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  1. I know Gavin Reilly was mentioned in one of the posts, Martindale just speaking on Sportsound saying Reilly will be going out on loan and it will be done on Monday.
  2. Changing the subject but anyone seen this on YouTube, wee bit of poetry but some good footage at the end:
  3. In the grand scheme of things i cant help but think how f**ked up it is he was part of a board that accused the fanbase of being rascist yet deems it ok to threaten violence on another board member (but that was a nothing to see here), didnt he also claim he had been threatened by the fans (might be thinking of CC but did he not claim the same) and someone took a kick at his car whilst leaving TFS?
  4. My own view if this season does become a cropper I blame Holt more than Sheering 12 hr days my arse.
  5. Changing the subject a bit here Tony Gallagher allowed to leave Liverpool or wanting out of Liverpool and move to Sunderland fell through (must be a Mark Campbell and basket case of a club thing) https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sunderland-liverpool-gallacher-move-off-21174796https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sunderland-liverpool-gallacher-move-off-21174796
  6. The negativity is on scales of one f proportions. As much as i like to try and keep a positive outlook on things theres the start reminder we are Falkirk and we dont do positivity well given the fact the past 4-5 seasons there hasnt been much to be positive about
  7. The thing about it is we have had covid for near going on 2 years now and its glaringly obvious that it isnt going to go away anytime soon, The thing is as much as i agree with your point that ruling is probably still going to be applied in the league no doubt which is going to put further pressures on teams/budgets. Long term planning isnt something the SFA/SPFL is any good at, however being short sighted and no adjusting when restrictions change is
  8. Question is if we dont go up this year or depending on our standing by the mid of the season will GD fall on his sword this time or will it "not be in the best interests of the club" and also the other failure should be on Holts behalf for not having secured signing before start or well before start of season
  9. With the awarding the 3 points i can understand that when the country was in lockdown but the whole of the UK is pretty much level 0 now and with on average of 30-50000 infection per day in this case i wouldnt say the club is at fault and its more an issue with the guidelines/easing of restrictions. Players prob havent broken any protocol so sure the SFA/SPFL guidelines need to be adjusted to suit the current Government rules.
  10. I think we have tried every other half baked idea as much as this is a long shot, how many folk would have thought Will Vaulks would have turned out the way he did if we didn't take a chance and at least it's not journeymen. The other thing is at least they have been seen playing (allegedly) and not like Hartleys zeroes whether they fit in or any good remains to be seen but a couple might just surprise us with being decent.
  11. The whole idea with it was to find players who had fallen out of love with the game or things took a bad turn to get them back on track give them a chance to break into the first team and a chance to sell themselves and prove whoever doubted them or released them was wrong. If they are good enough then they get a game taking a chance on any young player isn't much more of a risk that giving Hall or Wilson a game if anything its probably less of a risk.
  12. He wasn't a good one either its the fact our team was so bad he was a stand out in it
  13. They were the exceptions of earlier successes and would like to think different generation/era and given how far we have fallen do you honestly think it end any different there are more to add to that list above though who came back and done just as well. If what happened at Dundee with him happened then its another gamble off field issues and injury prone it would just be another one of those to add to the list of board f**k ups and would divide the support, we aren't that side he was with the last time round.
  14. Have we learned nothing from returning players i.e Alston and Loy look how they panned out
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