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  1. Let’s vote to end the league now...Saints for European glory! 😂😂
  2. Spectacular stuff there. Did nobody tell this thunderc*nt that “I want” doesn’t get? 😂😂
  3. Not winning the battle but still trying to win the war...maybe Budgie should have just told the truth!
  4. Nice to see BonniePrinceRedDot is out in force this morning. Would you care for some reasoned argument?Some intelligent discussion? A bit of banter (what I’m led to believe forums are for)? Nah, f**k it...I’ve got a red dot and know how to use it. Just aim indiscriminately at anyone who disagrees with my world view and pull the trigger! #sad
  5. Okay...for the first time in a long time you’ve actually raised something resembling a good point, though judging by your other posts in the last 12hrs it seems it was by complete accident while spewing your usual tripe. So if this whole situation isn’t entirely about self interest on the part of Hearts and Partick Thistle but is actually a thinly veiled crusade against the idea of some clubs benefitting from the Covid-19, I’m assuming you would be delighted with and wholly accept if the league said that your relegation was to stand, but that they would reinstate the play off matches for those who were in the relevant positions at the date games finished? As HoM are the last bastion of integrity in Scottish football I’m sure they would sleep soundly knowing that their hard work and effort over the past three months did nothing to change their own fate, but instead was altruism of the highest order on behalf of clubs who “may” have been promoted via the playoffs. Or theres option B, where if any of this happened you would still be on here whining like a b*tch with a skint knee because it ‘isn’t fair’, or because everyone else in the league didn’t back your CEOs crackpot reconstruction plans, or because the SPFL are a secretive cabal run by the Illuminati who are trying to destroy HoMFC, or whatever other mind-bending theory you have that day. Please, if not for the sake of your own mental health then at least for mine as I feel I’m dropping at least 50IQ points everytime I read one of your comments...f*ck back off under whichever bridge you came from!
  6. So that puts St Mirren on 4 with the Anglo-Scottish Cup win in 1980... Or six if you count the Anglo Scottish Challenge Cup win in 1959, and the win on away goals in 1987 against Coventry!
  7. Did @8GamesToGo get banned or did he just take my advice when I told him to go back under his bridge? I don’t think he’s been on or commented since...
  8. Yeah, that was the 1999-2000 season we won the championship...though it was closely followed by our own embarrassment against them where we played them at Cappielow and drew 0-0 after being forced to wear day-glo yellow Morton tops as the kitman brought the wrong strips! *shudders!
  9. Because at the end of the day for all their bluster and shite-talking neither Celtic nor Rangers have actually carried through with their empty threats, primarily because they know the English FA wouldn’t take them and secondly because if they did they’d be getting pumped sideways every week off teams like Wigan! Whereas, there was a specific rule stating you couldn’t go to court without going through arbitration first and your fucknugget of a CEO thought “Screw that, I’m doing it anyway!” That’s a breach of the terms and conditions your club signed up for as a member of the SFA and likely constitutives a breach of contract as well. You deserve everything the SFA throw at you! Nice of you to drag Partick down with you though! And before you come back with ‘Lord Clark said this...’, I listened to the whole proceedings, and he said nothing of the sort. He merely said that it might be something to look at potentially in future, but I doubt a court would overturn such a contractual obligation which had such clearly detailed consequences and yet your club signed up for. You didn’t stand up for yourselves, you shot you own foot off with a shotgun to prove how “hard” you were, and then complained when you realised the weapon was loaded and blamed someone else for your injuries! I’d recommend you just go back under whatever bridge from whence you came...
  10. Like charging Hearts and Partick for breaching rules they signed up to abide by and punishing both to the fullest available extent...by getting them both in the f*cking sea? Not even Lord Clark could prevent that one. At the end of the day your club signed up for it as a member of the SFA, a members only club. You can’t refuse to follow the rules and expect to still be a member of the club. I bet in 50yrs time you’ll be remembered in the same way Third Lanark are now. Enjoy the wilderness...
  11. They hope... Wouldn’t it be just terrible now they’ve went down, with all of that investment and the parachute payment, and played the way they did this season...properly align themselves with Partick Thistle and end up playing in the Seaside leagues in a few seasons! That would be the new textbook definition of natural justice...
  12. Clubs could have a multitude of reasons for decided to vote against the proposals for reconstruction, including... 1. The proposals presented were ill conceived, poorly presented, and provided little to no detail of the benefits or drawback associated. They were submitted purely for the purpose of keeping Hearts in the top flight and not for the greater benefit. 2. The redistribution of prize money would have resulted in many clubs being worse off. That might not have a massive impact on clubs like Hearts who have a multi millionaire willing to spunk his money up the wall bankrolling you, but to smaller provincial clubs that could make a massive difference to long term survival. 3. Maybe the didn’t see the much touted ‘sporting integrity’ in changing a whole league set up for the benefit of only a few clubs 4. Maybe they wanted reconstruction but a proper planned and thought out approach rather than just forcing it through quickly because Hearts and Thistle wanted it. Anyway, forcing any club to publicly acknowledge what way they voted full stop never mind justifying the reason for their vote could actually prove to be ‘prejudicial conduct’, and may force a club to disclose matters relating to their own business which they are under not obligation to disclose and could be harmful to their financial status. (Eg, a club states they voted against it because changes in prize money allocations may affect their ability to keep trading) Just a reminder, prejudicial conduct is exactly what your club are complaining about In their arbitration hearing...yet you’ve just said such action is totally fine?
  13. Happens frequently...not specifically for a pandemic, but in most situations where the company is taking a financial hit then yes, lay off some of the worst performing staff and try your best to keep the company afloat for the benefit of the other employees, management, the owner, and the customers! Unfortunately you seem to missing the bigger picture with your analogy. If Hearts and Thistle are the unlucky employees to be laid off in hard times then usually you would be able to go look for a job elsewhere. In this case, by effectively taking a sh*te on the managers desk because you were unhappy with being unlucky enough to be laid off you’ve scuppered any chance of being re-employed by that company (the SPFL won’t reinstate you); your references for going elsewhere won’t be worth the paper they’re written on (your reputation is shot to hell); no other companies will take you (unless the EoS league are looking?); and you’ll forever be remembered as the twat that shat on the desk out of petulance (and fans of other clubs have long memories...this will be a source of p*ss-taking for way longer than ‘86).
  14. Apologies. The guy in charge of rolling out the red carpet and dispensing chilled Sancerre is on furlough at the moment. As soon as the lockdown is lifted we’ll get cracking on the welcoming committee. Why are Hearts fans so insistent that Doncaster is to blame? He put the resolution to a vote, and it was voted through by the majority of clubs, including Hearts! He and the board have only acted on the decisions of and in the best interests of all forty-two clubs, but because HoM have some siege mentality they think they’re being hard done by. If you’re so desperate for someone to blame maybe point the finger at “successful businesswoman” Ann Budge, who hired Levein as manager, let him spunk the third biggest bill in Scottish football on wasters, journeymen, and drama queens and then kept him in post while they played rank rotten? Then, when she finally realised he was useless, replaced him with Stendel, who wasn’t much better. Due to poor management, your team pissed 8.5Million of Anderson’s money up the wall and managed to win four games all season. She managed to cock up building a new stand so spectacularly, and even managed to make sure her brother made a profit from it. Any other club doing that would be baying for blood, and yet your ragtag maroon army of self pitying moonhowlers are so blitheringly oblivious that Budge has you believing she’s doing a great job. Using the argument for ‘strength of feeling’ won’t win you too much favour here either. Supporting a club is one thing, but some of the comments from Hearts fans making direct threats to fans, players and management of clubs who voted against reconstruction (because the proposed ideas were sh*te; not because of some anti-jambo conspiracy) is unjustifiable. I feel strongly about lots of things, but it doesn’t give me the excuse to be an ars*hole to everyone else because I have such strong feelings, nor does it make whatever I’m saying right! Your last paragraph is the most sensible thing you’ve said since joining, and I agree. These divisions are going to take a lot of healing, but until Hearts as a club and as a fanbase accept that there’s no blame to apportion and that the rest of Scottish Football did nothing wrong then I’m afraid they’ll always end up as a bit of a pariah...not so dissimilar to Sevco.
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