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  1. In the ever growing list of PR disasters that the club have had, a single player and not a very good one at that being posted on the website. The headline of Mark Durnan leaves the club is nowhere near even close to a PR disaster, its hardly up there with the closure of the academy, the threat of legal action against a supporters group and branding the fanbase rascists, what did you want them to do wait till the others have failed to agree terms or were you wanting to throw a surprise farewell party for him on his departure and have a big banner on the front of TFS saying good luck and sorry your leaving?
  2. Can't believe folk that moan about a DoF role saying its not needing and then want to employ someone for PR . I couldnt really care if they announced his departure with sign writing in the sky as long as he is gone how he has managed to carve a career out in football i will never know. His woeful defending and in some cases sending off(s) is part of the reason we are still in this league.
  3. In fairness when he was retiring from managing and they were going over his career in the media, I;m pretty sure they said when he was sacked by StMirren the comment was he will never be a good manager
  4. Here you thats enough of that whats the donkey done to be compared with Durnan?
  5. We've still got a nucleus of dross that can cost us games though
  6. Dixon and Connolly i could cope with Telfer shows up once in a blue moon but there have been more sightings of Nessie this year than there has of Telfer and done even go there with Durnan and Hall the fact we are staying in this shitey league is down to their atrocious defending along with the inability to score goals so theres your 2 biggest problem areas
  7. number 3 on that gives me the fear and we might as well consign ourselves to another season in league 1 I fully expect the club to go one better though and name Durnan Captain for the coming season.
  8. The way i look at the Holt appointment and as he says himself he doesn't want the managers job its no different to Eddie May being charge of the youth set up and being shoe horned into being the manager. If he can earn a wage as a DoF where he doesn't have to concentrate on the next opponent etc. bother about players not trying there arse and basically in for an easy ride and focusing on an Academy of some sort where he is just looking out for the next batch of young players that could poss shine in the first team with a view to selling on why would he want to manage again. The way we ended the season i reckon there is more to it. could quite simply be the players that were about to run out of contract thought they would have been offered new contracts so effectively downed tools on the club and not so much as manager as a final GIRUY.
  9. You cant really call us a sacking club as looking at how the last 3 managers have panned out then any club would have sacked them. Someone with a point to prove and not the usual suspects wheeled out in the managerial merry go round, the current list by McBookie is underwhelming though
  10. Alternatively, a shrewd manager in Scotland, who likely knows one or all of Houston, Hartley or McKinnon might look and think.... Why are Falkirk a total shitstain on the records of these unremarkable, but at least competent managers, two of whom are currently active and acting to get promoted from/into the league we are in. In fairness when you look at what McKinnon is achieving at Queens Park with the budget he has it really wouldnt be difficult its as he starts to go up the leagues when the money he has available starts to run out and its the same players that failed with us struggle with them as they go up the leagues as they age as well.
  11. The thing is results were poor and sliding but we were still top of the league, it would be mental for anyone to sack them then trouble is we had to fall off top spot for them to be shown the door which by any means was too late. There was always the outside chance we might have limped across the finish line but for the dross we have to drop faster than a lead balloon.
  12. Just read that statement and my first thoughts were this just in the titanic has sank, talk about stating the obvious.
  13. Totally agree but 2 things your missing here is 1 we are Falkirk and 2 if it pisses off the fanbase then the MSG/BoD are sure to go for it
  14. Given Holts comments in the FH i have the fear we are going to offer Durnan a new contract he's woeful 2 seasons is long enough to endure
  15. He needs a decent defence in front of him thats the problem the numpty that is Durnan is happy to shout at everyone for his f**k ups and going by Holts comments i wouldnt be surprised if we end up keeping him for another season he is part of the problem in a sh*tty defence.
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