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  1. Its all McPherson's fault the Fermers are 2 games from relegation.
  2. Surely St Johnstone's greatest ever squad can't lose to a depleted Inverness team. Will be a massive embarrassment if the Fermers somehow get relegated the season after their freak season. Come on Inverness !
  3. With any luck there will be a bidding war with Man Utd.
  4. At least George Square is relatively intact this year.
  5. Heehaw for the rest of your existence. I find it amusing that the guy that has delivered the majority of your historical successes is now getting chased. Fermers eh?
  6. Can you begin to imagine the slagging the Fermers will get if they dont manage to overcome the 8 men Highlanders? Lovely stuff.
  7. Remind me, what league are you in these days ? Is he playing for yous ? Anyway, good luck Inverness.
  8. Arbroath or Inverness pump you, you're doon. Saved him the trouble.
  9. Does relegation by means of the Playoffs not count?
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