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  1. Seen another news article this morning saying they reckon the current season might not be finished until October which in all honesty seems a more realistic target than June or August.
  2. Not even attempting it ..lol, The biggest concern with that for me is our stats before McKinnon got punted as we drew games that we should have won.
  3. This article saying how they are looking to resolve it down south: https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/coventry-city-would-promoted-league-18032656 While the formula hasn't been totally explained, The Independent reports that the RFU will apply each club’s average points total, both home and away, to their remaining fixtures and decide the final league table that way. Unless certain teams experience major differences in their performances in home games compared to away games, this will not alter current standings in such a way to be a cause for concern. So, using what we know of the RFU method, we can use points per game - split between home and away fixtures - to determine the outcome.
  4. I'll go with the null and void for the season and depending what side any of the OF support are one gets to say 9 in a row and the others getting to say it was null and void and didnt count status quo remains and Hearts stay up.
  5. clubs going into administration (if it came to that) which i dont think it will. I do think all the clubs will survive but some are going to take a bigger hit and have to rethink their business model after this is done i.e. Hearts for a start.
  6. Its not the connection between FFC and the community that[s the problem the problem is the gulf between the BoD/MSg and the fans is where the problem is i posted on the FFC thread earlier the video with the chairman. The lack of going to the fans for anything is seen as them capitulating they would rather do a Ratner and tarnish the support in anyway they possibly can between their jump the gun statement to call the fans rascist when the comment was "F**k off back to the english lower leagues where you came from, to the threatening legal action against supporters groups over use of the club badge and copyright infringement when the copyrights had expired and were forced into a panic to try and get the copyright restored again. to the media leaking out the plans to cut the academy before they told anyone else. All that was damaged inflicted by the Board. It now seems with a new chair at the helm there seems to be efforts made by the club to bring it back into the community spotlight yet not so much any outreach to the fans the only action they carried out to bring some sort of credibility back to them was to appoint Miller and McCracken as managers so they could do the asking without the board having to bend the knee so to speak. Do i reckon the fanbase would do the same for the club yes i do as the club is bigger than the MSG/BoD they might have saved the club the last time but it was Back the Bairns that paid the players wages when the liquidation happened with the buckets and the marquee party on the park amongst other fundrasiing. Do i think the MSG/BoD would ask the fans to do the same again though "hell will freeze over before they do that" any capitulation to the fanbase for anything shows how stubborn they actually are they would rather cut there nose of to spite their face.
  7. I would be more worried about my own club surviving this if i was you, even with the money raised and placing the players on furlough you still dont know if you will be able to foot the other 20% of the players wages, lucky for you there is no ten point deduction: https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-place-squad-furlough-coronavirus-shutdown-hits-finances-2526639
  8. Posted that on the other thread most of the EPL clubs are financially fucked without the TV money they want something different they get the OF in the EPL and they get there OF derby's OF are happy the TV companies are happy and dare say some of the EPL are happy. where does that leave us well with the restructuring of the league plan they want to introduce 2 colt teams to the lower leagues IF the OF piss off down south does that mean the colt teams take their places in the Premiership or do they start at the bottom to work their way up the leagues.
  9. Force majeure to end the TV/Sponsors for the remainder of the season. Dont quote me on this but is the TV deal not with Sky for next season and the BBC and not BT sport ?
  10. He did say the next thing they are looking towards is team sponsorship, new kits and season ticket sales. but i catch your drift they seem to be hell bent on the fanbase not having to lord it over them for helping the club when its needed but no doubt it will come soon enough. they really are bitter as f**k at us which is pretty shameful.
  11. Agree with you on that one not sure if they are going to try the proposal that i had posted on the other thread if they went for that it would be even more of a closed shop than it is already if they go for restructure keep it as 3 leagues of 14 dont go with the plan of breaking league 1 into n and s and a split with the top 6 of the premiership splitting with the bottom 8 and top 2 of the championship into an SPL2 with everyone having play offs. Only way they are going to get round any of this is with a force majeure in regards to the TV contract.
  12. Thing is with the amount of games played and left to play it is still mathematically possible for Hearts to stay up the only basis they have for accepting relegation is they are shite not to mention them asking players to accept a 50 per cent cut in wages (they obviously learned nothing the last time) and well seeing they are not deducting the 10 points for any club going into administration this time. If the SPFL call a halt to the season and leave the season as it stands as there are clubs that still have it to play for and leagues still to be decided or is this another one of those time we are AGAIN to be shafted over a promotion.
  13. Also need to mind Raith were one of the first clubs to have the begging bowl out, we might have our players on furlough but the club is stumping up the other 20 per cent rather than ask the players to take a wage cut unlike some clubs that seem to be still living outwith their means.
  14. Your forgetting the key element of the proposal we are saddled with the OF colts so given the fact IF the colts cant get promoted then you can pretty much guarantee that the whole idea of this farce of a plan is that the 2 arsecheeks that is Scottish football i.e. the old firm get to fight it out for promotion whilst preserving the status quo of no one being relegated really in any of the leagues and no one really being promoted so we might as well scrap the whole league structure and let Celtic and Rangers play each other 4 times a year as the rest of the games are just to watch a game of football in the off chance no one supports either of the arsecheeks.
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