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  1. too early to be crucial to win, but 3pts would increase the gap over one of the title favourites to 6pts which would give us a good advantage. hard to predeict a winner. im hoping for a win but thats as far as i can go
  2. its up to yous but i still think they should have been thanked privately for their support and asked to keep out of anything public. if they dont perform on staurdays it could be used against them that there heads are in the club politics when they should be on the game. hope yous get this sorted one way or another
  3. because the club published the players letter on the official club social media twitter account. Hardly saying no is it
  4. this is akin to the wild west. madness to involve the players in this, even if they asked they should have been told no and protected from it all. first game on saturday and players are spending time in murky club politics.
  5. thought we deserved that win last night. anderson was outstanding all over the middle of the park. sewell had 3 or 4 chances, didnt take them but was tricky for defenders to handle. yates was a pain in the erse for them like he used to be for us. the mo seemed stuck resorting to a long ball over to webster on the right. felt a goal or two was coming and we were never under any real threat, even though we gave them a 20 minute spell early in the 2nd half. play that way in the league and we will be fine
  6. as much as i thought this was interesting to begin with, its getting embarassing now. are you 2 or 3 not better bickering elsewhere? as funny as it was to start with, i'm actual starting to feel sorry for the club and fans
  7. swifty got red carded on saturday for what looked like holding on to the ball. how long will he be out for 1 or 2 fixtures?
  8. hearing talk that the shire are broke and arent even offering minimum wage. any truth in this or is it the usual scare stories
  9. early days but its not coming togetherin the middle of the park or up top
  10. Stenny streaming the closed doors friendly today for free - Stenhousemuir Football Club (univtec.com)
  11. Stenny Dunfermline friendly getting streamed for free today. good effort. Stenhousemuir Football Club (univtec.com)
  12. 1. Stenhousemuir 2. Annan 3. Forfar 4. Dumbarton 5. Bonnyrigg 6. Stirling Albion 7. East Fife 8. Stranraer 9. Albion Rovers 10. Elgin
  13. trying not to get too excited but i cant help it. whatever the secret sauce is this time our business has been nothing short of tremendous. is this our season?
  14. aye but spotting that from stenny to largs is what i was wondering. he seems to have gone unnoticed until now
  15. Needless signing? were only at 17 players so barely a team and bench. doubt there will be more big signings and were now adding depth with some decent younger guys that can play in different positions if needed
  16. the club was talking up their chances at the end of last season which makes me think a lot of these signings were in the pipeline for a while
  17. Don't give this fight up its the best entertainment there is when the football is off
  18. Im not jumping on the pile-on. cowdenbeath supporters will be feeling it as any of us would if it was our own club. should have a chance in the lowland league given there drive to go all wacky with open goal broomhill, ann summers fairydean, and kids clubs that can win but don't win.
  19. Higgins makes sense to me. we have crighton & jameson in the middle and both will be on good wages i expect. if we were signing another with pedigree to challenge these two i'd be more worried about us experimenting wth something thats working. higgins will be solid enough as a third choice or option
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