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  1. Easy money. According to the radio he was in the middle of writing the Celtic analysis during the game. Get it posted on the site then piss off home to hit the Merlot, feet up and knock one out thinking of Ann Budge.
  2. You can see why Celtic would want him in this age of 5 subbies - second half, other team is fucked, bring on 5 brilliant subbies and destroy them - basically like yesterday v Accies. Boyle would be a brilliant addition in that strategy - Celtic fans havent got a clue "backup", aye like McGinn was overvalued and wouldnt get a game.
  3. I wondered why Lennon had suddenly been talking up Griffiths last week 🤔
  4. He had been performing well for us for a long time, yes some of it in the Championship, but the performances against Premiership clubs in cup matches etc made it obvious how well he was playing. As the post above calls out, he was effectively given the brush off by McLeish at a time when the Scotland manager felt that we had "enough" in that area...............unlike fans who were calling out for someone rapid to give us options. Not 100% sure why - when a player has 2 international possibilities - and one pursues him hard and the other pulls the rug from under him, that he should hang round waiting on a cap? You kinda destroy your own point about Boyle by mentioning the other Hibs players called up on the back of playing in the Championship - he was playing in a high performing and exciting team, and would have jumped at the chance of playing for us. Yep he was injured for that tour where Lewis (!!) got his cap but there were other opportunities - frankly, all it would have taken was a bit of willingness on the part of the manager, include him in a squad even if he didnt get to play (to show he was wanted) and he would be a Scotland player now. Even Hibs fans laughed when Stevenson got a cap, it was obvious to all of us that the ones we should have capped in that period were McGinn, Dylan and Squirrel. The bit in bold - as far as I am concerned, had he been playing for one of those clubs this situation wouldnt even be getting discussed - positive chats would have been had, the Scotland manager would have made all the right noises in the press etc. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/16953749.alex-mcleish-says-what-will-be-will-be-over-hibernian-star-martin-boyles-scotland-future/ Article above was after Boyle came back from injury for context
  5. ....and Boyle would have preferred a Scotland cap - but for whatever reason (as we all know its because he wisnae playing for Celtic or Rangers) his rather obvious qualities were ignored because we had James Forrest. A criminal mistake when you consider the lack of pace we have going forward at International level.
  6. He played very well yesterday - a few Hibbys commented on him.
  7. Tom English talking up Celtic - fair enough, but is it "really" a surprise that a club with maybe 20 or 30 times the budget of Hamilton win quite comfortably?
  8. Terrible formation and tbf you might need more players on the field.
  9. You would barely know that goals have been scored, its like the mogadon duo commentating here.............
  10. Pat Bonner is a fucking erse. How many times does he need to say "no crowd today, of course". We fuckin know Pat !!
  11. He probably didnt even watch it. Fucking tit that he is.
  12. It was the most obvious fishing trip of the day, cannae believe you bit
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