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  1. They need 2 clubs to fold for them to shoehorn the OF colts into the leagues (if that happens do we still get the 1.5 million payout for it happening)
  2. Pretty sure a few years back i think it was during one of Livvys administration that WLC were looking to bulldoze Almondvale
  3. After the Premiership clubs that have flouted the rules see Sevco, Aberdeen and Celtic as well as Killie and St Mirren not following protocol for training and going to and from games and the f**k up at the weekend with a referee that should have been in isolation being in contact with someone who tested positive any argument they had for calling a stop to leagues 1 and 2 are well and truly gone.
  4. The situation was brought about by the SPFL shutting leagues 1 and 2 down and allowing the other 2 to continue therefore only themselves to blame.
  5. Starship SN9 launch live feed:
  6. If things stay the same on the park then they will change i.e. the last 3 performances as an example we need to go up this season no ifs or buts about that but if we do go up then i would reckon the first few games in the championship or if its a rolling contract end of season and a thanks for the promotion and your service however we dont see you as the guys to take us forward give someone else a chance to bring their own team in.
  7. Is that a dejected Hartley in the background kind of blurred out?
  8. In fairness every ruling they have came up with contradicts the other ruling they pass, this pandemic has gone on for almost a year yet they are still no further forward in the rules, disciplinary and how to conclude the season. It definitely seems to be dependant on club and punishment killie followed Sg rules on social distancing rather than the SPFL and were punished St Mirren breached protocal and have been punished, my guess would be all punishments rescinded and games against respective opponents to be rescheduled. which makes a mockery of the whole disciplinary and again shows the double standards for the leagues.
  9. They’ve appealed it, the thing is with the Celtic thing they reckon they have grounds for the punishment to be rescinded and tbf they have or it’s going to be double standards yet again
  10. He said himself his biggest regret was leaving Falkirk for Norwich still better than Gus, Levein mind you
  11. Quite a bit actually, the more exposure they are to others the more they are at risk but hey apparently the part timers are at higher risk not mentioning the fact the club in question had 8 players caught in a pub/restaurant together to put football in the SG sights for breaching the rules agreed for football to resume.
  12. Thing is this time it needs an effort by all the lower league teams for change not a vote against cause Brechin don’t want to drop out the pyramid or vote this way and we will release the prize money.
  13. That advantage balances itself out as they have McKinnon as manager though.
  14. Stenny chairman asked for evidence they couldn’t provide any, I doubt if there was any study done at all on it.
  15. And the championship was allowed to start because teams said they could survive without gate money. Clubs were given the chance to hibernate for a season.
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