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  1. Is this lad just training with us or is this a Vaulks type scenario ? where we cant afford to pay him ?: https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-fc/young-goalkeeper-callum-erskine-back-at-falkirk-after-bury-nightmare-1-5057257
  2. Never really heard from him again after he left us for Liverpool just read on his wikipedia page funny he finished his playing career at East Fife.
  3. I think we had been chasing Nicky Walker for a while back then, did we not, Interesting fact of no relevance to his footballing career his family owns the Walkers shortbread. (wikipedia'd it) I mind back then we had a habit of conceding in the last 10 minutes which if i mind right you did score in that time and it was backs to the wall to hold off for the draw. Cant remember the scorers.
  4. To be fair we did get Gordon Marshall and did we not also get Stuart Burgess from them at the same time. Also remember winning promotion against East Fife we needed to win or draw to go up and we drew 2 each, that pitch invasion was great
  5. Kenny Miller now looking at putting his name in for the Manager: http://www.footballnewshound.com/View.aspx?Si=11&Ap=Common&Al=newsview.html&Un=Falkirk&NI=5351178 happy with the Miller we have in the manager seat at the moment
  6. Fasan alone i would say single handedly relegated us due to being consistently shit, how he ever made a career or being a professional goalkeeper i will never know.
  7. Seen that but if you look at the other names its the names that have been mentioned on here thrown in with the Gary MacAllister one, I think if M&M do a good enough job give them the gig till the end of the season then see where we are. It would be typical of these f*ckers to stitch the 2 of them up make them think they are going to get the gig permanently then appoint someone else, they cant do anything without pissing someone off. Yogi, Gow, Fans
  8. I was more thinking the game against Ayr United 2 nil up and he gifts them 3 goals, Goalkeeper by f**k slept with one more like
  9. I have them digging up my street replacing gas pipes, i can live with it the night but they better get a shifty on tomorrow plus they can fill the f**k off big hole they dug in front of my drive said they only need to turn my gas off tomorrow they just got a heads start on it.
  10. Thats the Falkirk FC Calender for 2020 or the past 2 seasons the hitlist i dont think anyo f the players managed to survive a full year at the club.
  11. Might be because of the fact they were the best of a bad bunch actually wanted Harrison to do well and Brough looked as if he was starting to adjust to the Scottish game the rest showed absolutely no sign of improvement, Dallison done better as a forward the game he played in that position, than he did a defender. I think it was more to the fact he troubled our defence more than anyone elses and he was on our side.
  12. It was that cold yesterday there were over 3000 supporters that couldnt be arsed couldnt even see the flame from Ineos to suggest heat (south stand)
  13. The thing is, by the looks there actually seems to be a bit of morale in the team now, to appoint someone else and you just know whoever they appoint is going to undo the work done by M&M. In all honesty i think the damage done between board and fans is irreparable, the only thing they have to keep the fans sort of on side is to appoint 2 players that were popular and good servants to the club. It keeps the fans sort of on board backing 2 former players and the money coming into the club. I just hope the board do a c**ts trick and appoint someone else and the 2 of them have to leave the club again if the job they are doing is good enough. I
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