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  1. Where've the insomnia threads gone and where are all my fellow insomniacs? Have they all vanished from P&B these days?
  2. All these poorly babies! I hope they're all doing better now. It's NHS Direct down here - they insisted on sending an ambulance here too when Elise was 2. I knew fine it wasn't necessary and had only phoned for a some peace of mind! Instead I got an ambulance because of "policy/procedure". I don't phone them any more. I know I've heard this story this week already but it still made me laugh. Brilliant. I need to see it! Washable nappies? Most people reckon they don't leak like disposables. I didn't have problems with mine when I used them.
  3. Crikey, where did that go?! Is he not just a couple of months old? Are you sure??? I've spent the weekend meeting 11 pregnant couples. 3 more coming up this Tuesday and another 8 on Thursday. Part of me's glad it isn't me these days, much as I loved it when it was my turn.
  4. Lol. Cheers, figured it must've been along these lines. It would seem I've given a few people brownie points when trying to multi-quote.
  5. What's with the +/- thingy at the bottom of posts on here now? I've clicked a few by accident, apparently using up my quota! (Only edited 'cause it seems I can't type!)
  6. Circus (I can't believe this thread's still going! Glad it is though - I remember it being fun for quite a while )
  7. Crikey it's this time of year again isn't it! I really don't know if I have it in me to do anything out there this year. Last year was a complete flop as I was ill for a week and then too knackered for several weeks afterwards, right at the point when everything needed watering and consequently I buggered the lot up . I still haven't tidied up behind it. I didn't even pot the new plants my strawberries put out - I'm going to regret that! Oooooh - automatic waterers! That's what I need. A proper irrigation system and a proper garden to put it in would be fab . Love the photos Matt. Your garden's really changed since the first ones you uploaded! Blue tree thingy's kind of weird but cool and quirky .
  8. The ad irritating me the most on there just now is the one telling you how you can be free from ads if you just pay..... blah blah... these websites that rely on advertising, I don't know.
  9. Only one other person on here has had the good fortune to encounter my... um... somewhat unusual "once seen never forgotten" dad. I told him recently that "no-one has a dad quite like mine" - he went away looking a little chuffed and reappeared two minutes later with a puzzled expression. I never did enlighten him! You just have to laugh. Can't do anything else.
  10. For me it was always seeing another brand new baby that shocked me with the realisation that my own "newborn" was no longer that and was in fact quite big now. It's amazing how quickly that happens too. Even six weeks can make a huge difference. Kind of puts a different perspective on things when you hear a really dramatic experience! I'm also glad to hear it's all working out now and you're able to enjoy your wee one together neilsjfc
  11. Early days or not, if the plans were firmly made to do something together and she jilted him for a better off, what does that say? It's ridiculous. If it was another of the girls she'd made plans with would she have cancelled on her for her other friends too? If so then do you want someone that unreliable and unfeeling? The old "my friends aren't happy because..." routine is just a load of shit IMO. So your friends don't like you having a bf and spending time with him? WTF? Bit different if you shun them all the time when you're with someone and only bother with them between relationships, but that's not really the point in question here. SB, for what it's worth, everyone else will have their own opinion on what you should do. Do what you think's best but (to add more advice to the pool) don't be taken for a mug. Any girl who'll do that isn't worth holding on to. And Monster -
  12. Only time I bring out food in tubs on a train is when I have my children with me. I need to keep the entire journey carefully planned if it's more than about 20 minutes or they start getting fidgety and drive me mad. Feeding them takes up some of the time and keeps them interested and seated. Long live snack pots! Multiples of 5 are the way forward. I don't know where this even number idea came from, but it most certainly IS NOT OK! I don't have blinds, but there mustn't be any gap at all between the curtains, even just a wee one at the top. Drives me mad! Both pillows should be placed in the same way - that would mean the opening of one being in the centre of the bed and the other being on the outside edge. If there's no pattern or the case is symmetrical then I agree - in that case you place the pillows with both openings in the centre of the bed and on the underside of the pillow. I guess that depends on what you value as being "quality". I'd hate for my children to want for nothing. I'd hate for them to think they could always have what they wanted. Of course I wouldn't want them to feel deprived but there's a balance. It also depends what your housing situation is - if you have a higher mortgage/rent then you'll need to earn more than those who own their home outright. It seems more than a little sweeping if you're saying less than £40k and your child won't have a decent quality of life. Toma - get some painkillers taken and if they take effect then get to sleep while you can. Also, it doesn't matter what's wrong with you they always advise you to drink plenty, so... drink plenty and I'm sure you'll be fine soon.
  13. Going back to the leaflet on Strep B in pregnancy/birth, the above quote is in the breastfeeding section. If you don't want to hear my take on it then I'd stop reading now and skip to the next post . Still, this is the pregnancy thread so probably the best place to find anyone interested. I can't speak for the validity of the information given in the quote - I'm commenting here on the assumption that it is right. I always bear in mind that some of the information that is printed about breastfeeding is not based on any research at all but on opinion or misinterpretation of facts. I dare say I could find out more so if anyone's going to challenge me then I guess I'd better say I'm prepared to do more homework to find out the actual position. What isn't mentioned is that the way the gut flora is acquired is affected by ANYTHING other than breastmilk. So a mother doesn't breastfeed her baby after reading this information - unless her baby is fed donated breastmilk then they will be fed artificial formula which also changes the gut flora. Surely if this is the main consideration for a Strep B carrying mother when thinking about feeding, it would be useful to understand this so they can decide whether they want to make a decision to permanently change that gut flora by using formula in the long-term or whether to breastfeed, accept that the flora may be affected by the antibiotics but that the breastmilk will continue to protect the baby and that the antibiotics which are potentially causing the changes will be gone once the antibiotics are out of the mother's system and therefore no longer in her milk. I think I may have overcomplicated that, but it does say what I intended it to (just not very succinctly - it's getting towards bedtime!). I daresay there's only Ayrgirl and Rowan reading now. *waves* Thanks for sticking with it guys.
  14. Cheers. I've had a look just at p24 - I might bookmark or print the rest to read later as my interest has been sparked by this thread. It seems it's down to policy then. Or a woman's (or couple's) ability to find out about and strength to fight for what she feels best for her and her baby. Most people won't feel that strongly I guess and will go for the hospital option to follow policy. I'd love to know more about whether home births are denied in various places on grounds of the mother and baby's safety. On the back of that I'd also be very interested to know the difference in timing between a woman on a labour ward reaching intensive care on hitting a problem and that of a woman at home in the same circumstances. When you give birth at home the Ambulance Service are informed when the midwives first attend and you're made a priority if an ambulance is called for. Some women (and yes, I'm talking from a personal perspective here) would just rather the comfort, safety, security and confidence of being in their own home surrounded by their own things to help them cope better with the birth overall. Perhaps I'm just playing devil's advocate here re the antibiotics, but it's a valid point. I've had someone turn up at one of my classes in labour. There's dedication for you! I was particularly pleased as often people choose not to come to the bf class, despite it being a part of the course as a whole. It isn't just for people who intend to breastfeed - it can be a really useful place for discussion and for those who don't breastfeed their own babies to understand why others do. If handled appropriately it can really bridge gaps. Overreaction, maybe? I can't help but think it'll end up overdiagnosed and with too many women receiving treatment for something they don't have. Sounds fab. Lovely to hear the Christening went well and you've all enjoyed it.
  15. What IS it all about? I've noticed a few people at the Mafia Wars thing but it looks like just more Facebooky crap so I've ignored it. What's good about it? Scrabulous was definitely the way to go, but it got banned. Is there a replacement feature I'm missing out on here?
  16. It's funny how people's perceptions of that differ. First time around I think I would have just done as I was told. Knowing what I know now I'd take no notice of what anyone was telling me unless it was an out and out safety/risk based thing. ie, "advice" would be unwelcome, information about any risk to my baby would be taken on board and acted on - so when they wanted to call an ambulance rather than let me continue at home with Scott I just let them do it. I was fortunate enough to have no complications and used the system in the best possible way, chose my own midwife and made sure everything was organised for my convenience rather than anyone else's. Does that limit your options during labour much? I assume the birthing pool would be out with a drip in (although I can actually see that that shouldn't follow, I think policy would rule it out). Would they administer the ABs in a birthing centre or at home or does it have to be IV? I don't know a thing about it. That was exactly what I didn't want to know. Stupidly. Maybe if I'd known more then I'd have had a better birth with Sam, but you live and learn and it's all experience I guess. Without that birth maybe I wouldn't have opted for home births with the other two, which was the best decision I could have come to. Do they retest then before the due date to see if it's necessary? Not something that's tested for as standard, I don't think?
  17. I didn't bother either. I wanted to see each of the units and speak to the staff at my local hospitals though so I phoned each one and arranged to visit, have a look around and a chat. Worked fine for me.
  18. Niiiice. Don't suppose it was the "What's In a Nappy?" sheet by any chance?
  19. You know, if anyone - ANYONE - had told me to either push or breathe while I was giving birth I'd have at the very least bitten their head right off and fed it to the dog (I don't have a dog but I'd have found one). It's about the most ridiculous thing you can say to a woman giving birth I reckon and is just far too melodramatic! Pisses me right off. Many congratulations to Haitch and Debs on the arrival of your little ones. Hope all's going well for you all. Heck, even *I* knew so it'd have been a poor do if you didn't! The different stages of poo from thick black meconium right through to runny orangey-yellow mustard seed is something I often find myself speaking to pregnant parents about. And postnatal parents, come to that. Some of the reactions I get to it are quite amusing. Ach, it's not that bad. Someone on here said it smells foul, but I never noticed that with any of my three babies. It's like anything else - when it's your own baby you just get on with it. I bought some hemp and some bamboo nappies when I was pregnant with Scott. They were both great, but I really like the bamboo ones. It's apparently the kindest fabric you can use on the baby's skin and really absorbent too - my friend used them for her baby when she was hospitalised with eczema and they were so much better than other nappies. I'd definitely use those given the choice.
  20. I've read this post three times now and for some reason it makes me laugh every time. It's not really funny... but it is! I'm easily amused just now, it seems.
  21. I heard that lost time should always be made up for. Maybe we know the same friend .
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