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  1. Forgot there was this "fit and proper person" thing still hanging over Martindale. Sportsound talking about it now. Unlikely, but what happens if he doesnt pass?
  2. Being honest, I am quite happy for us to say f**k all and just let Celtic make even bigger c***s of themselves than they have. I agree with @Mr Heliumssay nothing and let the timplosion carry on.
  3. Sheridan looks pished or on some prescription gear. Cant take him seriously since all the stories about him bedhopping with frilly knickers came out.
  4. Remember when Celtic fans used to laugh at Rangers for their (equally pathetic) BBC stance?
  5. Did I just read that St J have dressing rooms for the AstroTurf?
  6. Christ, someone close this thread..............................
  7. About the only target he hit in that shitshow of a presser
  8. Sportsound on BBC sounds, you can rewind to the beginning
  9. For once I agree with Tom English...................I now feel vaguely dirty
  10. The thing is, when you are the club that is most affected by Covid, you can understand why Lennon was so upset
  11. He was talking about the Scotland players post qualification.............just part of his scattergun ludicrous approach - even had a pop at your lot !! He is a wee angry spoon.
  12. Its absolute gold this interview, he has totally lost the plot.....................again
  13. Lennon has gone full "last 3 months of being Hibs manager" now. Hilarious to watch, wonder when he starts throwing the chairs?
  14. Completely Untestable Hypotheses thread for this please...........
  15. Yep. You could post this on any of the post match threads on Hibs net when we have lost / drawn a match this season and would have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, 90% of the responses would be of the heads gone variety.The problem with football fans is that it seems to be a binary choice between "we are fucking magic" and "we are fucking boring and shite". There are only 3 big competitions each year, only two of which are (even vaguely) realistic for most clubs to win. The league - for most - is about survival and they will do everything they can to do that.
  16. Bit late to contribute to the match thread, you lost (yet again). Still, it makes a change from you rimming the Aberdeen fans on the McInnes thread.
  17. I thought the usual P&B schtick was that all the Hibs accounts are run by one person? Good to see progress in 2021
  18. Oh dear, for Dons fans. Its all about the box office Hibees...............again. Deflection of that kind is the sort of pish we expect from @afc dickhead
  19. Yep. And in fact every Hibs fan would agree that Stubbs was a great cup manager, we got to loads of semis and finals in his short time, but was utterly mince as a league manager. Top marks at pumping the physio though.........
  20. And this is where the entire argument will always be between Aberdeen fans. How do you judge a manager? Good league placing/euro results, or silverware. I suppose only you guys can decide. Well, you and the radge that is @Sortmeout
  21. Ok ta, I didn't read that properly. Back on topic........ Part of the problem for Cormack re looking at bang for his buck is that - regardless of which of the semi finalists ( Livi, St M, St J, Hibs) wins the league cup this season - they will have had at least as successful last 10 years as Aberdeen, in some cases on a fraction of the budget.
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