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  1. Yeah, have to agree. A more than decent player but unfortunately it looks like the injuries are catching up with him now.
  2. Was always going to happen at some point (today). At least now when we play you in the Scottish Cup Semi, we'll be due a win.
  3. Tbf, only one Saints supporter claimed this slightly outlandish opinion.
  4. Over the 90 mins a draw would have probably been the fair result. Obika was a big miss today, had he been playing I don't think we'd have lost. Once Motherwell got their goal, we struggled to break them down.
  5. Talking of decent records - we're undefeated against you lot since Dec 2019. That will obviously go at some point, just not today. Saints win 2-1 ( 2 pens obviously).
  6. With this poor attempt at fishing, I suspect you're still in nursery.
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