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  1. We haven't dipped into the loan market yet, I note.
  2. What formation have they used in the two friendlies so far ?
  3. And not the profanity filter version. Oh and not slim fit. And a generous XL.
  4. Replace ‘Cowden’ with ‘f**k’ at the top and I’ll have a blue one please !
  5. McGurn Pyper Gilly Marsh Mullen Scott Swann Miller Malcolm Cox Renton Hopefully this looks better.
  6. Has Beaky retired ? in any event Mullen doesn't necessarily have to get that far forward. He can deliver a ball from deeper. Cox can drift out wide on the right as and when. Swann can do the overlapping on the other side.
  7. Not sure what you are viewing this on. Looks nothing like the formation I posted.
  8. So how's about the current vogue for 3 at the back: McGurn Pyper Gilly Marsh Mullen Scott Swann Miller Malcolm Cox Renton We would need an additional centre back and a utility full back. Looks alright to me.
  9. Gilfillan & Malcolm officially confirmed. Delighted !
  10. See Brazil are playing in blue. Must be in tribute......
  11. That appears to be neither a 'yes' nor a 'no' for next year....
  12. I take it that since Bryan Gilfillan has been sponsored that he is signed up ?
  13. Cheers neebs ! Bottom one is quite cool. Top one is a bit West Brom.
  14. OMG. That is the business, my man.Does your genius extend to a yellow with green pins ?
  15. P.S. We'll take any descendants of the dude at the top left. Looks like the type of psycho that would be a good fit for the type of side that GB is putting together for a shot (in the literal sense) that we are putting together for the title.
  16. I'm pretty sure there have been no designs submitted to the board for consideration......
  17. Surely they'll all be getting drunk in Russia for the next 4 weeks.
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