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  1. Thing about Airdrie is they are now back to Airdrieonians and nickname the diamonds and not Airdrie United tbh makes a bit of a mockery out the whole liquidation system of a club when it effectively comes back as its original name etc: Airdrieonians name returns (2013–2015) In June 2013, the club officially changed its name from Airdrie United Football Club to Airdrieonians Football Club.[4] The name change revived the name of the club it was formed to replace in 2002, following the liquidation of the original Airdrieonians.[50] The Airdrieonians all red club crest was also revived,[51][52] with an alternate black and red version used for the away kits.[53]
  2. You can hardly say last season was last minute all our signings were pretty much done as soon or as close to the window opening and we still ended up with dross.
  3. It's either VT, Branch Ton or Piracy either that Edibairn has took to trying to troll us due to his own ITK being called out for him slavering shite and wants a bit of payback but i dont think you need to be Sherlock to work out its a Morton supporter, its all fine and well trolling but to be shite at it takes a whole new level of idiocy thats what makes it worse.
  4. Depression

    Been having issues with mines low point has lasted the last 3 days and struggling to pick myself up, having a reality check on things and in order to deal with it need to look at quitting my job giving myself a September cut off for that one as the jobs affecting me as i basically live where i work conditions are grim so no escape from it really other shut myself off in room at night.
  5. Looking at things from a perspective with teams looking to scrap their reserves and the amount of players available on a free theres no guarantee that any player is goign to get a better move than they are offered at their first offer or what not so they either take the chance and risk signing for lower wages or risk it for wanting a bigger wage or stage elsewhere or risk not having/starting a season without a club cause they rejected the previous offers elsewhere.
  6. Irish sitcom - title please?

    Foreign Bodies ?
  7. Your top 3 Comedians?

    Billy Connolly Omid Djalili - went to see him in Glasgow show a few years back absolutely brilliant Jim Jeffries
  8. Upcoming Film Releases

    good documentary on this one as well
  9. If this American takeover is going ahead and they are also in talks to buy into Sunderland, If i am correct in saying Mike Ashley wasnt allowed to hold more than 9% of Sevco as he was also owner of Newcastle. If that is the case then surely the same rules would apply in this instance as well
  10. It is, but am pretty sure you've been down to the seaside leagues twice whilst we have remained in the Championship. Its a first for us and a new low.
  11. Scotsman reporting that one of the interested parties in the club failed to show on Tuesday: https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/falkirk-in-attempted-buyout-led-by-american-stockbroker-and-could-become-sunderland-feeder-club-with-ex-celtic-chief-in-charge-1-4928162 Same stuff as the sun basically just with the added bit of an interested party failed to show for the meeting.
  12. Is there not some past history between him and Morton board and not in the good sense ? i.e. he rejected it when he left livi for some reason ?
  13. hello pot calling kettle Admittedly we are a shambles but yours is just a well hidden basket case of a shambles (its not been in the press as much)
  14. thought it was whitecaps he went to ? if no then apologies, mistake he started his career at Vancouver now at Pacific FC
  15. A lot of concerns with the feeder club and theres a lot in that article with concerns i.e. the land around the TFS once the club have served it purpose to get the land then what ?, Club playing second best to Sunderland their main concern will be Sunderland not Falkirk for all they care we could end up in League 2 as long as their main concern is doing alright and players are getting experience up here not to mention some of the loan players we have end up with mind you could argue that same point with some of our own players we signed. Park, a recruitment consultant for clubs such Vancouver Whitecaps Park: hello Falkirk i have this player his name is Marcus Haber ........ Falkirk: F**k off