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  1. Apparently Omeonga lost the ball and rocky tipped the shot onto the bar. The inevitable is incoming........................ I can see the headlines "Hibs lose yet another late goal"
  2. No mention of it at all from the impartial BBC summariser at Fir Park...................
  3. Lets dae it !!! Take one for the greater good
  4. Just pre-empting todays program, might be busy so gonnae get my moans in now - Despite the Doomed v Sevco match being played tomorrow, we can expect about 30 minutes of discussion consisting of loads of chat about Morelos being worth upwards of £100m, some chat about how Stevie G has "turned it round".......and a couple of minutes of Mikey S saying Hearts will still be dugmeat despite signing Boyce, Fatty Preston will disagree, tell us the Boyce transfer is being financed by his personal FoH contributions....... Then an interview with Lennon where he gets to talk about how everyone should be nice to Leigh G (which is a wee bit at odds with his bullying of Flo Kamberi last year.......but that wont be mentioned). Ross County dont get a mention outside the usual manager interview. The other diddies? Quick pre match interview with relevant managers, no deep discussion. Richard Gordon will turn the conversation round to Aberdeen, talking about Cormacks deep pockets, Willie Miller will say something identical but take 10 minutes to do it. Kennedy moving in this window will be "an admission of defeat" according to Miller. OAM will feature the usual fandans shouting over each other.
  5. Alex Harris for Martin Boyle............is there a pattern emerging involving Dundee FC 🤔
  6. Not really sure why people are saying this? Omeonga is not match fit and that was very obvious on Wednesday. He will come good as hes a decent player, but he isnt playing 90 minutes tomorrow. And as @HibsFan has said, the chubby baller has been totally off the boil last few matches. 2=0 Well
  7. @RandomGuy. Agreed - losing, like winning, is a habit that is difficult to break. I remember a guy who tried to convince us with the mantra that "we just need one more win" ...............that didnt work out too well 🤣
  8. @DC92You have 6 matches left against top 6 opposition pre split, or are you just discounting the Celtic, Rangers as dead rubbers?
  9. Not rattled at all by your current (can all season be classed as current???) form boys, eh
  10. His chat must be better than another striker from a few years ago - Husref Musemic - then. I remember back in the late 80s, was out with some mates in the Rutland on a Saturday night and a lot of the Hearts team were out post match. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989–90_Heart_of_Midlothian_F.C._season It was a predominantly British team, lots of young lads (Robbo / Mackay / Crabbe / Foster etc) plenty of whom were chatting up lassies. The big guy either didnt have good english, was shy, or was just had rubbish chat - either way, while plenty of the Scottish guys were - lager in hand, this was the 80s - getting on with the important task of sorting out post match coitus with some bubble permed daftie - there was big Husref, hunched over in the corner all by himself nursing a coke looking utterly miserable. No wonder he pissed off after half a season
  11. You were lucky Hearts managed only to pick up one point then. TBQH, the football you played in the first half - harrying and snapping into tackles in midfield, quick ball up front - if you can carry it on, will send you up the league. Crapping it.............especially off teams around you in the league..........wont work
  12. How about a picture of your new signing then? Apparently he "scores in every town he visits" Except Dingwall then.................................
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