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  1. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    As @HibsFan said, its Cliff Pike - he is on twitter, so you could ask him yourself if you wanted to make an even bigger tit of yourself than you did with that lame attempt? eta - here is the Hibs tv goals highlights and at your 2nd he mentions Lowe in the build up - https://hibstv.hibernianfc.co.uk/tv/video/vod/5672
  2. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Thats my Marciano point - he was supposed to put the ball into a certain position, made a shop front of it, and - as you say - both fullbacks were then on their heels and the play was behind them. Hes a good keeper, but his distribution has been awful at times this season. p.s. have a greenie for your first non twattish contribution on this thread
  3. Early League Predictions

    Lets be honest, we all wish it were true
  4. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    It was pretty good from an offensive perspective - although similarly to sheep opinions about our goal, most of us would contend that poor defending contributed, not to mention a shite ball toward Gray from Marciano which actually started the move iirc. That ok for sensible analysis?
  5. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Being blunt, it was the only incisive move we made all day. Actually, blunt is a good word for our middle to front at the moment. Thank f**k for the close season........
  6. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Yep. Like I said, this isn't about yesterday's match, but these decisions do matter. We get players retrospective banned for dives, fouls etc so a process exists there. When someone like Andrew Dallas gives so many awful pens in one season, surely a spell in a lower league is called for?
  7. Highlight of the League Season

    Lennon leaving us in such a "Hibs" way, closely followed by the win at Tynie. Boring season, tbf
  8. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    There should be no debate about the standard of refs in our top league now - they are dreadful, and it seems that there is no process for removing or demotion for the worst of them. Thing is, it is basic and obvious things they are getting so wrong. That's penalties that have been given against us in two weeks, last week was a foul on Gray, and yesterday's was not a foul imo. I'm not that bothered, as those results did not determine our finishing position, but the one Killie scored allowed them to take 3rd place from Aberdeen, which might be important.
  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Unsure why Dons fans singing "he's one of our own" and Shinnie thumping his chest when he's fucking off on a free?
  10. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Can't disagree... Some other generic SFA useless c**t
  11. Been the case for 30 years or so, I have a couple of mates who are Dons fans and there are a fair few in Edinburgh and Glasgow. However @HibsFanpoint about scheduling of televised games is entirely accurate. Also, you cant really equate bread and butter televised league matches with a one off cup game - If that QF had been at Pittodrie, I would be fairly sure that Hibs would have been at or close to sellout for that away end. Final word on this - perhaps we should simply agree that Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen all have very good supports and leave it at that? This is an interesting point. As I mention above, I know a few Dons fans from Edinburgh and when they travel up it is by car (even in the old days when a mixed group used to stay over for a bevvy, we never bothered with the train), and I have my doubts that any Park and Ride solution will float their boat, as it could add a fair bit to their already long day out with kids.
  12. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Think a lot of the Dons posters think the guy is a Troll Arsehole
  13. Site crashing

    Mine working ok on chrome bud