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  1. East Fife are terrible at the back starting with the goalkeeper.I still can't understand how Brett Long has lost his place. The backs are too slow. We hit the ball from back to front missing out the midfield and the lack of urgency and creativity in midfield is terrible. If it's not working change your team quicker not with ten minutes to go. The players on the bench surely are better than that.
  2. Agree with the above but would it not help if Brett was put back in as he is the better keeper. A few games back Craig Watson had a great game and his reward was to be dropped he should be back in as well.
  3. "We could easily of got a draw against a very good - Premier ship quality team".I thought they (Hearts) were not very good and we should have beaten them. We are not going to do anything until that defence is sorted out. When the ball is crossed over it looks like panic stations. Thought Ryan Wallace had a great game.
  4. Why has Brett Long been dropped.? Jordan Hart has been stuck to his line. How many goals were disallowed all from cross balls.
  5. I don't think there should be a trophy presentation. They are making it worse and its bad enough.
  6. Over the years the crowds have increased and Scottish footballs taken off in the world standings. Scottish football ain't very good just as bad as the people who organise it.
  7. Leagues of 10 are boring make less leagues and more teams in them.
  8. Could somebody tell the football league they are meant to be professional, they are far from it.The whole things a shambles. The standard of Scottish football in the Premier division is terrible and it's not much better in the championship. Why not ask the fans what they want instead of the crappy Premier division big boys. Those at the top supposedly running it don't have a clue.
  9. The nearest dugout to the away support is the home dugout it's only a pie throw away.
  10. Talking about fuds in dugouts. Why do Airdrie have the home dugout at the away end and the away dugout at the home end. Why bother with segregation then stick the opposing manager right next to you. How to wind up the crowd.
  11. When the teams get shys tomorrow can East Fife get some of those ikea white towels handed out to the airdrie players from the ball boys. The towels go missing when East Fife get a shy an extremely poor show.
  12. As a neutral looking in on this thread cannot believe how your slagging off your own players.
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