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  1. The nearest dugout to the away support is the home dugout it's only a pie throw away.
  2. Talking about fuds in dugouts. Why do Airdrie have the home dugout at the away end and the away dugout at the home end. Why bother with segregation then stick the opposing manager right next to you. How to wind up the crowd.
  3. When the teams get shys tomorrow can East Fife get some of those ikea white towels handed out to the airdrie players from the ball boys. The towels go missing when East Fife get a shy an extremely poor show.
  4. As a neutral looking in on this thread cannot believe how your slagging off your own players.
  5. We definitely did not play well yesterday but the result was good. I do think like other posters we have to play better to take anything from our next three games. I think dunsmore is missed and should be back in. Why does Darren take so long to make the substitutions. It was obvious 20 mins before he made them who needed to come off. Room for improvement.
  6. It would help if players took their chances in front of goal. We should be scoring more. Danny Denholm was the worst if only he had tried to shoot a D put his foot through it.
  7. Davidson has to be the most underrated East Fife player. He gets up and down the park and puts in a shift every game. He's not somebody I would drop. I do recall the last game he missed when we last played the rovers. The team definitely missed him that day.
  8. Who are you going to drop to let your strong midfielder in?. The present midfield all have different good qualities.
  9. Clyde fans counting their chickens before they're hatched. They are sounding a bit like Falkirk fans.
  10. When we have loaned players does the parent club apply pressure to get their player game time? . If this is the case East Fife should not bother with loaned players.
  11. I thought Lewis Baker did OK for his first start. Perhaps not match fit but he gave us another option. He had a lot of knock ons to other players. It's the defending that needs sorted out. As usual the team improves with the introduction of Pat Slattery.
  12. Terrible day for playing and watching football. If its played its going to be a lottery. Its a gale outside and pouring.
  13. Dowds is not as sharp as he was last season. He's been slower to react and his touch has not been as good. Surely Baker should get a chance and give anton a break.
  14. Last week against Raith we improved with the introduction of pat Slattery. This week he does not make the team and he is definitely is our best left back. Why does Anton Dowds get sent to stand beside the supporters on the far side in the second half.That tactics been tried before and failed. Everybody in the football ground knows he's not a winger apart from perhaps two people.
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