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  1. It was this game http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/8319275.stm
  2. Good to see the club have permanently honored David Martindale of Nazareth's magnificent contribution to the club over the years. Thank you David, long may you reign
  3. If Local man Roddie "Hot Toddy" McKinnie gets appointed your gonna have an omelette on your face buddy. Contact a mod and give the people what they want, give them what they need, give them Rod
  4. I see Local man Roddie McKinnie has thrown his name in the ring Apparently already got a backroom staff lined up from what I've read on social media decent shout IMHO
  5. Unofficial Livingston Anthem IMO owing to the final verse of "I am Livingston" repeated 8/9 times. I believe this was a genuine expression of Marr and Morrissey's soothsaying love for Livingston Football Club and all that is Livingston
  6. This stream is exceptional. The saints fans patter is superb. Highlight for me was " waaaay you thought you had a penalty big yin, you p***k" after the linesman flagged when Halkett went down in the box. He was actually offside and I as a big yin found myself laughing at the st mirren fans calling me out. Good luck to the maureens and their prosaic patter
  7. This one has come too early for Dundonian Dundee Don Don. They might become competitive after the January sales but tomorrow will see devastation in Jute Town. The Fayre City to firmly cement the natural order . 0-4 (again) This will make 6 away victories in a row for the formerly prosaic saints.
  8. Can I Just say that Dundee's home kit this year is gorgeous. That is all I took from the game
  9. Alot of credit yesterday has to go to Shagger Holt and Shagger Martindale. Our away form has been relatively poor and I felt it was down to our clichéd negative tactics of 'getting rid' at every opportunity. The Kilmarnock and Aberdeen games really highlighted how we needed to be more positive on the ball. When its apparent that our players only thought is to clear it, the opposition can get really comfortable and press higher up against us. This just leads to us defending for 90 minutes. We've shown at home that we are good enough to play the ball out of trouble. We need to do this more frequently (mix it up) to keep the opposition honest and stop them consistently pressuring us. Yesterday the management accepted this tactic wasn't working, which saw us playing more like our 'home style' with us playing the ball out more and critically; taking more risks. It meant Hibs struggled to create too many chances as they didn't have the territory that Aberdeen/Kilmarnock had against us. Attack to Defend more away from home and we'll see results get even better.
  10. If we are going to win the league, these are the games that we've got to keep winning. We have to put the Saints, Hamilton and Rangers games behind us and try to remain undefeated in December. 8 points behind Rangers and we've got 8 games in December to narrow the gap. If we get to the split within 5/6 points off top I think we will see it out.
  11. Over 400, which is exceptional. I fancy Saints to surprise Hibs if they can hold on to the ball a bit better
  12. Saints did really well to limit fouls and throw ins, in dangerous areas. They outsmarted us. Gotta tip your hat off to them; a consistently good side with lovely and warm fans We need Sibbald on from the start, his positivity and eye for space/a pass is exactly what we need to keep progressing. Also gagging for Hardie to return in January
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