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  1. It sounds great in theory, but in practice I have the tremendous fear that it would be like running into a girl you used to fancy at school only to find out she's got all fat and mumsy, and all she talks about now is her kids. Some good memories are maybe best left in the past.
  2. If you get anything close to his 19/20 levels out of Gallagher you'll have done really well on the "player" front, but I'm afraid he is perhaps the worst "captain" ever seen at Fir Park, and that's a high bar to get over. A leader he is not.
  3. Deep fried? Speaking of which, how about this for dessert? Colin the Caterpillar gets Scottish chippy treatment
  4. Aye, keep your Y-fronts on pal, it was just an observation.
  5. Only one solitary post from a Killie fan since 14:07 when the team sheet was published - is that some sort of apathetic record for a matchday thread?
  6. Fir Park may not be perfect, lord knows it has its flaws and idiosyncrasies, but I'm coming over all emotional looking at those pictures. I really wish I could get back in there and hurl abuse in the traditional "yer da'" fashion at some of the donkeys who've sullied the old girl this season.
  7. Also, "Normal Caley go ballistic" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
  8. Missing out on 32IAR will certainly put Celtic's relatively minor disappointment this season into context.
  9. A rookie mistake no-one should ever make more than once. One of my favourite Sunday morning treats (that doesn't require wifely cooperation) is using the remains of last night's Peshawari naan to mop up the leftover vindaloo out of the foil takeaway container, straight from the fridge. Cold and hot at the same time, what's not to like?
  10. All you Hamilton c***s feel free to join in any time. Don't want you all rocking up gloating after your 5-0 victory without at least having given us some culinary tips in advance.
  11. Coincidentally, they had extended reports of the IPL cricket on the sports "news" last night, and I can honestly say I've never given less of a f**k about any sporting event ever - and I remember Kabbadi on Channel 4.
  12. Fair play to Hastie, can you imagine the grief he'd have got if he missed a penalty? But he stood up, took responsibility, and absolutely slammed it. Yes, he'll probably be gone in a few weeks, so no real pressure, but still - more character than some of his team mates there, for sure.
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