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  1. Needs to be 2 a week in training only weeks - observed by clinician (who can be club doctor or physio) at training. When matches come along you add in a self administered home test by player. You certify each week re the testing carried out including a copy of testing certification to opposition and ref with teamlines. Lower league clubs had to PCR test at least once every 7 days as each match/training session you required a negative test within 168 hour period prior to that match/session
  2. Lateral flow testing 3 times a week is required in SPFL/LL/HL now
  3. Advice from Sir Humphrey to the LL - A courageous decision guys
  4. Would the sensible course not have been for the LL to approach the SPFL to seek their agreement that in the event of a B team topping the table they would accept the highest placed non B team for the play off?
  5. All the arbitration looked at was the 2 leagues right to declare a champion in a season that was Covid abbreviated with PPG being the merit based system adopted. It was not an arbitration that had a wider remit
  6. So how did the SPFL go to an SFA arbitration last month then if they just have to accept any random club being named as champion.
  7. Yes but SPFL can then dispute this - and thus there is another arbitration risk. The LL then argue the team that finished first on merit over a fully completed season aren’t the champions - not sure I’d like to present that case.
  8. I don’t know what you are talking about re the play offs - but in essence if one of B teams finish first in LL in 2021/22 SPFL clubs will have a strong case to refuse any other club being declared LL champions in order to enter play off to get into L2. Further the SPFL rules re the play off only permit a club 42 play off v a club that won a League competition which has no SPFL clubs in its membership - the B teams represent clubs who are already SPFL members
  9. Because it’s a foot in the door Because it’s not at the foot of the pyramid Because it buys time to ramp up the SPFL 2 accession Because SPFL 2 clubs will object to any club who do not finish in 1st place in LL being put forward into play off. The arbitration did not consider that possibility That the play off agreement states a team put forward must be from a competition involving clubs that are not SPFL members
  10. A three year deal would likely have an agreed notice period in it
  11. There will be minimal impact on the gate - not a few dozen
  12. There was no alternative proposal though - and that was hardly the key part of the merger vote
  13. No it wasn’t done by L2 clubs - the SFA proposed it when it worked to create the Lowland League and the pyramid. L2 clubs weren’t consulted on the details
  14. They weren’t in the Scottish League for 114 years
  15. 1. Can’t see I posted anything on page 128 2. Don’t recall deriding Kelty 3. Don’t know what apples have to do with it
  16. Gerry was effective v Cowden because he was competing in the air v Kris Renton and Craig Barr at corners. That is his type of game - less so against a striker like Nathan Austin who has more pace and isn’t so much of an aerial threat.
  17. Not the least bit fearful why on earth would we be? Also Kelty have met all the SPFL requirements otherwise the play off wouldn’t be happening
  18. It is so that some actual club officials are present over and above the coaching and playing staff. Thus there are actual responsible club representatives that can be consulted on matters/issues that may arise
  19. This would depend on how you define locals - from the same village/town, county, x-Mile radius - is it by residence, birthplace, etc?
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