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  1. Cowden worked hard today and never let up. Quality was missing for us in the midfield and up front. QP had it in the attacking postions that mattered and always looked a threat.

    When we keep the ball on the deck we can play some decent stuff but too often the ball was a hot potato and seemed to be got rid of  post haste in a hopeful rather than purposeful manner.

    Hope we can get a result sooner rather than later.  

  2. 6 hours ago, Cowden Cowboy said:

    Morrison, Mullen, Pyper, Herd, Buchanan,  Renton and Todd all out for today - and after 2 hard games in last week v full time teams we were always likely to be up against it today 

    Sorry. Not wiiling to accept that. No different for other teams in Div 2. Whatever the team is has got to be ready for the first game of the season and up for it. #getagrip

  3. 1 hour ago, Aberdeen Cowden said:

    Problem is we haven’t come close to scoring. Even at a penalty shootout we only managed two goals.


    3 hours ago, The Minertaur said:

    So defensively we look amazing.

    3 games and no goals though is a slight concern although we were obviously playing teams from a higher division.

    These. According to the Beeb, we had one shot the whole game against ICT. Didn't have many in the Hearts game. Don't know about the Beasties. Obviously a worry as we are clearly not going to concede many.

  4. 18 hours ago, vince sinclair said:


    Today it was confirmed that the SPFL L2 campaign for season 2020/21 will commence on 17 October and that the League season will comprise 27 matches.

    With that start date in mind, Cowdenbeath FC are pleased to announce signing news for the season ahead. Firstly, we are delighted to confirm that defender Ross Clarke has put pen to paper for Cowdenbeath FC. Ross (24) was with Albion Rovers last season and was named as Player of the Year by the Cliftonhill club. We offer Ross a very warm welcome to Central Park (once we open up again!!)

    Also signing on for the new season are Jacob Glass and Lewis Owens, both of whom were with the club last year. Jacob and Lewis have now both turned 17 and will be looking to break through into the first XI in the season ahead. They are also both still able to turn out for the FEFA U-18 side given we will not have a reserve side in 2020/21. We wish all 3 players every success in 2020/21.

    Don't know a lot about Clarke. Any good ?

  5. 7 hours ago, The Minertaur said:



    You have to be an absolute moron to not realise that Donald Findlay came across about 100 times better than both Levein and English on the podcast.  

    Can either of you say which parts of what Donald said did you not agree with? What was so cringey? 

    I'd urge all Cowden fans to give the pod a listen as it's great entertainment.

    This. Donald came across very well and put forward the points he made in a coherent and measured way. Just who is that pratt English ?

    My condolences to Liam's family. Terrible news.

  6. 20 hours ago, Drifter said:

    First time I've really written or said anything about this but I find it quite astounding that people are actually talking about resuming this season in some countries. The whataboutery going on in the game by some is truly mind-boggling. We all know football's an industry that attracts many not-rights but to think about playing games of football at this time is bleedin ridiculous.

    I follow FC United and our season was one of the first to be null and voided. We were second in the league and though out of the race for automatic promotion we had a great chance of success in the play-offs with a player who'd scored about 40 goals this season. He, and we, accepted the decision... seeing the bigger and more important picture. Though at the time I thought it was a bit premature and we might be able to resume in June or July to finish.

    But it's evident that this virus isn't going to disappear any time soon and talking about football in the future is just futile for now. The only option should be to end all seasons now and start again when the world in general has returned to some form of normality. I love football. I love going to the match. I love travelling and meeting new people. Christ, I make 12-hour round trips to watch Cowdenbeath because I have a crackin day out.

    Yet all football for the 2019-20 season should be null and void. Start again for 2020-21... if and when we can... and forget about this one. Start again where we were. No relegation, no promotion and teams who started in whatever league remain there when football is back, including European competitions. If a game is called off with about 65 minutes played, and the most pivotal part still to follow, it would be played again. The result wouldn't stand. The same should apply with the season.

    The footballing world needs to give its head a collective wobble. There's far more important things to be thinking about at the moment, like stopping the spread of this friggin virus, finding a cure and stopping people dying. Also helping people who are losing their jobs, of which I am one. What a selfish fookin society we live in if we're even arsed about football games being played again any time soon.

    In the meantime, stay safe, try and stay sane, and we will be back. Whenever that is, who knows. But we will be back doing what we love one day and this whataboutery in certain quarters needs to stop so we can all just concentrate on more important matters until we get back to enjoying football once again.

    Great post chum. Sorry to hear you are struggling workwise. You are right, the overriding thing is to eradicate this virus. Life cannot and must not get back to normal until we do - too many people will get sick and die otherwise. This may just be the mythical Captain Tripps. I am seeing a lot more folk out on the roads and do not understand why. We are going through the peak still. Nearly 5000 new infections today. This figure has remained roughly the same for quite a while. It is dribbling downwards at a snails' pace, as is deaths. 

    To not call this wretched season as fully done is unblievably mindless. We need to start when we can and hope that there is somethimg left when we emerge at the other end. Stay healthy and stay at home.  

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