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  1. Just checked. You are right Muzz. He was released by us and went to play for Arniston before coming back.
  2. McGregor was a good player, especially when he came back off loan but he was always a free kick waiting to happen.
  3. Big Joe & Innes for me with special mention of Chopper. Edited to add: Innes would Captain the side.
  4. With Berwick & Clyde gone that is two of our bitches away. Oh wait. Helloooooo Cove.
  5. Laurie Ellis, Linton or McKeown for me. Where is Mckeown now ?
  6. Can remember watching Jim McArthur when I was a laddie. He was useful. But Duff for me.
  7. Just an end of season club state of the union type roundup.
  8. Very good statement from the Stenny chairman. Would be nice to see something similar from the QC.
  9. Wow. A lesson in football finance from the perpetually mediocre St someone or other.
  10. Watched the ICT v Dundee U game last night. What a load of rubbish. Quality no better than some Div 2 games I've seen. If ICT are one of the standard bearers for highland football then dearie me. Cove will add more mediocre highland pish to the league and look forward to them being our bitches next season.
  11. Genuinely wish Berwick all the best over the next two games. Horrible, horrible feeling.
  12. It is a great product especially for those of us who can only make it up for a limited amount of games. Would like to see some pre-season game footage and interviews - especially when new players come in, if possible.
  13. Some MILF porn tacked on the end would be perfect.
  14. See Morgaro Gomis was also released in the same cull. What a player he was.
  15. Bloody hell. 7th ! I've got a nosebleed. Well done guys.
  16. Didn’t the inestimable Hookey Leonard get transferred to Sunderland from Cowden? Haven’t got my copy of Black Diamonds to check.
  17. Excellent shout ! Have to confess don’t remember him playing for Everton though.
  18. Yeah he left around Christmas time I think. Missing our drives down to the games! So Dave’s missus is an Everton fan. This might be a good topic in its own right when we are all bored in the summer but we were racking our brains to find a link between Cowden and The Toffees. Dave’s other team Birmingham was easy Morgaro Gomis and Greg Stewart. Any suggestions no matter how random ?
  19. One of life’s little coincidences. Working away in Liverpool this week. Sitting Billy no mates in a terrific pub I have grown to like. In comes a fella and his Mrs. Out of the corner of my eye recognise the badge on the top he is wearing. The Blue Brazil no less ! Turns out to be Dave Room, Cowden fan and lately resident of Aberdeen and now Liverpool. Has never been in this pub before ! Spent an enjoyable hour or in their company chatting about all things Cowden. How cool is that!
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