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  1. hopefully that's the poorest we will see the defence. they are working there bollocks off mind you cause the midfield is so weak. thought a draw would have been a fair result with what looked like a stonewall penalty for each side but only one given to rovers
  2. love how this thread has turned to total carnage. all because a majority of fans think cowden will be honking ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. looking forward to this one. stenny has the better players I reckon, but rovers clearly have a liked and inspiring leader in harper that seems to give them an extra man. 2-1 to the warriors, but the real winner will be the beautiful game ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. the obvious highlight of the encounter was when Harvest Swan was announced on to the pitch as a sub. as it had been widely predicted on here that this was going to add an extra dollop of spice to the game, this moment didn't disappoint. there was a deafening roar of silence when he came jogging on. rival fans looked as interested as swan does in playing for gary bolan
  5. joking aside, seems a bit more of a balanced team this time round. 5or6 across the back, mid, and forward
  6. loving the enthusiasm you could get a nosebleed with the palpable excitement in the comments above ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. lets enjoy the good times when the come.we can go back to doom and gloom soon enough
  8. couldnae give a toss about the harvest swan debacle. hardly losing sleep over it. he didn't want to stay at cowden, stenny must not have wanted him that badly. neither club did well out ouf it but its hardly a blood on the streets affair ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. pleased and disappointed at the same time. brilliant defensive display from munro, marsh and buzz was man of the match in goal. you get one or two good crosses from cook and mr goals was there to poke it in. outstanding moment in the away end. but our sharpness was fading and we just couldn't keep hearts out. disappointed to lose the two goals as I thought we'd hang on to penalties. fancied smith to save a few going by his form of the night. as the old clichรฉ goes, if we can take that form into the league we'll be fine the team looks decent
  10. we didn't play as well as midweek against Dundee united and that was disappointing. the midfield was poor so we struggled to stop their attack or go forward on the counter. not a battering but we didn't deserve to win it. backs looked comfortable but had a lot to deal with due to lack of midfield
  11. cannae argue with any of that. its gonna be the tightest season weve seen
  12. happy with last night. against teams at our own level we should be competitive. new signings scullion, mckernon, McLaughlin are all strong additions to the ranks. thought hopkirk and Anderson looked good. mcguigan and cook did ok but less effective than the others. marley cost us the point tonight. but many positives for us to t ake away
  13. knew he was on fire at camelon but never knew it was 47 goals. the teams getting there. would have liked another experienced midfielder in there but apart from that were miles ahead of this time last season
  14. at a fans meeting last year we were told that stenny tried to get it changed but its a UEFA rule so cant be done. because the top flight clubs are in the league cup UEFA wont allow trialists anywhere, even lower leagues teams
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