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  1. Ay, fair point, but where would we find the type of quality players who would want to come to Cowdenbeath ? Anybody in mind ?
  2. Remember the Chairman said that they were possibly looking at a nucleus of 5 or 6 full time players at the club. I dunno which ones would fit the bill: so to start the ball rolling: Full timers: Flynn, Brett, Brownlee, Wedderburn, TOB + poss another midfielder or a young striker. Part timers:. Chopper (has his job with the polis), Milne, Kane, Adamson (squad), Robertson, Miller (Squad). Signings: Left Back, Left midfielder, Back up Goalie, Central midfielder, 3 x strikers, back up centre back.
  3. Correct. See my post above. The stench of this will not go away.
  4. HMRC are one of the biggest and, in fact, the prime creditor. They will not allow some 'tax dodge' change of rule by the SFA to stand in the way. By HMRC I mean that's us, the taxpayer. I understand West Lothian council gave Livi £25K for 'hospitality' for council officials and the like, the free-loading shysters. All it would take is for a concerned tax-payer to ask for a judicial review and methinks the game would be up. If I read between the lines on Rule 21.7 what the SFA are proposing is that McDougal & Rankine can walk into Livingston FC, make a slight change the name to the business and walk away from the debts. This sounds like a very dubious business practice very like what used to be known as a 'phoenix' fraud dressed up as a good deal for scottish football. It will be interesting to see if the SFA ever realise that what they are proposing consitutes a criminal offence.Nobody in their right minds will ever lend any money again to the game. Stupid b*****ds.
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