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  1. I wanted him gone after Arbroath, but after the board defended Grants relegation at Alloa due to how tough COVID made working with a part time squad, I always thought they would give him longer. I don't agree with that, but at least it's consistent with their own logic. If Alloa didn't sack him why would we. Defence has improved since we dropped Mehmet and Graham and changed shape to 4-4-2..Grant brought those two players in. But there has been no other COVID issues that I'm aware of, Dow is back. there is no massive issue with injuries. What excuses could the board or Grant have now since Arbroath now? Sack now with time for the next league game to get a new manager in to work with the squad
  2. Pundits on BBC Scotland saying players look like they do not get what Grant wants them to do. Suggesting the are not listening. It's time for change. International break, get someone in with plenty time to work with players for a while before Kilmarnock game
  3. Really feel needed to get at least 4 points from the home games..back to back away games and killie at east end doesn't fill me with confidence. Our last away league win was first away game of last season v Peter grants Alloa, a game which influenced our decision makers in appointing him. Will never wrap my head around that. He was the only manager to lose at home to the pars in the league in since the pandemic began.
  4. Ok so we have a plan for this team...5-2-3, or 3-4-3..whatever. we lose to partick and everyone cries out for a sensible formation at Ibrox. No thrills, just be compact and even if we lose heavily, be organised and make rangers work for it. We did 3-5-2 again and were out the game in no time. Raith..ok we started that game well and then game abandoned, but there was at least a sign of something maybe working. Why then did we switch to 4 at the back for this game.surely a sudden change now is only gonna confuse everything. Grant has just essentially just put his own ideas and pre season work in the bin, for a home game with the only part time team in the league( I concede a good respectable one at that) The defenders had no clue today. The full backs kept getting caught out, especially Edwards, and crosses from his side led to the 2nd and disallowed goal. He is now having to play deeper, he was out of position as he is used to being a wing back, and so not a unit with the rest of the defenders. Watson and Vytas were crap, no marking for any of the goals, all tapped in from about 8 yards. Nouble had the freedom of the pitch. To think he didn`t even score. Mehmet..well he did make a few saves, so at least I can at least confirm he has that ability now. But he cant organise a defence and was at fault for the first goal. Gaston showed Mehmet what you need at this level...not that he had much to do. Dorrans was useless. I felt a little sorry for Pybus getting subbed , he certainly tried I thought. I don`t get why you would replace him with Thomas though. Didn`t Thomas get hooked at half time the last time we were two down at half time? So why now is he the one to bring on? Pybus tried to at least stop Arbroath, Thomas just ran into trouble and lost possession all the time. Dow did ok, tired and rightly subbed off. Kennedy was one bright spark, he showed more than any of our permanent players. Hard to say much on the strikers, neither did much, but what could they do. Wighton came on too late in the game to impact it. I have seen several bad results over the years,but to be outplayed, outfought, and given the run around by a part time side(Arbroath I know are a good part time team) is not on. It could have been more than 3. Yes we hit post and had two goals disallowed, they had one disallowed and way more other chances overall Grant to go.
  5. Ha..actually I'd never listened to an Franz album before.only familiar with the famous songs. It was pretty forgettable , first one I've listened to I could happily never bother with again
  6. So far so good. Listened to Bob Dylan, The doors, pet shop boys, arcade fire, Moby and Muddy Waters after The Beatles Rubber Soul. The Beatles Def my favourite so far, and I'm glad all the rest at least as albums were new to me, except Moby. Never a big Dylan fan, so that probably my last favourite so far, but still enjoyable. Likely to be some tosh in here somewhere but nothing so far Franz Ferdinand next
  7. Whether I'll manage this for the whole 1001 is unlikely, but music needed each day on lunchbreaks so a good chance to check some out Started well with The Beatles, Rubber Soul. Have heard this before. Remembered it being great .and it still is. Good start.
  8. By hard listen the korn album is probably the most enotional thing heard in a while. Jonathan Davis lost his wife last year so many of the tracks are on that. Cant think of a singer of the top of my head in a while to be that open and raw. But yeah deep down its standard for them i guess..but felt this album definately is not one you wpuld want to play often..or even pick a few out for a playlist. That new green day song...omg that sucks.
  9. Excellent stuff from Crawford with the subs today. Heading for a 0-0 and felt with the changes momentum swung our way. Great goal from Blair. Some great defending at times too. Pic of rainbow.
  10. No home wins v no away wins...0 - 0 on a cold wet night, low crowd and everyone goes home feeling shite. Poor passing from all teams no chances and the only highlight of the game being when the assistant ref falls on his Erse as it's slippy. Or it could be the finest football game of all time.
  11. Don't see any reason why can't compete for the title.put together a good squad with lots of competition for places and more options formation wise than before.we are improving year on year. Think County are favourites and us, Partick and united will be the main competitors. And can see united being a bit of a mess.
  12. Bet the spfl invite Indonesian sides into the petrofac cup and we get Bali in the next round at home and he bloody scores!
  13. Dundee Utd Inverness Dunfermline Ross Co Patrick Falkirk QoS Morton Ayr Alloa
  14. Aird in full back area and cardle in his place. Or Martin at rbs, and Nat in central defence. Don't think either side perfect but best options if no Ashcroft, M'voto or Williamson. Beadling in would be a goodd move as been impressed with him.
  15. Declan McManus - Fantastic first half to the season. Still tries hard but think has struggled since Jan. - 7 Fraser Aird - Understandable due to cardles early season form why didn' t play much. Has made left mid spot his own in recent weeks. 7/10 Dean Shiels - Defo got ability and kept things ticking over. once out the team though our options were better. Was he played in his best position. Did his best but at best solid. 5 Jean-Yves M'voto - Similar to aird. When got chance has taken it. Better than expected...makes Big Nat look like .. wee Nat. 7 Aaron Splaine. Sadly injury finished season. Didn' see much of him but overall didn' see much to excite me - 2 Andy Ryan - Surprised not played more. Has done OK when played and hope we see more of him - 5 Scott Lochhead - Few times seen him thought looked a long way off first team. Maybe callum Smith clouded judgment. Hope to see more - 4 Lee Robinson - Been excellent. Made some great saves in first game v falkirk and ten clean sheels is some record. Fluffed one goal v qos otherwise very good. 9 James Craigen - Solid. 6 James Vincent - Getting better bit not offered a huge amount 5 Daniel Armstrong - Looked good v morton and certainly works hard. Overall not seen ough - 3 Tom Beadling - THink taken over shiels role from earlier in season. Think be nice to keep him on. 8/10
  16. I remember this. earlier in the season Peterhead had 3 players red carded in the first half in a game at East end. Two shocking challenges and one I think for pushing a player over. Rodgers snagged off pars players and fifers in general on Twitter. In game shown in highlights above that tackle took place. To be fair it was a shocking challenge on Rodgers by Geggan. That' s what the tweet is about.
  17. Pre morton game fancied our chances v st irren. Now not so sure . Fancy both sides to score. so I'll predict 1 v 1
  18. Two leagues. .Top one of 20, then next on 22. Play home and away once. Yes meaningless games will be the argument here but you can get them in small leagues anyway.
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