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  1. Thing is the goalposts have moved on stadium criteria as Somerset park is SPFL compliant for Premiership only I think it’s a bronze standard criteria not that they are going to complain about it. Seems these rules only change when there is a court case involving us involved, groundshare, undersoil heating to name a few
  2. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Draws all round would be preferable with the exception of hoping Ayr give Morton another doing (dont let me down). nothing against Morton just like to see the inevitable meltdown on P&B.
  3. All this to stop someone from climbing a tree to watch the game for free ..lol
  4. Word Association

  5. thought it was this season someone said it had its expiry, the thing with a lot of the players injuries they say its down to the artificial pitch and thats why they are so injury prone or just cant play on it or aggravates a recurring problem. This is the stats in pitch ratings for championship for last season:
  6. Seen on Instagram Davie McCracken was back at the club wonder if he is going back to his fitness in the gym at the Stadium or another role at the club
  7. Nail on the head ..lol it sounded right in my head when i typed it.
  8. This one is going to play out well: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11781/11637153/pfa-scotland-call-for-artificial-pitches-ban-in-scottish-premiership So they want top quality pitches yet you only needed to look at Motherwell a couple of seasons back to see the tattie field it was.
  9. Thats not neccesarily true. Whilst Ciaran McKenna is unlikely to stay on longer, he was plucked from nowhere and were we to get guys like that on 18 months or more then there is sell on value to be had. If we can keep him for a year or two he is money. Your back to the "Brentford model" again though thats what we hoped for in the summer unfortunately between Mitch and Hartley neither of them could pick their arse let alone a decent player to call it so badly.
  10. I think as far as managers go clubs especially, clubs look at the same jobbers pretty much the same as players who move from one championship club to another till they are done then drop down to the seaside leagues or Morton whichever comes first. (its probably a case of you know what your getting and there isnt that much risk) its on a par with the Scotland job the one time they went outside the box with Berti Vogts and look how that panned out, the same was done with Hartleys summer recruitment we thought outside the box and then look what happened.
  11. In hindsight it was a good idea and in all fairness most of us would have opted for Hartley as it was the one name most of us on here mentioned as the rest were the usual suspects that do the rounds, not to mention Owen Coyle went to county was the only other option most supporters wanted. Its not even the fact he kept us up as he was doing all right until he signed 17 duds that in itself is an achievement in fact it beggars belief you would have thought 1 or 2 would have been ok but 17.
  12. Looking at the contract status of our Loanees with the exception of Rudden all their contracts are up in the summer, would be good if some opted to stay. Though i think some of them will obv want a bigger team than us. If we do get a percentage of any sale of Vaulks that will be the last signing to bail us out the sh*t till we start producing players again.
  13. The 1.5 million move was being touted for summer plus there is a Serie A side in for him, he still has one year left on his contract according to this article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6685735/Cardiff-Sheffield-United-battle-Rotherham-midfielder-Vaulks.html