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  1. Especially the Hibs groundsman....................
  2. Oofft, even for you Wee Boaby thats a beezer. Ping up a link to the "Ross Out" thread when you put down the cooking sherry, will you?
  3. Unfortunately it didnt floor him with a massive skelp to the baws...............
  4. Wheres all the Aberden fans? Thought they loved Hibs as they are always on the Hibees threads???? shite pitch, bit of a slog, deserved win, Killie pretty toothless tbh.
  5. Pitch is absolutely magnificent...........
  6. And I raise you another dicksplash - this from the head honcho of FoH. Salty, tasty tears
  7. You should be ashamed of yourself hoping for a response tonight. Celtic have been the worst affected club in this crisis.
  8. I suspect that - were it not for commercial and sponsorship obligations - the cup competitions would have been binned already. And I say that as a fan of a team in the last 4 of the (who gives a f**k anyway?) league cup.
  9. My only source of fun these days is correcting poorly executed posts on P&B, says a lot about the state of Hibs...........
  10. I guess it's where you stated "The ref (along with the players/managers) obviously decided it was raining too much/too heavily that the game wouldn't make it far enough to justify starting it. "...............
  11. I can definitely read, perhaps you struggle with remembering what you wrote?
  12. It doubles as a convicted criminal rehabilitation unit, so they get plenty bang for their council tax bucks in West Lothian.
  13. Aye, I was just commenting to the @LiviLion guy who suggested the managers and players were "part of the decision" which is obviously bollocks.
  14. You should just play in MacArthur glen designer outlet (or whatever it's called), there's no c**t there at the moment and the surface is comparable.
  15. Managers and players are now allowed to decide if matches are off............ Surprising then that Celtic didn't decide it was "a bit windy and rainy" v us on Monday?
  16. He probably has contacts who are good with mixing chemicals...............
  17. I suspect that - as has been the case even pre Dubai - set plays will be what skelps them for the next couple of weeks. While Doidge has been utter dugshite in the scoring front for weeks now, all he had to do was make a nuisance of himself to put the keeper off and cause a wee bit of chaos at our goal. Sunday league stuff. I dont think this will have gone unnoticed by the next couple of managers to face Celtic.
  18. Yip, Thought I'd clicked on the "annoying boring b*****d in the pub talking shite" thread for a minute.......
  19. If I was one of the dicks that give Reds, you would get one for bringing up that spunkbubble Phil on this thread.
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