if Montrose can eek that out of him. On a positive note, the signing of Willis might, hopefully, push Gibson to the bench. He’s been woeful most of this season and recently looks as if he’s pulling a tractor about the pitch (albeit that might be handy on the Cowdenbeath pitch this weekend)
  5. Jim has to be careful at his age. Anymore knee jerks like this and he’ll need his knees replaced! Baffling signing.
  6. Yes you’re right. Gibson can’t continue like this for much longer and McAllister’s form has dropped to its lowest yet. I see even Scott Brown thinks Gibson was to blame for allowing Alan Smith through. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-football/blue-toon-keep-top-of-the-table-in-sights-after-draw-with-city/
  7. Once again, I’m at a loss to understand what you are on about. It may be due to your poor English, grammar or punctuation but I fail to see how your response to another poster managed to include some bizarre reference to me. Perhaps you simply dislike everyone that may have a differing opinion to yours? Can you expand upon “Cattos nemisis The Evil Gibson”? Please, please assure me that you are not, in any way, going to defend Gibson’s behaviour?
  8. Willie Gibson must go. What a thoroughly embarrassing display today and I’m not just talking about his play. In a week where we’ve read about petulance and disrespect towards other senior clubs and management, Gibson overshadowed even the Dembele debacle. No player is bigger than the club. Gibson not only embarrassed himself but disgraced the name of Peterhead FC in front of the away bench & management and in front of the directors of both clubs. To vent such a venomous tirade of abuse towards Jim McInally and his coaching staff merely because he was substituted for being, once again, ineffective in the game was abhorrent. In any workplace that would be an instant dismissal and it will be interesting to see what action is taken by JM.
  9. I still await a response from you to my earlier question. Is this forum administered by you? Do we have to obtain your permission to post an opinion on a match or is it just the sanctimonious attitude you portray, similar to your “goading” Clyde players from the sidelines. How brave of you. When you returned to the car park did you wait on those players to “goad” them face-to-face or, like on here, did you just hide behind your anonymity? I’ll make an assumption that one of those players was Goodwillie? That guy paid his price a long time ago, so why do supporters feel the need to “goad” him and label him as a beast. I heard those shouts repeatedly around Balmoor. It’s embarrassing and was obviously identified by some Peterhead players whom I saw chastising those brave “goaders”. He is a top player and would be a great asset to our team. Would you “goad” him then?
  10. Can you explain why you’ve said this please?
  11. I wish I believed in God, then I would have someone to pray to for divine intervention for this match. I can only be pessimistic as I fear McInally will stick with McAllister, leave Scott Brown on the bench again and rely on Gibson to command the midfield. Now I'll be labelled a heretic!!
  12. Could not understand McInally's team selection. We had a player sitting on the bench who scored a hat-trick last time yet he doesn't get a start! However, when he eventually came on, he was the one who impacted most. Good movement, pressure and strength. The jury is still out at the moment with regards to Karim. He certainly didn't make much of an impact last Saturday when he came on albeit he has good feet but he appears rather lightweight and a bit harum-scarum. For the Clyde match, I'd like to see Rory benched for his total lack of effort & commitment and his consistent petulance. I'd like to see McLean and Smith start and get more value for money.
  13. Was a surprise to me and those around me that Gibson got man of the match. That's a few recent games I've watched him consistently deliver poor balls and get caught in possession. I think his temperament is questionable for one of the senior players. When he loses the ball he immediately turns on the others and blames them. Credit to both sides and the travelling support. The freezing conditions were not pleasant to sit in and I cannot imagine what it must have been like to play in that. Talk around Balmoor last night was that Saturday's match is already postponed.
  14. It was a frustrating match with little to write home about in the first half. The substitutions lightened things up a bit but we could’ve done with them on earlier. The loanee Johnston is fitting in nicely. I was surprised to see him being substituted. Annan on a Tuesday night? Hmmmm.
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