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  1. New tv deal

    Ranger or Celtic away to Hamilton is such an embarrassing spectacle for national TV, hardly a glowing endorsement for others to invest money into it. We should be watching that weeks big game. Granted it will still be mostly the infirm but Hearts/hibs/Aberdeen/ killi against each other or who is doing well should trump infirm against fucking Hamilton on tv.
  2. Just sounds a wee bit Celtic in that “ nothing we sing is sectarian” we all know why the flags come out, we all know it’s not against the law as such. But it’s just unnesassary and nothing to do with the hearts.
  3. Nothing to do with football or hearts though is it ?
  4. Celtic v Hearts

    Well it is the only reason that huffy we p***k of a manager is at hibs. You must be chuffed he cares more about being a Celtic icon than your manager.
  5. Celtic v Hearts

    Most Hearts fans I know can’t stand the Rangers and align them more with your mob than us. Celtic and Hibs on the other hand wtf is that about. Saving the world from the bad people.
  6. Celtic v Hearts

    I don’t think you will catch many hearts fans saying we are fighting the same cause as rangers manager. Really odd behaviour. You are really changing the world with your fight against bigotry. Thank f**k Celtic are here as the moral compass.
  7. Celtic v Hearts

    Might be another club mate but the struggle against the bigots is the same, we are the one people. Your well suited that’s for sure. I thought that was the rangers saying. But your the same as them just wear a different colour.
  8. Celtic v Hearts

    You did it for a manager of a rival club. Wee bit odd that.
  9. There doesn’t need to be a specific rule , unsportsmanlike conduct and misconduct covers it just fine. If you not sure just check the previous things he has sat in the stand for .
  10. Sorry. The went down like he was slashed and don’t like people getting done for a punch when it wasn’t didn’t sound like a reasonable statement. When Lennon got hit in the chest with a coin and collapsed like he was shot .
  11. Just saying, you thought the keeper went down easy but didn’t say Lennon did. When he did.
  12. Does goading not come under unsportsmanlike like conduct or general misconduct ? Either way he shouldn’t be doing it, no other manager does it and believe it or not he isn’t the only manager to get shit .
  13. You must have missed the two game ban he got for over celebrating last season against who ? You guessed it, Rangers. Funny that. He has a touchline ban charge sheet as long as your arm. Victim status is high. I imagine Brenda will have to wear a helmet next time he comes to tynecastle. Oh no coz he doesn’t act like a bell-end.