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  1. I don’t think Hearts B were knocked back rather it is the 2 of the 3 clubs that get most votes that would have been admitted - one of them could be Hearts
  2. We have stood against this consistently
  3. No loan players have returned to their clubs and there are no out of contract players. Most are still CFC players until 9 June (a few 31 May)
  4. Pretty clear to closed minds like yours only - that never happened. A balanced look at the pros and cons rather than knee jerk resistance isn’t an argument in favour. And I can assure you CFC were firmly in the against camp
  5. There was a very brief delay due to getting the turnstile attendants ready and the fact that there is a great deal to be done by a limited pool of people
  6. The league table never lies according to most folks. There can only be one champion - the team finishing first!
  7. I thought championship clubs had had Pixellot installed for free - Alloa were in championship at the time. Thus isn’t that why they had a lower cost model. L1/2 clubs had to pay for Pixellot
  8. I think playing with 9 men was key factor in Strollers match
  9. Thank goodness for the BBC I say - if you can’t see it’s worth you must have blinkers on - Nats, Tories, lefties all want it to spout their viewpoints. I prefer it’s liberal agenda - it’s not perfect but a hell of a lot better than the alternatives
  10. We count the paying fans, season ticket and complimentary tickets including the kids let in free in order to produce an accurate crowd - we don’t for example do what some clubs do and add in season ticket holders who don’t attend (and sometimes that is a fair number midweek and in winter especially)
  11. I have been on the pitch - and confirmation is from club
  12. The penalty was for handball - I didn’t see what happened like most folk watching. Several Rovers players later acknowledged there had been a handball
  13. It's a work in progress and some good improvements seen. Thought Fraser Mullen had a really good game today. Best player on the park was Slater the Forfar No 10. Kris Renton is a big loss but the transfer window system means there isn't much you can do short term to remedy matters. No point getting down about it - we need to work at it and pull together.
  14. There were complaints re after match comments only being reported in local paper not club media so that was remedied
  15. It was Kris Renton that scored as far as I could see
  16. It amazes me sometimes the misconceptions - Craig Barr is one of the best leaders on the pitch we have ever had. He has been a tremendous captain and leader -
  17. Well Covid hardly helped matters - surely you agree that Craig Barr really leads by example?
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