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  1. Of course without specifying a date people may wish another vote to be in 5 years, 25 years or 50 years time!
  2. Trialist appearances don’t count towards the 2 club rule
  3. True indeed! It was Rory McAllister's presence that made me think of Peterheid
  4. That costs £250 - and if you have no video evidence? There may be something on the video but a camera following the play might not have been focused on the incident
  5. That was Kyle Miller who was then cautioned for dissent. He was also recently cautioned for dissent in our match v Stenhousemuir for complaining about David Marsh stamping on Connor Smith - the referee missed that incident and no action was taken re David Marsh. Video evidence was later submitted to Compliance Officer and Marsh accepted a two game ban.
  6. There is no such thing as a ref's report - there is a Discipline Report which just shows cautions and red cards along with a code number denoting the offence - in David Cox's case A2 - Violent Conduct. There is only a ref's report if you appeal as then the referee provides a written report for the tribunal giving his view of what happened (or in this case what the AR says happened)
  7. There is no real dubiety here - Mrs Cox is saying David was sent off for kicking an advertising board as that is what he did. She is saying that is all he did to be sent off. The Cowdenbeath and Peterhead players though all stated that the referee (acting on Assistant Referee's call) told them that the sending off was for Violent Conduct - headbutting a fan. You cannot be sent off for violent conduct for any reason other than striking or trying to strike someone. Kicking an advertising board is not Violent Conduct in terms of the Laws of the Game
  8. Not sure I’d set much store by your assessment to be honest - a fairly unbalanced view
  9. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/
  10. Ryan Connelly doesn't need recalled his loan expired yesterday
  11. Cowdenbeath spent more than one year in the Championship
  12. Barr, Taylor and Hamilton all ill today plus 2 or 3 other players who played were also under the weather
  13. Pre-Madonna - is that before she had her first hit? An odd sort of summing up!
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