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  1. Now desperately scanning the archives to see who we played when Afroman's "Because I Got High" was at the top of the charts, just in case.
  2. Fucking brilliant, Livi, well done! Shame we were just one offside goal away from equalling your result.
  3. Well, all the odds are, they're in our favour, Something's bound to begin. It's gotta happen, happen sometime, Maybe this time we'll win.
  4. He's the only man to make both Top Fives, which is some going. He'd be heading both, too, if it wasn't for some useless donkey called, checks notes, er, Curtis Main.
  5. I'm fairly up on my Norse mythology, but having googled "Big Sexy Dutch Gods" I'm still none the wiser what the KVV equivalent is. There are a number of things I'm not going to be able to unsee in a hurry though - make sure you're in "safe mode" if you inadvertently do an image search!
  6. Borrowed from the Motherwell thread, thanks @well fan for life
  7. I thought earlier Brown looked about a quarter the size of Woolery, but that this was because Woolery was an even bigger unit than I'd previously realised. However, I now suspect he may actually have shrunk.
  8. He certainly did. Woolery owned Brown too. Amorous pork ham. Not quite so apt...
  9. "vegetable pakora" is an anagram of "baklava protegee"; and "chicken pakora" is an anagram of "chickpea krona", which seems especially apt for a Norse vegan. In semi-related news, I may have had a few beers during the game.
  10. Be careful what you wish for. I suppose you're unlikely to get Airdrie in your group, though,
  11. BBC website has Aberdeen possession at 75%, but Watt and Grimshaw could easily have had a goal each too. Stats, eh?
  12. An early skirmish in the battle for the best European placings? Based on recent history, literally almost anything could happen here.
  13. Do you think it might just possibly be time to retire this "Toby" schtick now? I don't think it's ever going to catch on. Busta, FFS, don't encourage him!
  14. A move which should increase the average handsomeness of both sides.
  15. If we'd won our first three league games this season we would quite literally be top of the league right now, although I appreciate it's not an exact analogy to your 2019 situation. I hold Robbie Crawford solely responsible for us not occupying that lofty spot, even though he didn't actually play in any of those games.
  16. Glad to see he selected Zander Clark too, or the St Johnstone boys on here would have been in absolute meltdown after the other week. Kelly's just been featured, albeit briefly, in your actual Sky News bulletin, so there may yet be some toys coming out of prams.
  17. A phrase I have never seen before, and do not want to ever see again, thanks.
  18. Shelley informs us, not once but twice, that Liam Grimshaw has been out injured for a while. Aye, injured by glandular fever.
  19. He'd be better off putting Mugabi in goal and playing Kelly in midfield. 2-0 Livi.
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