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  1. Better with an ineligible player - you might get the benefit of the doubt if the players name was just illegible
  2. Most of the years the competition wasn't completed the issues were with your club under its previous ownership. Raith Rovers to a lesser degree. In 2016 the clubs met and had a critical review of the way forward. One choice was to abandon the competition with all its history - no club really wished that to be the outcome (the late Margaret Ross represented Dunfermline). Thus continuation was agreed and each club rep took responsibility for their club in terms of advancing the competition. The idea was to complete the competition and thus they dealt with the team manager re getting a fixture scheduled and if any problems arose. It was also agreed that if a team ultimately had an ongoing difficulty in fulfilling a fixture then what would happen was what used to happen many years ago. If any team is in that situation they simply scratch allowing their opponents to advance with the ultimate aim of the final being played. Thus an attempt has been made to preserve a bit of Scottish football history - the oldest county competition still being played. With 3 new teams joining there is interest in the tournament and I don't think when Burntisland Shipyard won for the first time they did not see it as a major achievement. Crowds are certainly more than you get for a Development match. The final going into the next season is hardly a new thing - that has happened many times during the competition's history.
  3. Well given last 2 tournaments were completed and the final for last season is expected to be played then your stats clearly aren't right. Why not keep one of Scottish football's oldest competitions going especially with new teams joining? Clubs are always arranging 'bounce matches' so ample opportunity to play these games. Seems that every Cup competition now is being written off - Challenge Cup is a diddy cup, League Cup is a pre-season warm up, down In England even the FA Cup has been devalued. The League is the be all and end all it seems.
  4. Sheerin has 5 metal staples in his head and couldn't come on - Allan was carrying a little knock
  5. You are at the mercy of the foreign club and their FA - depends on when they get on with it, they can drag their heels for whatever reason
  6. Same rule as always applied to the League Cup I think. It is just the earlier start to the season that creates the difficulty. Clubs find it difficult but there have not been any really significant attempts by the small clubs to drive a change.
  7. Jordyn off to hospital with a big gash in his head
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