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  1. The snifter guy sniffs is dogs black ringpie I bet🐩🐶🍖
  2. Hearts ready to announce Kennedy on Monday if terms are agreed today.
  3. Berra arranged to meet bbc reporter back of the training complex and weeping that to me shows the person he is absolute welt. John daly makes me laugh calls himself a coach slating stendal and openly admits players don't no how bad situation is at hearts Is it not his job to drum it in to them what a joke.
  4. The statement is tinpot and does not leave social media hang out to dry. Tinpot
  5. I suppose the word jobbie is abuse and will be blocked if you yous that word.
  6. I was correct big Dave the CEO was the social media Twitter guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's tinpot
  7. Berra runs like he is carrying a fridge all season and still 18 months contract to run just wow.
  8. James Mcpake I hear is getting sacked this week and replaced by Johnny Harvey.
  9. The guy who does the social media is actually your CEO I am hearing David McKinnon. Clearly not got a clue without fans you don't have fans.
  10. Johnny Harvey could be back next season as he is on Gardening leave. Surely this is utter Rubbish what I am hearing.
  11. Johnny Harvey has left Berwick Rangers. Really hope he does better as Scotland Manager.
  12. John Harvey was on rocksport radio last week saying about how we are one of the best supported clubs if that's the case invest more in players wages get better players instead of getting rid of the best and bringing in family members and friends.
  13. Harvey must go now. Know one in the dugout is better than JH
  14. A new manager for the playoffs is a must to give Berwick any chance.
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