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  1. Tentatively entitled " Parachute payments - and how to avoid them".
  2. I take it you are wide awake since it is pretty much 24 hours of daylight up there this time of year ! Get on with the last part of the Trilogy....
  3. In fact, it would be entirely consistent with 'Honour the past etc' to go for a retro pinstripe ! Dad, CC have a word with Errea ! Drifter, you genius, get on photo shop & do us a pinstripe !
  4. Have to confess I've been waiting for us to go back to a pinstripe. Loved it in the 70's when I first saw Cowden and it's about due back. Tell ye what, if we cannae have pinstripes give the job to Drifter. This one for home: And this one fer away:
  5. Looks like GB has gone back to basics to address what was clearly a major issue over the last two seasons, namely the central spine of the team. McGurn, Marsh, Scott & Renton. Looks much more comforting already especially if Gilfillan is fit enough to continue. Perhaps this season won't be any kind of write off/consolidation after all.
  6. That's as maybe. However the right man, with the right know how, experience and man management skills could bring the best out of those we do have who can play and win us games, and who are currently totally lacking in confidence - McGurn, Rumsby, Syme, Buchanan, Muirhead and yes even Kyle Miller, to name but a few. That person should be of sufficient stature to be able to attract, in due course, players who want to play for him. My belief is that the board should offer the new man at least a 2 year contract for continuity and to allow them to develop a plan to get Cowden back to respectability and beyond. It should be someone who has an awful lot to lose by failure. This would discount anybody who only has junior football experience - they can always go back to the juniors if they get the sack. This should discount anybody of a certain age who no longer has anything to prove or really has the hunger (Like a Brown). This should discount anybody who only has coaching or scouting skills on their CV (like a Fox, Ovenstone or Moffat) - they have a potential job or role to go back to and so failure is not a total disaster. This should discount anybody who only has experience of Div 2. We need someone who for example is still quite young, but who has had experience of management throughout the leagues who may have been given the chance at a higher level but who, for whatever reason, may not have had a fair crack or was at the wrong club and who needs to prove something, and for whom failure is not an option . Anybody spring to mind ? It's not often I would agree with Cowden316 but somebody like Ian Murray, if he's around, would be a decent appointment. I wouldn't go with CC - I never really felt that he had man management skills and he looked like he had lost the dressing room by the end of his tenure. Liked Danny L though, but it appears he has burned bridges.
  7. Agree with The Minertaur's assessment. McGurn made some very good saves to keep it at 0-2. Rutherford was always out of position and Montrose made hay down the right. Mullen. Why does this man keep getting a game. ? Can't run, can't control, can't pass and can't tackle. Jeez. Awful, awful player. At least Miller kept running all day. Played with a front 3 but unfortunately they have little or no pace. Iain Campbell played at centre in a back 3 for Montrose and strolled it. I lost count of the times the opposition defenders managed to get to the ball ahead of our players having been turned. I agree that if we had scored the second goal with the chances we had, it might possibly have been a different outcome but playing half decently for only 5 minutes each side of half time is not going to cut it. This upcoming managerial appointment is the biggest decision the board will make. It has to be right. As a result of being at the game at Stenny and now today I have discovered a new unexplained phenomena. It is a football stigmata. My eyes have started to spontaneously bleed when I watch Cowden.....
  8. Looked the best out of the mediocre bunch. Was at least willing to run with the ball at his feet and since there was usually no Cowden shirt with yards of him, he caused problems in the second half.
  9. Oh dear. That was a hard watch. Very poor fare from both sides. It is clear as the nose on my face what is wrong with this Cowden side. Goalkeeper and defence look solid. Those who deserve a mention in dispatches are McGovern (who made some excellent, and brave, saves) , Rumsby and especially McInally who I thought was excellent and was willing to put in a shift down the right flank. Muirhead and Buchanan tried to work hard up front, but never looked liked providing an end product. However. The midfield. Ye gods. There is nobody doing a job in front of the back four either breaking up attacks or picking up the loose ball. There is nobody supporting the front two. There are no midfielders who can pass, control the ball, shoot or direct the game. There were vast acres of the middle of the park with nary a Cowden shirt to be seen. The ball appeared to be a hot potato which needed to be got rid of asap, preferably hoofed up the park. What has happened to Kyle Miller ? He used to be good. He was properly murder today. Can't pass, can't control the ball, can't tackle, get stuck in or shoot. What is the point of Fraser Mullen ? I see the No 10 was a lad called Smith. I didn't even notice he was playing until I saw the team sheet just now. Why did we wait until the 75th minute to make any kind of substitution when we were so dire ? According to the BBC we had 2 shots on goal. Buggered if I can think of one. Second bottom of the league. Wonderful.
  10. Visiting the folks so planning to come along. Will be my first Cowden match in a long while. Here's hoping !
  11. The squad is looking a little threadbare. Aren't loans almost exclusively young 'uns ? Having said that we had a squad at the start of last season that allegedly contained some very experienced players and look where that got us.
  12. Gloating ? Who the f*ck is gloating, you f*cking dick. There is absolutely nothing to celebrate finishing last in the SFL. There is absolutely nothing to celebrate avoiding footballing oblivion by the skin of your teeth. I hope that you and the freaks who wished ill on Cowden get their comeuppance one day. Sit on the riverbank long enough and the bodies of your enemies will float by. Karma is a bitch, especially for you Yellow Feet, you cee u next Tuesday.
  13. What manner of torture have we discovered now ? BBC says we had 2 shots on goal all game. Fer chrisssakes....
  14. Donald Findlay has come up with a cunning plan "As cunning as a Fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University or Head Coach at the Blue Brazil !
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