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  1. Death, taxes, and Celtic out of the Champions League. It must be nearly August.
  2. This is what I just said, only far better and far shorter! 😂
  3. ^ This! Intellectually, I am quite fine with the concept that even Barcelona won’t win every game, and that some games matter more than others, and I harbour no illusions about Motherwell’s relative budget, and expectations. However, at a more visceral level I still hate losing a "proper" game to Airdrie, Albion Rovers, or the Old Firm alike, no matter how hard I try to rationalise it. It still fairly ruins my day, and the only thing that saves the dog being kicked around the living room when it happens is that I don’t have a dog. As someone else said recently, if winning isn’t important, why bother keeping score? I do generally have the good grace to keep this to myself, though, rather than go ranting about it to a bunch of fucking melts on Twitter.
  4. But just imagine the "Scotland 1967 style" bragging rights, if Motherwell go on to win that final. * * Motherwell will not win that final.
  5. I haven't seen any official confirmation yet that he's actually signed.
  6. I have a hopefully-unfounded fear that he means they are currently "brilliant" decorators, or "brilliant" plumbers.
  7. You can put as many smileys on the end of that as you like, but it's no' really very funny, is it? 😟
  8. I know they're only glorified friendlies, yadda yadda yadda, but I'd really like to see KVV bang in 2 or 3 goals this week just to lay down a marker.
  9. Anyone know how his first name is pronounced? Is it Michael, or Mikkel, or Michelle, or what? Only I'd hate to come across like a twat by getting it wrong while hurling abuse at him five minutes into his debut when he's taking too long over a throw-in.
  10. I have Cristiano Ronaldo neck and neck with Jack Grealish on my patent-pending "Scale of Football Wankers", but I think nonetheless that his little wink at 1:20 is one of the most sublime moments I have ever witnessed.
  11. There are many good reasons for that. This is but one of them...
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