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  1. Other than Harry Burgoyne the only other keeper i would ahve played in goals would have been David Mitchell he got shafted might not have been the greatest but still capable, seems to up his game when we play Clyde to prove a point.
  2. I'll see your gif and raise you this for his "insane skills" incidentally he had highlights when he was with us i must have missed that bit:
  3. I think its tight between Lewis, Fasan and Dallison like you say Dallison looked the part but there it stopped i dont think i can recall him putting in a tackle
  4. I still have visions of him when the ball was crossed he trapped it and left the ball and ran off without the ball, cant mind if it was Dundee Utd or Ayr Utd
  5. It was definitely between Fasan who was the worst goalkeeper i have ever watched playing for falkirk and Dennon Lewis who was the worst excuse for a striker and a shitebag to boot
  6. Just no, have we not been through enough over the past 3 seasons
  7. He was just adding to some of the elaborate rumours as someone asked any more nonsensical rumours to add for the day
  8. Any one got any plans for this for to pay a final respect to Davie Hagen, cortege driving past the stadium at 1140, anyone good at organising or mobilising the navy blue for it ?: https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/david-hagen-funeral-cortege-will-visit-falkirk-fc-friday-2930990
  9. in other news Mark Stewarts just signed for St Cadocs
  10. Still not finished off that game of noughts and crosses yet either how long does it take someone
  11. Heres an updated one of what she looks like now
  12. Heard the bag of footballs are mitre mouldmasters
  13. from what i have been following on it the main concern was the batteries for it but they have been performing better than expected the next dragon capsule is meant to have an even more efficient battery system or better solar panels. Say one thing the 2 of them arses must be making buttons knowing this is the most crucial part.
  14. Found it: https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/history-making-nasa-spacex-astronauts-returning-international-space/story?id=72092598 Stakes are high as once the Crew Dragon spacecraft undocks from the ISS, the astronauts will only have 48 hours of oxygen in their capsule.
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