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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    Aye, I had shitloads before it was shut down - no doubt I will be on several devices along with loads of others trying to win the tynecastle lottery again in a few weeks. Mind you, not sure why I bother, feels like decades since we won there...................
  2. The Hibernian Thread

    Think the singing section are being a bit "poor me" in this, tbh They went on to .net whinging about it, and several people asked them if they had spoken to the fans reps to see what the script was (as it seems VERY unlikely that the story as written above is true without some serious factoids missing). A wee bit later the same boy that posted above came back and said "In addition to our earlier post we’d like to note that the club have been in touch today and we are currently working together for a solution". Now obviously the first one got all the Dempster haters on board which is just pathetic behaviour. A bit too easy for people to go on twitter or whatever and give one side of any story, Dempster cannae exactly respond by saying "well lads, some of the wee p***ks that hang around wi you have been acting the twat recently", can she? As for the "CEO has made her loyalties clear" - thats fanny chat if ever I heard it..........
  3. ^not taking it amazingly well..........
  4. Hes a cracking player - Belgian on loan from Genoa. As @Cossie MFC states, his first match was at Fir Park and he was hooked at HT - however he had just arrived from Italy and really wasnt up to the pace of the Scottish game. Since then he has been a revelation in our midfield - all action, great balance, nicks balls off other midfielders, good reader of the game - the only area he is slightly weak in seems to be shooting. I dont think there is a chance we can sign him, but - like McNulty - its an opportunity to showcase his talent and you never know? I was a bit disappointed in Well yesterday - massive opportunity to put pressure on for top 6. I expected a big change in the system 2nd half, and while there was an improvement in possession, chances in the top third were quite limited (which surprised us - pre match we all had the fear of our patched up defence v your young guns). So, for us a really satisfying win but a strange result for you which really leaves you a bit in the "meh" land - you are entirely safe, have some cracking players and should win every match if you do end up bottom 6, but the flipside is that you might not be able to relegate Hamilton.
  5. Odd that, as I dont have a Hibs TV account either - the ones I linked are the Hibs "Freeview" ones, always available after midnight - and they are working again this morning.
  6. The goals - https://hibstv.hibernianfc.co.uk/tv/video/vod/5569
  7. It obviously had you seething. .........and "Seething"
  8. Pretty routine victory, tbh I was more pointing out the "pride before a fall" stupidity of the Well fans pre match Pretty fuckin funny from where I am sitting
  9. Nope Was he playing? Subbed off for being pony....... See above Hastie? Naw Diddies.........
  10. Steven Robinson "I thought we looked like the home team"
  11. Hibs were excellent first half. Motherwell were pretty disappointing, esp for a team that "needed to win". In the end, comfy Heckinbotham unbeaten in the league, and top 6 looking good.
  12. Immediate life ban. What's your point, caller?
  13. Pretty poor stuff, some of our fans were singing "peado" at Alan MacGregor last week - equally shite patter and equally not representative. Some fitba fans are fannies.....