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  1. Will he be wearing a suit or a tracksuit in the dug out ?
  2. take a look at the reminder of that season and who we had not to mention the goalkeeper https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/falkirk-fc/kader/verein/1191/saison_id/2018 Just don't wheel out the "legend" word though, he was a player that gave a sh*t which is something we have been lacking for f**k knows how long.
  3. Its not the fact he was awful, it's more the fact he was a stand out in a team that was sh*t, in other words he was about the only competent one there and the only one that seemed to give a sh*te.
  4. The way he said a few things in that interview it sounds as if the players he has met he has briefed them up already.
  5. Good interview and good to see a manager in place that realises he's not here to be the players pal.
  6. If there is still toxic elements hanging about the club in any sort of capacity there is every chance because "their pals are gone" and the benefits that came with being a hanger on with the old board is pretty much gone they want to upset the apple cart and cause unrest behind the scenes which ties in we need the toxic atmosphere around the club gone if that includes hangers on then so be it (not ITk or that just going by posts one here and what folk are posting) No club is perfect the new board have an uphill battle to turn around 10 yrs of decline. I don't even think the MR appointment was that bad but with the dross that Holt saddled us with christ himself would have had a job trying to perform a miracle with that lot and turn them into a competent team.
  7. At least its not going to be left till the last minute this time. Had a look at the faith thread yesterday for a laugh nice to know they have the same feelings to their board as we had with our old one in how they have handled things.
  8. Is there any chance that HSW was upset that he thought it was the return of Gary Deans to the club only to be disappointed in finding out it was John McGlynn ?
  9. The defence needs sorted its been a problem the thing is its the liabilities we have had in defence Durnan to name but one then Hall (fortunately both gone) Telfer goes missing too often and just isnt a battler. Most jobs with a bit of coaching you can get manpower to perform, i just think on this one he underestimated how bad the dross we have are. for what they left us with players i sincerely hope Hol;t and Sheerins next sh*te is a hedgehog and it comes out backwards, the old BoD didnt help matters much in that dept either appointing one of them and actually thinking he knew wtf he was doing as a DoF wtf were the 2-3 positions they could play as they seem to struggle with one.
  10. You can only manage people so much and have so much faith in them before you realise your fighting a losing cause in this case Holts dross. We brought in 6 and we had a squad of 23 is small numbers when you consider we have more shit than good players and for those that are at the club why should they give a shite they go out they play a game of football they get paid either way if they win they get a wee bonus if they dont its no skin of their nose as its the manager that takes the flak.
  11. I think from a man management sort of view with dropping Jaze he is looking or hoping to sway Dowds to stay after the cluster that is Holt saying Wilson was an upgrade on hm as well as Ruth, in that sense give him as much game time in the hope to sway his decision to staying when Jaze heads back to Livvy failing that see if we can get Jaze on a season long loan..
  12. I was on mirtazapine, takes a few weeks for them to kick in and lot have side effects mainly weight gain
  13. Article i was reading earlier had made a few good arguments one of his issues was the pipeline carrying gas to europe runs through Ukraine he had to pay Kiev 2 bn per year: Good article about the situation: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/im-a-former-moscow-correspondent-dont-let-vladimir-putin-fool-you-russias-war-in-ukraine-is-only-about-one-thing-11645571878
  14. If you look at what Putins stance was he wanted a return to the 1990s Nato borders ie giving him a buffer zone and a chance to restart the warsaw pact countries or as what Hitler done Blitzkrieg through europe to restart a cold war it was always his intention as for the current situation with the nukes he doesnt want Ukraine part of Nato or the EU i.e. why would he want his enemy on his front door he wants to be on the front foot and any staging post for further attacks into europe. Current situation is with the nukes i would say its a back off to nato and let him deal with the Ukraine if Nato steps in its bye bye Ukraine or "if i cant have it no one is and i will leave it in a state where it cant be defended or used to attack Russia. As for update if anyone is interested in whats going on on the ground situation take a look at this site its also good for global events around the world: https://liveuamap.com/
  15. Aye but did those ten teams want to pick him thats the question ? or was that a statement ?
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