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  1. Johnny Harvey could be back next season as he is on Gardening leave. Surely this is utter Rubbish what I am hearing.
  2. Johnny Harvey has left Berwick Rangers. Really hope he does better as Scotland Manager.
  3. John Harvey was on rocksport radio last week saying about how we are one of the best supported clubs if that's the case invest more in players wages get better players instead of getting rid of the best and bringing in family members and friends.
  4. Harvey must go now. Know one in the dugout is better than JH
  5. A new manager for the playoffs is a must to give Berwick any chance.
  6. Johnny Harvey thinks he is bigger and better than the club. Mr Bell talking to ppl that know or worked with him told me the demise of BR would be fast.
  7. Seen all the goals yesterday and some of the players look miles out there depth. In hindsight a new manager should have been brought in few months ago to give you a chance as JH interviews are better than his management skills.
  8. Falkirk Deserve to be relegated for getting rid of there great youth system which brought throw many good good players. Instead they bring in diddys put them up in digs give them good wages and it blows up in your face. The bigwigs need to take the blame.
  9. Why we're there not one Berwick player booked yesterday. That shows the players are not fighting for the cause. And that is the managers fault totally out of his depth.
  10. Harvey is to blame he binned the best players and brought in family members to the team and he actually thinks it's not his fault after signing 10 diddys.
  11. They won't pay him off as speaking to @ThisisScottishFB who knows top brass there they want him to walk first. Sad situation
  12. Harvey has destroyed the club bringing in family members and getting rid of good players for garbage let's be honest. He has killed the club not for his Egotastic interviews blaming everyonelse.
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