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  1. League regionalisation doesn't work - look at the latest pig's breakfast suggested - Cowdenbeath in a North League with Brora, Cove, Peterhead, Elgin, Forfar, Brechin whilst other South League has Stirling, Edinburgh, Kelty (which is north of Cowdenbeath), Albion Rovers, and Queen's Park all of which are shorter trips for CFC. That bit of the plan has been put together by someone with no idea of lower league clubs after 30 seconds of thought - most clubs aren't north or south they are central!!
  2. So - the last time colts were knocked back then
  3. A plan that has the attraction for Cowden of more local derbies and less travelling by putting us in a North League v Brora, Cove, Peterhead and Elgin and puts Kelty in a south league despite being north of Cowdenbeath - must have spent all of 30 seconds on the Lower League thinking here
  4. You are being unrealistic - there won't be any football in Scotland for a while and 500 crowd/closed door games aren't a solution
  5. Guy decides to selectively distort and conflate comments into something that was never said or implied. You should be a politician as that is how they tend to roll.
  6. But I obviously have a higher regard for the intellect of the Scottish people than you do with your Viv Nicholson view of economics that allegedly will produce a panacea
  7. Yes but isn't that a worse option at our level - making yourself less viable in already very difficult circumstances? I hear folks like Tom English suggesting scrap next year's Betfred Cup when for some clubs that might represent as much as 10% of their annual income. And what if a club goes into administration due to this - you can restart the current season say in September and they are deducted 15 points!
  8. Is that with full wages for players, Travel costs, no gate money, no catering, no bar, no club shop, stewards being paid to keep folks out, etc? Doesn’t seem a great solution for L2 teams
  9. Hardly rabid given he campaigned for Remain!
  10. Good luck with persuading the people of Scotland that makes any sense
  11. How much better would the economy be if the Uk government had put 330bn into infrastructure and creating 40k a year a jobs maybe a few years ago rather than reduce spending ? Austerity has had an impact on economic growth. It hasn't worked and the next round won't work either. And no clear evidence that your alternative would have been better
  12. So you would advocate just borrowing ever more money without limit as a positive policy
  13. The money wasn't always there - same as anyone else if you can't afford it you can't pay for it but in an emergency you are forced to borrow it from somewhere - then one day you have to pay it back
  14. One man's largesse is another's vital lifeline
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