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  1. St Mirren v Sellick

    Imagine someone who supports a team who constantly go shouting about how Scottish football is garbage and yet has a display picture and a signature celebrating their treble win against the same dross you slate having the cheek to call anyone a 'seething mess'? You're the footballing equivalent to Usain Bolt racing in the Paralympic 100m final, tanking everyone, and then goading all your opponents for not being able to compete... Go take your face for a sh*te somewhere else.
  2. Word Association

  3. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Would love to see it happen, but I just don't think it will. Too many other, bigger clubs have him on their radar.
  4. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    You're bang on there BM. Agree with everything you've said...Hopefully Smith in behind Mullen to start with then maybe bring on Brock-Madsen for the last 15-20 mins once wee Danny has run himself out...
  5. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    I for one am looking forward to seeing how the players gel, not only under a new manager but with so many changes in playing staff. I think Stubbs is making the right choice in bringing in hungry, younger talent from other leagues, and blending them with the experience we have in players like McGinn, Eckerslie and MacKenzie. Hopefully a couple more seasoned players (particularly a goalscorer or two to feed off the supply from players like Smith, Hippo and Flynn) to come in. I'm not totally averse to the rumours about Stokes, as he's clearly knows where the goal is, provided Stubbs can control him and his off the field sh*te like he managed to at Hibs. Wouldn't take Miller though. It'll be an interesting season ahead...
  6. They can keep that!
  7. Nice try, apart from thread, marmalade, legal precedent, the Paisley pattern, the cash machine, chip and pin, and obviously football clubs with the nickname 'Saints'...all of which originated in Paisley and were knocked off by imitators. The pishy pyjamas I believe came from Glasgow originally and inadvertantly spread to us. Buddie is the nickname for a person from Paisley and is a derivative of the word 'Body'
  8. Because we were formed in 1877, and your cheap imitations were formed in 1884. Get your own nickname...
  9. @Div, any chance of requesting a name change for this thread to the more appropriate "Who actually gives a flying f*ck?"
  10. It's really not the worst kit we've had, but if the club insist on going for a Joma template kit off the shelf then how can they get it so wrong? Ten mins with the Joma catalogue and I think I might have already done a better job. How difficult is black and white stripes?! Home option one - Thinner stripes to appeal more to the traditionalists. Kinda harks back to the 1999/00 Championship shirt, and the League Cup winning shirt of 2012/13. Home option two - Thicker stripes seems to have been the shirt of choice of late, so if they must stick by it at least go for stripes that don't look like they've bled in the wash? Away - Saints away kits have ranged from the bland to the downright horrific over the last 10-15 yrs. Red seems to be the consensus, so why not go for something off the peg that's smart, keeps the stripes and might sell better than that monstrosity we had last year that even the club seemed to give up on after the first half of the season when they decided to opt more for the all black kit. Goalkeeper - Cant really go wrong with the blue. We do tend to have a couple of other colours (the purple this year was pretty nice) but again we've had some shockers..the orange ones are always an assault on the eyes as have some of the more day-glo shades. Really not that hard was it?
  11. Stubbs has just been officially announced on the club’s twitter page. Welcome to the club Alan...let’s get to work! https://mobile.twitter.com/saintmirrenfc/status/1005041579495755776
  12. Would it not just have made sense to rename and rollover last years thread like everyone else?
  13. Oddball Predictions for the Coming Season

    Paul McGowan to get arrested and charged for assaulting yet more police officers? Im_Rodger to go fully Rees-Mogg and blame Hamilton Academicals impending relegation on immigrants, a high social care bill, Labour anti-semitism, the SNP administration and a lack of Margaret Thatcher statue in George Square. Brendan Rodgers to be proven to be an 'average' manager with a budget higher than the rest of the league put together. Steven Gerrard to be sacked by Christmas, replaced by Walter Smith who was taken out of the Ibrox store cupboard, dusted off and unveiled with great fanfare. Livingston to go bust...again. Dundee to go bust...again. Dundee United, not to be outdone by their city rivals, go bust in a more spectacular fashion. Neil Lennon cries. Not necessarily in that order!
  14. Nice try but I doubt it. Somerset Park is probably one of the best grounds in Scotland based on it being a 'proper' old-style football ground. Always a good atmosphere and a bit of character and charm. Something that places like Cappielow, Love Street, East End Park (Main stand and North Stand) and even Brockville had, but the Falkirk Stadium will never have. That and all of the previous have/had fans on all four sides, unlike that soulless abortion that the croudw*nkers now call home.