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  1. Decent enough draw for us. With home advantage at the fortress, there can only be one outcome.
  2. Not with St Johnstone's penalty it wasn't. A clear handball in the lead up should have cancelled out Tanser's handball.
  3. Arse cheek compliant media pulling out the stops to ensure their masters don't drop any more points in Paisley is what I see there. In the Scotsman also.
  4. 2 weeks in surely St Mirren have been the worst recipients of VAR. A perfectly good goal disallowed and a non penalty given against us. These things balance out and all that.......
  5. Tait turned his back on the shot - his left arm was by his side which the ball seemed to hit, his right arm was out stretched. Very harsh imo, but ive only seen it 3 or 4 times. Might of made a difference going in level at halftime, but doubt it. Don't think we had a chance of any note in the 2nd half.
  6. Debatable penalty didn't help matters, but tbh we weren't at the races today. Big game next week to try and stop our poor away form.
  7. I think our last 5 games with Hibs have resulted in narrow 1 nil victories for either club or draws. With that in mind, i see the first goal being crucial for us. Would obviously love any kind of victory but probably feel the draw is the most likely outcome.
  8. Seen this table earlier for hitting the woodwork this season
  9. Still correct 21 hours later. Enjoy your relegation battle lads.
  10. I wonder if Hearts fans will blame St Mirren for this pumping ?
  11. Not bitter. Goodwin walked out on St Mirren at a crucial stage of last season, thus causing massive upheaval in our attempt of reaching top 6 or possibly a European place. I don't blame him leaving for more cash etc, but his timing was poor. On the plus side , we still finished above Aberdeen and got a decent compo settlement. Anyway, congratulations to Utd for their first (convincing) win of the league season.
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