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  1. imagine it would be a job to break in to your back line as it looks pretty decent
  2. I thought blair looked good at the start but dropped off the last couple of games, surely there's a player in there if he was on the fringes of Swansea? feckin hope so
  3. Bob Wilson signed from Arbroath... https://www.stenhousemuirfc.com/2020/01/10/bob-wilson-becomes-the-warriors-latest-recruit/
  4. similarities to stenny. cant help but think that there needs to be big changes. brechin gets about the same support as we do at stenny. we're fan owned so no big investors. board saw what was happening years ago and built a community program to bring in more money, business sponsors and that. seem to be doing well behind the scenes this last couple of years and theres a mood that were on the up, even though some of the players signed are questionable and performance at times isn't good this season.
  5. Blair & Biabi confirmed. should do well enough at league 2 you would hope. decent bit of business outside the window
  6. heard the same thig happened at stenny after cove lost there, they all left right after fulltime
  7. So 7 goals scored in fixture 1, then 12, 9, 4 and 8 across your predictions? 😂 what an action packed set of fixtures taking place this weekend in your head
  8. Conor Mcbride signs from celtic. its on the website but nthing put on twitter. a forward apparently
  9. am happy if it takes a bit of time to get us better. not going to happen overnight
  10. 1-0 warriors. neither team is scoring goals but irons will be getting the back line a bit tighter. expect a good game, just maybe not enough quality in either final third
  11. expected balmer - heard he was on holiday last week which seems an odd time to pick to go. not sure why the club would allow that. with halleran and Gibson working together in the midfield and marky munro having an outstanding game last week, mckernon was dropping down the order
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