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  1. That’s actually incorrect information from the Club regarding Graeme.
  2. Every single team that the players have moved on to will be better than Gala - bar one. Tommy made the move back to Vale and I think it’s wise. They’ll finish about gala next season. Shameful the way they treated the club? The chairman told them to leave. Think someone’s had one too many lagers and has become a keyboard gangster.
  3. Thanks for the info - at least they are signing some players. For what it’s worth, I believe a young lad from a Pumpherston and another young lad from Oakley juniors have agreed to sign (unsure when these will be announced). Disappointed looking at the list of exits, every single one would’ve been a good addition for the club for the coming season.
  4. Agreed, had a feeling he’d had stayed. Sad to see him move on. No word on Phil addison yet, if he’s away it’s a whole new squad coming in I think.
  5. Tommy Paterson now away to VoL as well. Thought he’d have stayed with him being a local lad
  6. That’s another one away.. disappointing. Though it was previously mentioned he was in a protective brace, not sure if that’s now been removed.
  7. Yep, this thread has hardly been alight with gala fans and didn’t think there was many on here who watched Gala. Barely use this, but felt the info I had would be of interest to others.
  8. Aye, a year and a half ago. Didn’t say anything as I didn’t believe there was anything too concerning going on.
  9. O'Reilly, Paton, Patterson and Cunningham were a good combination. Very good. If they had managed to stay fit/available would’ve been good.
  10. Team missed him when he left. Dynamics changed, out ball to O’Reily was always good.
  11. Not me. Simply an avid supporter of borders football, family originate from Galashiels so have always looked out for them and popped down to games when possible. Haven’t used a platform like this previous to the management being removed and felt this was the only (?!) place to get across the information I’ve been fed/my opinions on what’s going on. Not intended to offend anyone with my comments and don’t feel that any of it has been pathetic. It’s a club that’s close to my heart and the lack of communication regarding the first team squad is frustrating.
  12. Someone’s a bit defensive are they not? They’ve announced pre season friendlies and have been as great, as ever, with their other social media activity. A simple question on new signings being announced isn’t obsessive. Apologies for showing an interest in the club
  13. Anyone got any further updates on new signings? Seen the new management duo were still involved at Pumpherston at the weekend. For the clubs sake, I hope they don’t take any players from that level, would be a very difficult season for Gala.
  14. Agreed. He’s a very good player, hopefully stays injury free this season. Still surprised there is no announcement from the club about who’s left. Still a few boys without clubs (Ricky miller, Scott main, Ryan stevenson)
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