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  1. That's us jinxed for Saturday now. The most pleasing thing for me recently is our improvement away from home.
  2. Gutted for the big guy. Has been more than decent in the majority of games.
  3. Well Rangers had the forces day yesterday, only fair i suppose.
  4. Our record at Pittodrie must be up there with worst we have. Surely to fuk we must be due a wee win, especially with the home side's recent implosion. 2-1 Saints.
  5. These fine lines can be the difference between relegation fodder or top 6 wannabes.
  6. Darvel's 1-0 was really a 7-0 given the par of both teams.
  7. Its a red all day long. Collum, Beaton etc need to go. Time for the Finnish refs to come back over.
  8. I hope he makes his payoff last ,cause his next gig is likely to be a while away. No doubt punditry beckons for him.
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