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  1. Yes, Alexander seems to have an unusually low xW threshold. (Expected Wankers.)
  2. Absolutely. Even scarier, with Donnelly and Goss missing, the options off the bench yesterday were Maguire and Crawford. Talk about a rock and a hard place.
  3. Good old Busta and ropy, doing all that new-fangled Twitter stuff so that old c***s like me don't have to bother.
  4. Someone needs to tell Celtic they can't get into Europe via the fair play route these days, although that's currently looking like it might have been their best chance.
  5. My sympathies to the wee yin. I had a similar experience as a nipper at the Kelvin Hall circus, more years back than I care to admit. All was well until the doors blew off the clown car, and I had to be carried screaming from ringside. That level of trauma was excellent preparation for Fir Park, though, as it turns out.
  6. Not happy with that 47% possession figure, but still abso-fucking-lutely massive! Curse that offside goal last week.
  7. If you make ten predictions, odds are that at least one is going to come good.
  8. Someone's been due a good doing for about five seasons now, and this might just be it. The ever-improving Woolery should be on a high after opening his account against Rangers; Watt and KVV haven't scored for a fortnight so are due one each; Slattery is surely going to ping one in at some point; and the Nordic gods won't want to miss out on the action from our now-trademark set pieces. O'Hara is long overdue one from a driving run, and you wouldn't bet against Goss for first scorer either if he gets a start. So, either 8-0 to Motherwell, or - equally likely - 4-1 to County with a Jordan White hat trick.
  9. Ah, f**k it, why not. It should be safe enough if we stick to the "before" rather than the "aftermath"...
  10. On a weekend when Ryan Bowman scored, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to post a nostalgic picture of Fabio Cardoso, but on refection it's really not worth the tears and snotters.
  11. Now desperately scanning the archives to see who we played when Afroman's "Because I Got High" was at the top of the charts, just in case.
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