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  1. Alex Dyer says the pen "was outside the box, but we move on". Jane Lewis desperate for him to say "I am raging and will kick the f**k out the ref".................has she never seen him interviewed??? eta..............and at the end she goes on about it again, f**k off Jane ya spangle
  2. Someone needs to do a gif of that wee move in the corner at the end with Boyle - sexual
  3. Talking about Tony Watt - disgraceful, no mention of the "goal against Barcelona" Aw fucks sake, Richard Gordon went and said it.....................
  4. Think the statto was on the bevvy though - there was deffo a shot which was saved by a combo of Nisbet and Marciano on the line.
  5. Really? Thought he had some magnificent touches around the box.
  6. That Nisbet, what was it the Jambo drongoes said? Fat? Championship material? Not as good as what they have?
  7. Hibs doing what Killie used to do to us. Pleasing, the quadruple is still on................
  8. That was the most heids gone moment in the entire afternoon !!
  9. Its the HSL one with all donators names on it. Mine is just below the left tit.
  10. I thought the hockey pitch was supposed to be replaced with a real one for this season? Awful bounce, its a flipping lottery there.
  11. @Hawkeye the GnuApparently its a thin girl in a fat suit, did this to see what it was like to live as a fat girl.
  12. I used to go out with a bird from Niddrie called Tina Small in the mid 80s - she didnt have the mahoosive paps of the "model" you are describing, but was a lot better looking 💋
  13. We should just pretend our players have the Covid, Maurice Ross reckons its a valid tactic these days 😉
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