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  1. I was on the pitch that day giving Quitongo a punty up.
  2. I understand the above comment is highly unbelievable.
  3. With the payoff Gallagher secured from Aberdeen, they are effectively paying at least half his wages for us. Decent.
  4. Not one of these players started their careers at Motherwell, just passed through. I fail to see the big deal.
  5. You sound like you'd be happy going down the American route- lock up everyone no matter the offense and throw away the key. I'm not suggesting for one minute Declan's offence was trivial, but you really need to look at the bigger picture.
  6. Definitely. I've given to the Keep the Arse Cheeks Out , I'll buy a ticket for a fan once the season gets going. Hopefully both are a success.
  7. https://www.stmirren.com/fans-news/4467-help-a-buddie
  8. Even if McGinn does leave for the low end of the speculated value, we're still in for a decent return.
  9. Nah. Sounds like a guy who was pish at football at school and has carried this burden ever since.
  10. 1 stand is all they are getting. Hopefully our supporters now get behind the club and turn up.
  11. This is some laugh...... https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/st-mirren-away-1-stand-now.210616/
  12. https://thecelticblog.com/2022/06/articles-and-features/st-mirrens-celtic-fan-decision-is-a-self-inflicted-wound-that-makes-no-sense/
  13. This is one of those rare occasions i wish i was on Twitter. I imagine there will be many disgruntled arse cheeks saying things like " they canny f'ing fill thur groon but arnie geen uz oor tickets, they'll be oot of business by the end of the season " Well played Saints. Now for the hard work of getting more Buddies along to the ground.
  14. Only an idiot would confuse the two clubs. One is a founding member of the Scottish League, the other is now on it's 3rd name, been in administration and nearly liquidated a few years later.
  15. Fergie's work set us on a a path to our most successful period in our history. For that alone, i can forgive some mistruths.
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