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  1. You should watch the highlights of their game. Pure comedy.
  2. Quality defending from the Sainteeees rearguard today.
  3. 2 teams that just hate winning- guaranteed to finish a draw.
  4. I imagine after their result today, they'll be keeping a low profile thankfully.
  5. Why would we not be trying to keep our star player? Obviously the chances are very slim, but without doubt we will have made McGrath a very decent offer. Nothing to do with nice PR.
  6. Another great performance from this lad tonight for Scotland...
  7. That's only because you got battered at Love St once. John McGinn and Kenny McLean learned their trade where?
  8. 3 points today was always going to be the most important thing. Time now for the squad to recharge ahead of another big game away to County. Well played Saints.
  9. St Mirren have been denied 2 goals this season due to ineptitude from referees and assistants. VAR is a must. A game at Ibrox a few seasons ago when we were on the receiving end of 4 penalties against us is enough reason for my vote for VAR.
  10. It's high time the poor refereeing gets highlighted. I'm all for it.
  11. Poor options for those of us who don't like eating dead animal scrotums and brains.
  12. I thought that was the dirtiest team that we've played in a long time. Aberdeen were very fortunate to finish the game with just one sending off. As for our performance, we were ok for 25 minutes of the first half but then went to sleep and allowed Aberdeen back into the game. The 2nd half performance was decent from us, especially after the Dons went down to 10 men. Great performance from Ronan and his 2nd goal was a thing of beauty.
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