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  1. Ek underestimated cove and were on the back foot from the off...that said, winter and Longworth made a big big difference. Ek can definitely win this if they play like they did v Kelty...
  2. Totally agree on both of the above!
  3. Big game on Saturday-hopefully ek will bounce back like the did v Kelty (away) after the BSC defeat at the k park few weeks ago. Really hope winter and Longworth start-as last week’s game went on, ek were more and more in it and can definitely still win the tie if they play their best. This was always going to be a harder game than the (possible) one v Berwick
  4. Chris Humphrey the new Gretna manager according to their twitter feed....genuinely wish him all the best...let’s hope EK are much improved next week. They looked nervous even before kick-off today. it’s still possible to get past cove but yea it’ll be difficult-a good strong fast team who closed ek down very quickly and deserved the win today
  5. I’m guessing that nothing will happen until EK get promoted?
  6. Much More than normal but definitely less than Cumbernauld colts or Spartans games. Good away support through-maybe 300?
  7. Definitely nice touch by Kelty and a good sized support too. Was surprised to see as many changes to the EK line-up but the guys that came in played well enough.
  8. I’d say about 400 for ek v Spartans, slightly more v Cumbernauld colts..
  9. A good win tonight at the k park. Fair play to Spartans-they played well and could easily have taken something from the game..now to keep the momentum going for the play offs!
  10. Looking forward to tmrw...colts are a decent team tho-taking nothing for granted..hopefully get a good turn out to see EK win the league
  11. Missed today but thought Edusport were one of the best teams we’ve faced when we played them earlier this season..hopefully it’ll be a full house at the k park in a fortnights time to cheer the guys on
  12. Cammy looks like a really good prospect....EK just need to take things one game at a time-hopefully three more wins and then start looking at the play-offs-not before!
  13. I suspect that the new stadium would be built when/if EK get promoted..
  14. EK’s squad is extremely strong-Barry Rusell, Jamie Longworth Anton Brady and Sean winter all on the bench. Thought the second half was a bit flat -game was over by halftime again tbh.
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