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  1. These are in effect all parts of a single competition designed to produce a candidate club
  2. No these are the SPFL rules and the list of definitions in those rules states the Board means SPFL Board. It would say SFA Board if that was what was intended
  3. 2 different things - who were the champions and the criteria for the candidate club
  4. The relevant part of the SPFL rules is - The Club occupying position 42 in the League at the end of Season 2014/2015 and in each Season thereafter will take part in a Pyramid Play–Off Competition against a Candidate Club identified by the Scottish FA from and by means of a national competition approved by the Board between clubs which are not members of the League. - Thus the SFA identifies a candidate club by means of a competition that must be approved by the SPFL Board.
  5. It is true by your own admission it simply wasn’t possible - thus the SPFL and other parties had no other choice - so a democratic vote would have had no point
  6. Why throw such nonsense into the ring - when there is no suggestion that Brechin have done any such thing. Let’s keep things sensible - Brora and Kelty were treated last season no more unfairly than Partick, Hearts, Cowdenbeath, Falkirk, Elgin, Stranraer, etc
  7. Cowdenbeath made 3 normal subs as did Partick. You only get 3 subs in Scottish Cup plus 1 more in any extra time. Kyle Miller was reported as coming on as a 4th sub but it never happened! Then Cowden took Graham Taylor off after he was knocked off the pitch and hit his head on the track. A concussion sub was made and PT then followed suit
  8. Don’t know probably Saturday is better
  9. It’s 8 out of 10 per league - each could have made a different decision.
  10. 0 wasn’t acceptable, 27 wasn’t possible, 18 was 2 quarter seasons stuck together - the nearest you could get to a proper season which gives a fairer chance to all clubs was 22. A season is supposed to be a marathon not a sprint - plus allow for ups and downs over a period. It might not be a marathon now but more a 10,000 metres
  11. There is a difference between a choice and a compromise and as well as 0 and 18, 27 the agreed number of games was a further factor - it isn’t really difficult to understand with a little bit of thought
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