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  1. How do loans work in respect of testing requirements, etc, if they are effectively with 2 different clubs at the same time (eg for training)
  2. No most normal people don’t rake about in these looking for missing votes from regular correspondents - they just say we don’t seem to have your vote yet?
  3. That is in the £500 to £5000 range set out in the rules and is more or less what would have been expected
  4. the Published SFA Judicial Panel Protocol sets out the normal range of fines for each offence. In this case £500 for a lower end offence, £2500 for mid range and £5000 for upper end. It does allow for a max of £500k but fines in normal situations usually are in the low to high end range. They might go £10k given the seriousness here but wouldn’t be surprised to see normal range applied
  5. They will most likely get a small fine - say £5k that is around standard for such an offence.
  6. The objection was to red and black (Rangers) socks not red socks which Cowden have used many times over the years
  7. It is to even out the vagaries of cup draws as unlike in the league or 2-legged cup ties there is no corresponding away fixture.
  8. Split gate will surely still be in place for cup ties - nothing to do with away fans being present or not
  9. Reality is Falkirk win more matches generally in championship than they do in premier. Fans like seeing their side winning thus premier is boring because they don’t see many wins
  10. In reality in this type of vote the spfl board gets to try and persuade clubs to vote yes and support their proposal - thus what happened with Dundee
  11. Whether chairmen knew the 28 day rule or not it was clearly explained in the paper work sent out - which was not some weighty 100 page plus tome as some seemed to suggest
  12. The sanction for this is set out as £500 (lower end offence), £2500 (mid range) and £5000 (top end). There is a theoretical max of £0.5m/expulsion but to me it seems likely a £2.5k to £5k fine for the 2 clubs and then the circus moves on
  13. L2 clubs aren’t generally terrified of the clubs below - but If relegated they see a structure below the SPFL which has little or no financial underpinning so their existing business model is virtually wrecked if you don’t bounce back in 1 but key competitors then have models based on folks injecting cash. If you were an advocate for change though then you should already have understood some of these dynamics - that’s the problem reconstruction is driven by one dimensional ideas and outlooks with no understanding of key issues of many of the other parties.
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