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  1. This. Hope he's signed up for next season ?
  2. Seriously ? How shit do the results have to be to question whether or not he has done enough with the more than respectable support he has been given by the board. Respectable level my arse.
  3. Bollan has done the job he was brought in to do which was to stop the rot on the park. It appears to be the case, however, that he is not the man to take Cowden forward. Discuss.
  4. Fair enough. Haven't seen them in the flesh for a while. Just seemed to be a sea change between the first and second halves in terms of closing down.
  5. Proud of the lads tonight. They were much the better side in the second half. Was with a bunch of Sevco fans in the pub watching the game. They were mighty quiet in the 2nd half. If the boys could show that passion, commitment and running down the opposition all over the park every week we would be a serious contender for promotion.
  6. I dreamt last night that the result is going to be 1-1. You heard it here first. Although. 6 bottles of Kenyan beer may have had something to do with it. Oh btw in the dream Cowden scored first !
  7. Enjoyed listening to those. Deas seems to be a very level headed young man. Glad to hear he wants to tie something up with Cowden, if possible, after the new year.
  8. Berwick. Karma's a bitch ain't it Yellow Feet ?
  9. Now. Bollan signed the players and it is his picks. The football being played is inept. There appears to be no tactical plan. The discipline is shocking. The stats week and week out do not lie. I respectfully submit that we are in the shit. Again.
  10. Just watched the highlights. Btw good footage. Kudos to the cameraman. Re: the red card. At the time I thought wtf. There appeared to be no intent or maligness about the challenge. Late yes. At both normal speed and in replay on the footage, if that is a red card offence then we might as well not bother. Come on referees, show some common sense ffs.
  11. After today, if Deas is played anywhere other than at centre back in every game for as long as we have him then the manager should be shot. Is there any 'coaching' going on at training ? First time I've seen Cowden in the flesh this year and the deficiencies are there in plain view. The game is crying out for the players to have even a modicum of composure on the ball which is treated as if it was a hot potato by just about everybody. Some of the short range passing was appalling. There is little going on in the midfield and it inevitably gets hoofed down the park and back to the opposition. I'm not entirely clear what the tactics are supposed to be - Long Ball, Direct, a quick passing game or what ?Doesn't look like there is any convincing leadership on or off the park. When Fotheringham got sent off he was bawling at the players from the stand and not in a good way. He needs to show much more discipline. The club are going to get fined again no doubt and there are better things to spend the money on. No wonder the players have little confidence. At least they battled today and looked like they were working for each other but that was a staggeringly poor Stirling side. At least the manager at last picked mostly the side that everybody else bar him could see should be on the park today. Onwards and upwards.
  12. battling performance. Not pretty but 3 points is 3 points. Thought Deas was immense at CB. Jeez how shit are Stirling ?
  13. Cowdenbeath FC are pleased to announce that @CelticFC have agreed to the loan transfer of their 18 year old defender Robbie Deas. Robbie will now be at Central Park until January.
  14. Get him a shirt ! Ideally he should sleep in it for a while.....
  15. General ‘your father was a hamster and your mother smells of elderberries’ type of insult to our cousins from the west. But also because you support the same team as james clyde. . Now he is a proper dumb f*ck.
  16. You are one dumb weegie. Hope you are not an accountant. I'll go for 2-2.
  17. I note we haven't dipped into the loan market thus far. Do we still need anybody ?
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