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  1. Some thoughts re Facebook comments mainly. Replace Board with interim management committee - who will serve on this committee and ensure continuity of funding? A new owner - who, what are they bringing to the party? Just nebulously Calling for change is not delivering change - board not at all averse to change but there needs to be substance to that not rhetoric. Kelty Hearts situation has little or no relevance to Cowden’s problems. Good luck to Kelty
  2. Council own Stirling stadium, Council own Kelty stadium
  3. Re bringing on 5 players - think it was actually 4 - surely that made sense? 3-0 down with guys already having had 5 gruelling fixtures and with some carrying injuries. The game is lost. So you put on a lot of fresh legs and at least let some get a bit of rest - you also get to see what the trialists might offer
  4. Cowdenbeath’s budget will be larger than a number of their rivals in terms of income but it is also the same on the cost side. For example they pay a rent to owners which they have flagged they wish to substantially increase, they pay over £20k for utilities (all the cost for stadium), they insure the stadium, they don’t have a plastic pitch so have to spend on groundsman and pitch plus cope with car damage, cleaner costs for the building, stadium repairs, etc. Some clubs just rent a stadium for a few hundred quid on a matchday with next to none of those costs. Then you had big wage spend last year plus pay off managerial team and spend more on players in January. Zoe who raised £15k a year is sadly no longer with us all this has a knock on to 2022/23. So it’s not all just roses re play off, league cup and parachute - plus most of that is gone in all likelihood next season if like Brechin, Berwick and The Shire you don’t just bounce back up
  5. Bear in mind too that the League Cup is problematic for many part time clubs as it kicks off the season very quickly after a short close season and you can’t field any trialists only signed players.
  6. That makes no sense - why would he depart after we beat the Pars?
  7. The decision the last time was the most sensible and appropriate course
  8. Well you are as they aren’t drawn against each other
  9. It’s interesting to see what is spouted about L1/2 clubs - who have never to my recollection been asked to consider any reconstruction linked to the pyramid without colts/B teams being the main driving force behind the initiative. They have consistently said no to that aspect. Then you get the claim that they act en bloc - when in reality L2 clubs have managed to put their differences aside to try and reach a consensus on most matters which involves give and take. What is the pyramid view of full time clubs like Dunfermline and Falkirk; of the clubs who have come up such as FCE, Kelty, Bonnyrigg; Angus clubs; supporter controlled/influenced clubs, etc? They are not homogenous but colts/b teams being forced on them along with cash incentives hasn’t been well received in the past
  10. The vast majority of clubs in the pyramid are professional
  11. And those players were likely expensive as Gordon McDougall pushed the boat out to acquire them
  12. Friday is a bounce game - a work in progress.
  13. Over 20 players at training each night when I have been there.
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