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  1. tbf to shout your shite at our current first team i dare say a few will be scratching their heads thinking is that for me or ?
  2. Looking back on things who were your favourite players for shouting abuse at, i dont think the the current opposition players have the same capacity to wind folk up with the exception of Higgy might just be me but the game doesnt have the characters in it like it used to.
  3. Or in the case of Fasan looking for the ball "IT'S BEHIND YOU" well it normally is
  4. You are at a football stadium with a load of grown men granted if your in the family section you expect them to be under a bit of moderation with swearing but when your sat elsewhere at the stadium and someone says to you "can you mind your language i have my kids here" its a bit annoying whether it be yelling at a referee he's shite or another teams player for being a bit of a w****r. No rascism or any other type of abuse just simple calling someone a c**t or being shite Forgot to add the kids have heard worse in the playground and dare i say it in some cases at home and you're telling others to mind their language at a game.
  5. Not sure but Martin Ritchie seems to be the majority shareholder, going by this article in the herald in the start of the year and what Craig said reading into it the MSG at present wanted the money but willing to give very little in regards to changes to the way the club works or is ran (or the present situation we know better as it is commonly known): https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-fc/falkirk-fans-step-back-from-bid-to-buy-into-bairns-1-4822698
  6. Meltdown tonight by Edibairn calling Craig101 a liar or something else and ensuing argument get the popcorn ready
  7. We/ve missed a trick here instead of building a hotel where the west stand should be we could franchise that strip out to make it long drive through mcds, KFC, Tim Hortons and costa all drive thru would make a killing for those that park at the ground
  8. On another note Patons comments in the Herald should be a bit of a wake up call to some and doesn't seem to be beating about the bush with them at least he is being honest especially in his own performances: https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/we-need-to-act-now-or-falkirk-will-be-relegated-says-paton-1-4842734 Speaking after Saturday's game, Paton said: "To throw away a two-goal lead and find yourself bottom of the league again is not good enough. "We have not been good enough all season. Some of the goals we have been giving away have been criminal. "We understand with a good win against Morton we can climb again. Personally, I think every time we think we have turned a corner, we hit a brick wall. "I just think as players you need to take the blame. At some point something has got to click, we can't keep giving daft goals away at home - it will end up killing us. "I've been there, I was relegated with Dundee United. I was out injured until January and I was just watching on and it was similar traits to here. "You think you're going to win, then, bang, something happens, and you've lost the game or you've drew. If we don't get the finger out that is exactly what will happen here. The Bairns have picked up eight points in their last five league games but that was little comfort to Paton who believes Falkirk should be challenging at the other end of the table. He said: "I don't buy that, I don't think Falkirk should be anywhere near the bottom. "It's just because we have been such an embarrassment earlier in the season."It's just not good enough. As individuals you have to look at yourself and say have I been good enough, have I brought enough to the table? "You ask individuals in that dressing room and not a lot of them will say yes. "We've got a lot of young boys here and if they want to go on and have bigger and better careers, then, they better get the finger out because they are kidding themselves on. "A couple of them have maybe done well, Zak's done well, but, if these young boys want to go and aspire to bigger things, they need to start performing."I'm coming to the end of my career and I'm striving to be better making the box and scoring goals. "I've not been good enough this season but as individuals we all need to have words with ourselves."
  9. Think he has lost track of all the pish he has been spouting himself the latest seems to be contradicting the stuff he previously contradicted himself on. The fact that some seem to be buying into his ITK info has gone to his head by the looks.
  10. Thats Sheps/CC "TELT" thank f**k for that he was becoming tedious mind you i dare say he will post his next chapter of ITK information or "Shite" as its becoming more known as.
  11. Darwins's Law - Selfie Stick

    Seen this one on the news the other day stuck her head out the train window you cant make this shit up. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-46524418
  12. Way things are going ML is going to spend more time in a courtroom or attending hearings as an FFC chairperson than in her own job capacity as a lawyer
  13. Posted a couple of weeks back that there was a bit on sky news about it and saying racial abuse is on the rise in football, funny thing is it seems to be once again us that is taking the brunt of it its even worse when you got one of the arse cheeks that is the OF commenting on it.