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  1. Still waiting to see the clambering of teams fighting amongst themselves to sign EdiBairn i mean Sheps
  2. Pretty much remember last year that folk were still wanting to give Houston a chance 7 games into the season without a win, this is pretty much a meaningless diddy cup game which is being treated as part of a pre season and trialling formation and finding a starting 11. At least wait until we are a few games into the start of the season and not won a game before booing the players or slating Hartley look on the bright side at least Harris and Sheps are nowhere near the team.
  3. Kevin McAllister Simon Stainrod Sam McGivern Crawford Baptie George Watson Would also put Houston and Andy Nicol in the legends Category, I wouldnt class Yogi as a legend more cult hero same as Latapy
  4. Word Association

  5. Hillwalking Thread

    There are a few meetup groups main one being the Glasgow Hill walking club there is also an Alloa one as well on there. Only thing that gets me is there are some that have done all the Munro's a couple of times which for a beginner is a bit daunting. I just tend to find a few thats easy enough to get the confidence up and join in after that, Ben lawyers, Ben Ghlass and Ben Chonzie good ones for starting out.
  6. When you consider his goal against Morton when Alex Smith was in interim charge gave us our first win of the season.
  7. I find it a bit mental that ok i will grant they said they wont miss him but given the fact he was player of the year 2 seasons ago suggests he isn't a bad player just going by his interview he had a few off field problems and had a bad season in other words he was Hartlepools equivalent of Rory Loy
  8. Kidd said himself he was a midfielder at Celtic it wasnt till he moved to QotS they moved him to right back.
  9. Pretty sure some of the QotS posters have said that Aero has a massive hatred for all things QotS not sure why though.
  10. Kidd just signed a new contract so wont be him back up maybe
  11. Bristol City apparently interested in him
  12. If its a waiting game on on the Jak then thats a fair one but we still need one other
  13. Yogi gave most of the young players one year deals his reasoning for it being it would keep them hungry and would mean they were playing for their contracts for the full year instead of bothering there arse to show up only when it came to contract renewal time the downside to that is anyone that was half decent got picked up for hee haw at the end of the season. the 2 yr deals were to the old heads that were playing on. My honest view is board were sold an idea by GC and Yogi and bought into it there was only one flaw in that idea "it was Bollocks" The next level p*sh was our downfall bigger budget better players unfortunately those better players were 10 yrs out of their prime so experienced yes but slow as sh*t.
  14. Is it too early to start with who will be the gem and who will be the dud this season out of the new signings ?
  15. definitely going up for it, wonder if any trialists will be playing