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  1. Wasnt a pretty watch I will say that much Morrison I thought was pretty ineffective and Burrell too isolated, I had the feeling before it big crowds and Falkirk don't go together we always arse it up and wasn't wrong. The end of the day the goal was the difference other than that it is what it is. We move on there's plenty more twists and turns in this league to go.
  2. Excellent piece by the club on the website and won't lie at being in tears reading it.
  3. I don't see the Potter being some sort of football genius and admittedly yesterday was a tough one to take we are by far not as bad as some posters are making out for to have a chance of drawing that when we were behind previous seasons we would have been humped and scored zero in return. In addition to that time wasting, moaning at the ref about every chance that had to get a free kick or foul and the constantly high ball up field to Agyeman is hardly upon there with Pep Guardiola, or Arteta. If McGlynn had changed the team from the other night and we got beat folk would be questioning why he changed it, so he's damned if he does damned if he doesn't. McGuffie is capable of that spark of and scoring the odd goal but Tuesday night he should have crossed instead of trying to score himself, yesterday was a combination of things biggest one being we didn't get the chance to play the way we could on Tuesday. on the other side of that though if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have took any points from the Montrose game. I actually thought Nesbitt done well in the second half and trying to create something and normally I hate the guy (its more the bun than anything) McCann I don't understand the criticism for yesterday I didn't think he done to bad again Agyemanbut as much as there was a few time he turned McCann there was a good few time McCann won possession from him and turned him inside out. McKay had a couple of chances same as Tuesday nights efforts but wasn't too bad highlights of it was him getting away with a few digs at Higgy. As I say if that had been any of the pst few seasons we wouldn't have scored any and the damage would have been a lot more, biggest thing was we took 45 minutes to get our shit together.
  4. If I was to single anyone out for a MoM I would say McCann, I can help but think as much as it was a repeat of the away game we coped a lot better with the physicality of it in the second half first half we were a shambles. Agyemans pace caused us the most problems but I thought McCann generally coped well with him the 3rd goal looked as if it took a bit deflection from where I was sitting. Nesbitt done better than before and at least didn't shiftiest trying to get in about like the away game, Morrison largely ineffectual as was McGuffie tbs I couldn't really the subs were wrong we just didn't come out the traps like we did on Tuesday which I thought if we did then it would have been a different game. Referee was poor and was surprised Higgy didn't get sent off for squaring up to the ref (plus his wee shove on him) but, as much as Kelty have beaten us twice I still don't think they are any great shakes which makes it even more frustrating being beaten by them. The time wasting again by Kelty was shocking. I thought we might just nick a draw at the end as it looks like we had finally worked it out how to score against them, but they didn't give us time to pass also the high ball was another killer of the game instead of get the ball on the deck.
  5. I think a lot of factors added to the getting beat at Kelty alongside the not turning up, start the same way we did on Tuesday we will cruise it 3- nil bairns with a customary higgy sending off
  6. Reading some of the last posts, and sorry to read some of the struggles of other posters. Last week was first blip day in over a year and half, I had been going through counselling some of the things I realised Its not wanting to kill yourself but there something inside you that you want to die Its not selfish, anyone that takes their life, its a cry for help but you know others have their own shit going on that you don't want to bother them. Anyone that says someone commits suicide is selfish doesn't understand the mindset of someone that's suffering depression until it hits them. Biggest thing for me is finding that purpose in life, everyone needs a sense of purpose and what we are living for its trying to discover that. (still not found a sense of purpose) Keeping active/busy bit of a 2 fold thing again. had been battering the hills although last few weeks not had much of a chance with weather and work. The biggest thing is finding that inner child again, and just do something that makes you happy bring out that laugh again no matter how f*cking childish is seems to others if it makes you laugh then go for it. I know a lot of it is finding what works for you and its managing it the best you can but might help some that are struggling. for those that posted when I have struggled thanks for the words and encouragement it means a lot.
  7. Been doing good managing to keep myself busy, it had been the first time it had hit me that bad in nearly 2 years. I know its never going to go away and just finding ways of managing it and unfortunately its keeping myself busy.
  8. Think the club are missing a trick with this they could do a dart board with each segment worst player/manager have a poll to see who makes it each segment being interchangeable think there are a good few that would make the spares as well. It would also be used as a way of increasing the popularity of darts ..lol
  9. Good Interview with McCann for Saturdays game, way he comes across he will go into coaching when he does end up retiring but good to hear him talking about last season and saying the whole team let the fans down and saying he isn't one to shy away:
  10. Think the herald need to proof read before they put things out, either that they are trying to get a point across..lol
  11. That's just asking for a red dot that post..lol
  12. First time posting in about a year and a bit on this but past few weeks and more so today depression is kicking my arse and really questioning what's the point. Had been in a good place lost a good bit weight and just the way things are realise no ones there, my kids don't speak to me (ex made sure of that) and really don't know what to say don't even want to reach out as everyone has their own sh*t they are dealing with and even if I did I don't know what good it would do. The last time I did speak to a pal the response was "I had depression once and then I cheered up" (I wish that's how it worked). I lost my sister a few years back and she was the one constant in my life as she basically brought me up and still miss her, spent most of the day breaking down in tears and wishing I could pick myself up but its kicking my arse just now and the only way I am seeing tomorrow is today will be over and its a new day and hoping I don't feel like this.
  13. No being funny and I can see your point with the 5 different memberships but do you really think that someone would go to the trouble to create 5 different email accounts verify such email accounts and then maintain them, just for a vote at the club. if anything human nature and especially in this day and age but people will take the path of least resistance so basically (they wouldn't be arsed).
  14. Give it a rest ffs, we are where we are for a reason appointing any manager is a gamble lets look at Sheerin, Hartley and McKinnon for the previous boards so there's 3 examples or do you want to talk about the track record of signings for Hartleys heroes not to mention possibly the worst goalkeeper in FFC history in Leo Fasan not to mention an added factor to our financial woes in terminating contracts for players for either being sh*t or not living up to their hype.
  15. Did you ask him if that was a statement or a question ..lol
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