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  1. Needed a left back for nearly 3 seasons now still not got one , tonight was horrific constantly booting the ball up the park and expecting something to happen
  2. It’s just really lazy from the club , got my answer in 2 minutes off Google that the player had played for Clydebank v pollok. All the info is online now not sure why a simple check wasn’t done
  3. Shambles from our part , potentially done boys out of a medal.
  4. 3 big games coming up in a week for Talbot, starting ek sat, beith wed then Cumnock sat … cannot wait
  5. Going to need to buy a keeper now seemingly andy done Achilles
  6. Poor game but 3pts. Bench is as strong as I’ve seen it . Keep grinding results out
  7. The most secure jersey at Talbot . Plays every single week
  8. Can’t believe how quick the pair are there frighting fast
  9. Shambles the way it’s paned out feel for players and fans of made there way down
  10. Yip agree with that. Was a shocking signing. Plays because his fitness not much technical ability .
  11. Not just darvel , other teams in the league even near the bottom of the table are signing better players and we continue to miss out .
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