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  1. Healy will create nothing runs about but is the first name on the team sheet it seems. We have needed full backs both sides and strengthen middle of the park for a number of years which hasn’t been addressed. Mick would drop players who continually make the same errors. We’ve had so many chances to get new players in and don’t bother. Not sure Talbot is a big attraction for players at this level now
  2. Can understand players will miss chances and miss place passes happens even at the highest level but there is players who continually get caught out of position , give the ball away under no pressure , can’t take throw ins , continually foul opposition , can’t mark at corners . Any other manager would drop players we don’t
  3. Talbot be nowhere near competing . Recruitment a shambles again and it will cost him. I would say most teams in the league have got stronger and we still play the same boys who make the same mistakes every single week
  4. The same players are making the same mistakes every game why is it such a big deal when fans bring this up we are entitled to our opinions. If it was any other team players out of form would be dropped
  5. Seems to be certain players can’t be dropped. Never seen a Talbot side so disorganised from defending corners. Poor recruitment has came back to bite us again
  6. Usual full back switching off again but will still start next week
  7. Won’t finish top 3 this season. Same boys will play next week though so it’s all fine
  8. Ideally sign another centre mid to play along side mick . Put Gareth at right back his actual position . However mick won’t play in middle due to Healy
  9. Why yous getting rid of Thomson and little
  10. Game of fine margins today. What a difference playing 2 strikers up front. Samson and Taylor excellent today McPherson solid. Can’t believe Crawford doesn’t play right back . Stafford caught out time and time again. A centre mid still needed if we want to challenge
  11. Won’t play there . Several favourites in the midfield Healy plays every week
  12. In for a long season I think. Only team I know that would play 1 up front against 10 men
  13. Lewis Crawford done well must be first choice right back now, just need a new left back
  14. Game of 2 halves today , Talbot first half dominant. Not sure how many chances he can give boys making same mistakes time and time again. Need a good few players yet
  15. That is embarrassing. A proven player being offered a trial sums our recruitment up to be honest
  16. Another player turned us down especially a winger. Looking forward to seeing our 2 strikers out wide again next year ..
  17. Targeting were allowed our opinion without targeting someone yeno. He 24
  18. Another player turned talbot down. Another season with A. Wilson now @andy25
  19. Need at least 6 quality players not just jersey fillers. Correct 2 full backs that are coming in to start. What is worrying is Healy and Stafford picking up awards At player of year papering over the cracks
  20. Means we won’t sign a right back now which is worrying
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