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  1. Well you have Queens Park to look forward to soon
  2. Because its funny dropping down to see how the 2nd Tier converse Anyway with your Home support you might be delighted to have a " BIG" club there...……….. you might even get over 1000 now
  3. Ah well your 8m begging bowl will come in handy, you could sign more "top" players
  4. Hearts certainly are lacking in humble pie...………… but very tasty sour grapes allegedly Lets see Saints cost you the 85-86 title when you blew it against Dundee Beat you in 87 semi on way to glory And LC final in 2013 And of course relegated you this year Pretty sad to see you go down.... PS the Championship is a very tough league, you will do well to stay in it. Just ask Sevco, United, and Hibs.... we managed it 2nd attempt as we are brill, and with 20% of your budget
  5. I was referring to those two useless chairwomans But glad to see you agree with the other 8 points Enjoy the Smokies
  6. Comedy Gold Ok what do Hearts and Thistle have in common 1. They both finished BOTTOM of their Leagues 2. They both appointed total diddy managers 3. They pay players way beyond their means 4. They only survived because they have sugar daddys or mummys 5. They have delusions of grandeur 6. They are both going to court under the "Nae fair" banner.... 7. They are the laughing stock of Scottish Football ( which is quite an achievement) 8. They say the other clubs are only self minded. however its all they have ever been since this began...…... 9. Their Chairwomans should stick to Netball
  7. Have to say, is there an update on whether Naismith and Boyce, who between them make more in a week than Alloa and Arbroath squads make in a month, will grace the Championship...……... The term too good to go down does not seem applicable here
  8. Hearts fans- get as posts as you can on this page, as you will be in a different section as of tomorrow
  9. Time will tell on this Either Dundee are to be congratulated on exposing the SPFL twats or self interest has just ramped to a new level
  10. I cant believe a Jam non starter is trying to make any case I take no joy in Hearts going down when we have plastic pitches, but fact is, somehow despite a huge budget they have been the worse team in the League since Jan 2019. In that time they have not managed 2 back to back wins...…... They are the weakest link
  11. Maybe they should decide it on debt Ooops ta ta Rangers
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