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  1. It's a work in progress and some good improvements seen. Thought Fraser Mullen had a really good game today. Best player on the park was Slater the Forfar No 10. Kris Renton is a big loss but the transfer window system means there isn't much you can do short term to remedy matters. No point getting down about it - we need to work at it and pull together.
  2. There were complaints re after match comments only being reported in local paper not club media so that was remedied
  3. It was Kris Renton that scored as far as I could see
  4. It amazes me sometimes the misconceptions - Craig Barr is one of the best leaders on the pitch we have ever had. He has been a tremendous captain and leader -
  5. Well Covid hardly helped matters - surely you agree that Craig Barr really leads by example?
  6. We finished 11 points ahead of Brechin in a season that lasted only 22 games. Brechin beat us in one game not games.
  7. There’s nothing vague nor does a request by Ayr have any bearing on the matter. You play the game if you have at least 13 available players (1 must be a goalkeeper and 10 of them over 18). If you don’t have 13 players available then you advise the SPFL you are unable to field a team to play the match
  8. Yes remember that - that’s when we were promoted anyway and then had a few years in the Championship. It was only a few years after we blew you away in 2005/06 - just another season with silverware and a flag for us
  9. It is actually - 5 Scottish League titles for a small town side is reasonably impressive - as is Cowden's 12 years in the top flight, their 5th place top flight finish in 1924/25 and their average home crowd for League matches that season which was over 9,000. But we don't like to boast about it - just have some pride in our history. Oh and the 3 Cowden players capped by Scotland
  10. Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly both applied for and were awarded Burgh status. Kelty at one time considered seeking burgh status - at one time folks used to say Kelty was the largest village in Scotland. Both Kelty and Cowdenbeath (and Hill of Beath) are located in the Parish of Beath
  11. Despite that being a completely different question!
  12. You go on line and buy one or turn up and pay at the gate - simple
  13. It isn’t difficult to see many supporters who are in favour -on here you pretty much have a self selecting group so it is maybe a bit groupthink. And Rangers and Celtic certainly have large fanbases many who clearly support the idea even if they only have a vague grasp of the many issues involved. The Old Firm also do have a fair number of reasonable fans
  14. And there are patently many supporters who back the idea
  15. Because there are no old pros and 1st team players willing to play reserve football any more. That’s what happens when you have all those subs they then see themselves as first team players - they are certainly paid as such. In the past when there was one or two subs reserve games were played on the same day as the 1st team clash
  16. Supporters have morals and directors don’t - what nonsense!
  17. Tickets for Tuesday for away fans now on sale via Alloa site
  18. And nobody ever really sings that verse in the modern era
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