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  1. People from Northern Ireland are indeed British in terms of nationality
  2. Hey it’s not up to me to do your job for you - you want something you do the hard yards. I’m not all fired up about this and I am happy to be both a Scot and British and European for that matter - without being nationalistic about it
  3. Not a UK Nat but actually someone open to sensible persuasion. Not convinced by Scot Nats - no time for Ross or Sunak. Sarwar made no impression on me - don’t mind Starmer but maybe that’s because I am probably a left of centre liberal.
  4. Your ranting again - not persuading me or anyone else
  5. Ach well I believe in persuasion you believe in ranting - each to his own
  6. Simpler but less accurate or reasoned -
  7. Well you have just affirmed then that the de facto route suggested isn’t a democratic route
  8. That’s why you usually have bounce games behind closed doors as otherwise you get this over-emphasis on the result when you run out players on the fringes, rest key players, throw in some trialists. Doubtless Crossgates with many ex-Cowden players are right up for it but that’s an entirely different perspective.
  9. Don’t know - maybe Time, clear evidence of hardcore strong majority support for it over time, persuasion of influential and sensible MPs from other parties that asking the public again is appropriate, an evaluation of the pros and cons for both parties which shows advantages, less strident anti-English doggedness and a willingness to compromise with others. Just thinking aloud really I don’t have a manifesto.
  10. The union does have legitimate basis in law, slavery doesn’t as it was abolished. The people democratically have had many years now to look to amend historic laws.
  11. Nobody has denied democracy you just haven’t got what you want. There is a democratic uk govt which already agreed to a referendum in 2014. Thus the democratic route is to persuade it to agree once again. The Supreme Court ruled it was a reserved matter which was already self evident.
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