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  1. You've got to admire an overconfident set of fans. What could possibly go wrong after all.
  2. Takes one to know one. As for the game - heart say away win, head says away win.
  3. That nearly matches your total goal tally the last time you were in the Premiership.
  4. Happy enough with Livi away. Definitely winnable.
  5. Is there any chance of away fans being allowed into Dundee for this game?
  6. I like your posts and musical taste, but that was too far. Thank you.
  7. Aberdeen looking more than decent in that 1st half.
  8. If there's any truth to those figures, what planet are they on ?
  9. I suppose if you wait long enough (1 cup aside), you're eventually rewarded.
  10. Anyone know if there's any coverage of the Stenhousemuir game on Saints tv for international viewers?
  11. I wonder what's happened to the £4 million that St Johnstone had in the bank ?
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