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  1. .......and back on planet earth, this is his actual quote. "On the Alfredo Morelos challenge, he says: "It's a red card. It's quite an easy one. We get the benefit of seeing it again but it's one that looks relatively straightforward in real time as well. It should have been seen and I'll just keep it at that."
  2. It was the only good bit of this evening, tbf. I can only wish and hope that the DABs are as accomodating to us on Saturday.....
  3. Sounds like an Arsene Wenger style post match analysis
  4. No cutting edge up front and defensive mistakes generally give this outcome.
  5. I mean, let's hope Morelos gets what he deserves. Make more sense now?
  6. Fuckin rat, let's hope he meets an unfortunate accident on the stairs
  7. Presume his knee fucked due to him deliberately injuring Morelos
  8. I'm watching on Hibs tv, why would I be doing otherwise ya fud
  9. Our football is still so boring and pedestrian
  10. It's all about making up for his earlier mistake.......
  11. Not til he's done some Aberdonian munter up the dunger
  12. I take it he shagged your wife/daughter, you have such a boner for the laddie? The bonus is that Ryan has had his eyes done, so he won't make that mistake again.
  13. At least he won't be living in Perth, that's always a bonus
  14. I look forward to him sending off one of our players in the second half to demonstrate his incompetence........
  15. Irvine Welsh just said Morelos should be macheted into small pieces for that challenge on Hibs TV
  16. I thoroughly recommend Call My Agent on Netflix. French comedy drama. hth
  17. Why are all these fuckin orcs on about coffee?
  18. Porteous was down for 30 seconds doing that wee bit of play acting....,
  19. Disgusting play by Porteous, placing his knee right under Morelos studs
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